Microsoft Stream service 更新和运行状况Microsoft Stream service updates and health

功能更新Feature updates

对 Microsoft Stream 的重要功能更新和更改将发布到 Office 365 管理的 "信息中心" 中。Significant feature updates and changes to Microsoft Stream are posted to the Office 365 admin messsage center. 每篇文章都为 Office 365 管理员提供了计划更改的高级概述以及它可能会对用户产生的影响,并链接到更详细的信息,以帮助您做好准备。Each post gives Office 365 admins a high-level overview of a planned change and how it may affect your users, and links out to more detailed information to help you prepare.

将在 "帮助" 文档中列出所有 Microsoft Stream 更新,以获取新功能和重大修补程序: updates to Microsoft Stream for new features and significant fixes will be listed on the help docs:

此外,还会在 Microsoft Stream 博客中经常宣布并讨论新功能: addition new features are often announced and discussed in the Microsoft Stream blog:

服务运行状况Service health

如果出现服务事件或建议,将向 microsoft 365 服务运行状况仪表板 发布 microsoft Stream 的邮件。In the event of a service incident or advisory, a message will be posted to the Microsoft 365 service health dashboard for Microsoft Stream. 你将在问题、状态和解决问题时获取更新。You'll get updates there on the issue, status, and when it is resolved.

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