Microsoft Stream 客户连接Microsoft Stream customer connections

Microsoft Stream 工程团队将喜欢与所有客户进行持续连接。The Microsoft Stream engineering team would love to have ongoing connections with all of you, our customers. 这样一来,你就可以获得有关流已解答的问题,并让我们了解如何改进产品。This will allow you to get your questions about Stream answered and allow us to learn from you to improve the product.

在下面,我们将维护在构建、运行和拥有 Microsoft Stream 的工程团队中可与我们建立的连接列表。Below, we'll maintain a list of connections you can make with us in the engineering team that builds, runs, and owns Microsoft Stream.

Ignite 2020 后续 "咨询专家" 会话Ignite 2020 follow up "Ask the Experts" sessions

在 Microsoft Ignite 2020 中发布 新流 后,流工程团队将在九月和10月2020的各种主题中托管多个 "咨询专家" 面板。Following the announcements of the new Stream at Microsoft Ignite 2020, the Stream engineering team is hosting several “Ask the Experts” panels on a variety of topics in September and October 2020. 主题包括新流、团队会议录制、Microsoft 365 Live 事件和教育版中的 Microsoft Stream。The topics include New Stream, Teams Meeting Recordings, Microsoft 365 Live Events, and Microsoft Stream in Education. 下面列出了每种情况的详细信息。Details for each are listed below.

这些会话将通过 Microsoft 团队会议进行。These sessions will be via Microsoft Teams meetings. 你可以通过在聊天和专家中提出你的手或在聊天和专家中键入来自工程团队的问题来回答问题。You can ask questions by raising your hand or typing in chat and experts from the engineering team will answer questions as they come in.


每个事件的出勤限制为250个与会者。Attendance is limited to 250 attendees per event. 如果用户无法加入,我们将添加其他日期。We will add additional dates if people are unable to join.

新流 "咨询专家" Q & 会话New Stream “Ask the Experts” Q & A session

有疑问或需要更多有关新流的详细信息?Have questions or want more details on the new Stream? 有关详细信息,请参阅此问题和从流工程团队的专家应答会议!Learn more at this questions and answer session from experts on the Stream engineering team!

团队会议录制 "咨询专家" Q & 会话Teams Meeting recordings "Ask the Experts" Q & A session

想要详细了解团队会议录制如何在新流中通过保存到 OneDrive 和 SharePoint 来工作?Want to know more about how Teams Meeting recordings will work in the new Stream by being saved to OneDrive and SharePoint? 了解有关团队、SharePoint 和流工程团队专家的问题和应答期的详细信息。Learn more at this questions and answer session from experts on the Teams, SharePoint, and Stream engineering teams.

Microsoft 365 live 事件 "咨询专家" Q&会话Microsoft 365 live events "Ask the Experts" Q&A session

这是与团队、Yammer 和流工程团队专家的活动活动有关的问题和应答会议。This is a question and answer session about live events with experts from the Teams, Yammer, and Stream engineering teams.

Microsoft Stream in 教育版 "咨询专家" Q&会话Microsoft Stream in Education "Ask the Experts" Q&A session

这是与团队和流工程团队专家使用教育版中的流的问题和答案会话。This is a question and answer session about using Stream in Education with experts from the Teams and Stream engineering teams.

注册正在进行的连接Enroll for ongoing connection

此外,您还可以通过此短格式 (3 分钟) 进行注册,以便将来与工程团队进行流客户连接。In addition, you can enroll through this short form (3 minutes) for future Stream customer connections with the engineering team. 你将受邀使用流工程师定期安排的办公室时间会话,还可能会选择联系以进行访谈和其他调查,在这里,你的反馈将帮助推动流功能和设计的发展方向。You’ll be invited to regularly scheduled office hours sessions with Stream engineers, and may also opt in to being contacted for interviews and other research, where your feedback will help drive the direction of Stream's features and design.

注册流客户连接Enroll for Stream customer connections

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注册流客户连接Enroll for Stream customer connections