MSBuild 概念MSBuild concepts

MSBuild 提供可用于控制生成平台如何生成软件的基本 XML 架构。MSBuild provides a basic XML schema that you can use to control how the build platform builds software. 若要指定生成中的组件及其生成方式,请使用这四个 MSBuild 部件:属性、项、任务和目标。To specify the components in the build and how they are to be built, use these four parts of MSBuild: properties, items, tasks, and targets.

TitleTitle 描述Description
MSBuild 属性MSBuild properties 介绍属性和属性集合。Introduces properties and property collections. 属性是可用于配置生成的键/值对。Properties are key/value pairs that you can use to configure builds.
MSBuild 项MSBuild items 介绍项和项集合。Introduces items and item collections. 项是生成系统的输入,通常表示文件。Items are inputs into the build system and typically represent files.
MSBuild 目标MSBuild targets 介绍如何按特定的顺序将任务组合到一起,并允许从命令行调用生成过程的各个部分。Explains how to group tasks together in a particular order and enable sections of the build process to be called on the command line.
MSBuild 任务MSBuild tasks 演示如何创建 MSBuild 可用于执行原子生成操作的可执行代码单元。Shows how to create a unit of executable code that can be used by MSBuild to perform atomic build operations.
比较属性和项Comparing properties and items 比较 MSBuild 属性和项。Compares MSBuild properties and items. 二者都用于将信息传递给任务、计算条件,以及存储可在整个项目文件中引用的值。Both are used to pass information to tasks, evaluate conditions, and store values that can be referenced throughout the project file.
MSBuild 特殊字符MSBuild special characters 说明如何转义 MSBuild 为在特定上下文中作特殊用途而保留的某些字符。Explains how to escape some characters that MSBuild reserves for special use in specific contexts.
演练:从头创建 MSBuild 项目文件Walkthrough: Creating an MSBuild project file from scratch 演示如何只使用文本编辑器以增量方式创建基本项目文件。Shows how to create a basic project file incrementally, by using only a text editor.
演练:使用 MSBuildWalkthrough: Using MSBuild 介绍 MSBuild 的构建基块,并演示如何在不关闭 Visual Studio 集成开发环境 (IDE) 的情况下编写、操作和调试 MSBuild 项目。Introduces the building blocks of MSBuild and shows how to write, manipulate, and debug MSBuild projects without closing the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).
MSBuild 如何生成项目How MSBuild builds projects 介绍了 MSBuild 中使用的内部生成过程Describes the internal build process used within MSBuild
MSBuild 参考MSBuild reference 链接到包含参考信息的文档。Links to documents that contain reference information.
MSBuildMSBuild 概述了项目文件的 XML 架构,并演示其如何控制生成软件的过程。Presents an overview of the XML schema for a project file and shows how it controls processes that builds software.