Microsoft Stream live 事件的管理控制Administration controls for Microsoft Stream live events

作为流管理,您可以限制谁可以创建事件、查看所有事件以及启动、停止、修改和删除事件。As a Stream admin, you can restrict who can create events, see all events, and start, stop, modify and delete an event. 默认情况下,组织中的所有人均可创建实时事件。By default, everyone in your organization can create a live event.


中国:位于中国的用户将无法设置或参加 microsoft Stream、microsoft 团队或 Yammer 实时活动,也无法按需查看视频,因为当前,这些应用依赖的 Azure CDN 在中国可能无法访问。China: Users located in China will not be able to set up or attend Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, or Yammer live events or view videos on-demand because currently, Azure CDN, which these apps rely on, might not be accessible in China.

作为管理员,您可能需要设置 VPN 以连接企业网络,以使这些应用程序无缝运行。As an administrator, you might need to set up a VPN to connect your corporate network for these apps to work seamlessly. 完成后,组织中的人员可以安排和参加活动事件。Once that's complete, people in your organization can schedule and attend live events.

限制谁可以创建事件Restrict who can create events

此控件仅用于实时事件的创建和生产;已被授予对事件的 "查看" 权限的每个人都可以看到它,而不考虑此设置。This control is only for the creation and production of a live event; everyone who has been granted view permissions to an event will be able to see it, regardless of this setting.

除了此设置之外,用户还必须具有有效且已启用的许可证才能创建实时事件。In addition to this setting, a user must also have a valid and enabled license to create live events. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅现场事件概述See Live event overview for more details.

您必须是流管理员才能更改此设置。You need to be a Stream admin to change this setting.

  1. 在 "流" 中,转到 "设置  设置" 图标 " > 管理设置"In Stream, go to Settings Settings icon > Admin settings

    用于获取流管理的 "设置" 菜单

  2. 在 "管理设置" 页中,选择 "实时事件"。In the Admin settings page, select Live events.


  3. 在 "实时事件" 页中,单击 "设置"。In the Live events page, click Settings.

  4. 添加您希望其具有可创建实时事件的权限的用户或安全组,或将切换设置为 "关闭",以允许组织中的所有人都能够创建实时事件。Add users or security groups that you want to have permissions to be able to create live events, or leave the toggle set to Off to allow everyone in your organization to be able to create live events.

    管理员 live 设置

  5. 单击“保存”****。Click Save.

管理实时事件Manage a live event

"当前活动" 部分中显示的事件处于 "实时" 或 "实时" 状态,并计算出在给定时间段内可以在组织中运行的并发活动事件的最大数量。Events shown in the Live now section are in the pre-live or live state and count towards the maximum number of concurrent active events that you can have running in your organization at a given period of time. 作为管理员,您可以断开事件(如果尚未启动),也可以停止它们以允许新事件启动。As the administrator, you can disconnect events (if not started), or stop them to allow for new events to start. 有关详细信息,请参阅实时事件概述For more information, see Live event overview.

管理员 live 设置

  1. 转到 "设置" " > 管理设置" " > 实时事件"。Go to Settings > Admin settings > Live events.

  2. 单击 "立即实况" 选项卡或 "即将到来" 选项卡。Click the Live now tab or the Upcoming tab.

  3. 若要启动、停止、修改或删除事件,请单击 "编辑" 图标。To start, stop, modify or delete the event, click the Edit icon.

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