Microsoft Stream 中的配额和限制Quotas and limitations in Microsoft Stream

本主题介绍与用于付费试用计划的 Microsoft Stream 关联的配额和限制。This topic describes quotas and limitations associated with Microsoft Stream for both Paid and Trial plans. 如果你接近这些限制且有顾虑,欢迎通过支持票证与我们联系,我们可以确定是否可以提升当前限制。If you are getting close to these limits and have concerns, feel free to reach out to us via a support ticket and we can determine if the current limit can be raised.

租户限制Tenant limits

OperationOperation 租户限制Tenant Limits
视频总数Total Videos 500,000500,000
总存储空间Total Storage 请参阅存储配额详细信息See storage quota details
通道总数Total Channels 20,00020,000
最大并发实时事件数(在预发布或实时事件中)Maximum concurrent live events (in pre-live or live) 151151

1活动事件和与会者计数的数量可能会发生变化,并取决于服务可用性。1 Number of live events and attendee counts are subject to change and dependent on service availability.

组限制Group limits

OperationOperation 组限制Group Limits
每个 Microsoft 365 组的通道Channels per Microsoft 365 group 1,0001,000

通道限制Channel limits

OperationOperation 通道限制Channel Limits
每个频道的视频Videos per channel 10,00010,000

视频限制Video limits

OperationOperation 视频限制Video Limits
每个视频分配的用户/AD 安全组Users/AD security groups assigned per video 1,0001,000
每个视频的副标题/标题曲目Subtitle/captions tracks per video 6666
每个视频的缩略图总数Thumbnails total per video 5 5
每个视频的注释Comments per video 25002,500
播放视频点播视频Playback of video on demand videos 最高为1080pUp to 1080p
播放实时事件Playback of live events 最高为720pUp to 720p

文件大小限制File size limits

实体Entity 大小限制Size Limits
最大视频文件Max Video File 50 GB50 GB
每个文件的最大缩略图大小Max Thumbnail size per file 4 MB4 MB
最大文本轨道/副标题大小Max Text Track / Subtitle size 2 MB2 MB

用户限制User limits

实体Entity 大小限制Size Limits
每个用户上传的视频Uploaded videos per user 5,0005,000
每个用户创建的通道Channels created per user 10001000
注释总数Total Comments 50,00050,000

试用计划Trial plans

了解试用版计划许可和配额Learn about Trial plan licensing and quotas.

音频限制Audio limits

Microsoft Stream 不支持仅音频上载。Microsoft Stream does not support audio-only uploads.

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