Microsoft Stream 中的组织品牌打造Organization branding in Microsoft Stream

Stream 使用 Office 365 应用程序启动器Stream uses the Office 365 application launcher 应用启动器图标 和导航栏(位于流 web 门户的顶部)。and navigation bar at the top of the Stream web portal. 如果全局管理员将 Office 365 租户配置为为您的组织提供自定义主题,则主题、徽标和链接将显示在流的顶部。If your global admin configures your Office 365 tenant to have a custom theme for your organization, the theme, logo, and link are displayed at the top of Stream.

您可以使用 Office 365 组织主题,让许多 Office 365 服务(包括流感觉)成为核心 intranet 的一部分。You can use an Office 365 organization theme to make many Office 365 services including Stream feel part of your core intranet.


有关为组织自定义 Office 365 主题的步骤,请参阅自定义 office 365 主题For steps to customize the Office 365 theme for your organization, see Customize the Office 365 theme.