Visual Studio Icon 安装早期版本的 Visual Studio 2017Installing an Earlier Release of Visual Studio 2017

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我们经常更新 Visual Studio,以便你可以获得最新的优化功能。We update Visual Studio often so that you get the most current, optimized features. 其中的某些更改有时会改变开发环境。Sometimes this may include changes which alter your development environment. 如果需要返回到以前版本,必须卸载当前安装并使用以下链接还原 Visual Studio 状态。If you need to go back to the previous release, then you must uninstall your current installation and use the link below to revert your Visual Studio state. 本文介绍了执行该操作的方法。This article describes how to do so.


尝试修改当前的 Visual Studio 2017 安装前,请参阅我们的支持策略,其中概述了支持的版本。Before attempting to modify your current installation of Visual Studio 2017, refer to our support policy, which outlines supported versions. Microsoft 不保证此策略外的支持。Microsoft does not guarantee support outside of this policy.


此页将始终包含我们当前产品 N-1 版本的链接,例如,当发布 15.6 时,此页上的链接将指向 15.5 的最新服务版本。This page will always contain links to the N-1 version of our current product - for example, when 15.6 is released, the links on this page will direct to the latest servicing release of 15.5. 有关这些链接可以采用的更新频率的信息,请参阅 Visual Studio 2017 发行节奏For information on how often you can expect these links to be updated, see the Visual Studio 2017 Release Rhythm.

卸载当前版本Uninstalling the current release

  • 在 Windows 台式计算机上打开 Visual Studio 安装程序。On your Windows desktop machine, open the Visual Studio Installer.
  • 卸载当前安装的和 Visual Studio 安装程序中显示的 Visual Studio 2017 的所有实例。Uninstall every instance of Visual Studio 2017 that you currently have installed and visible in the Visual Studio Installer.
  • 从“添加或删除程序”中,查找并卸载“Microsoft Visual Studio 2017”。From Add or Remove Programs, find "Microsoft Visual Studio 2017" and uninstall it.

如果由于安装损坏而无法执行上述任何步骤,请改为执行以下操作:If you are unable to follow any of the steps above due to a corrupted install, do the following instead:

  • 在 Windows 台式计算机上转到“添加或删除程序”。On your Windows desktop machine, go to Add or Remove Programs.
  • 查找“Microsoft Visual Studio 2017”。Find "Microsoft Visual Studio 2017".
  • 选择“卸载”。Select Uninstall. 卸载完成后,需要再次运行 Visual Studio Bootstrapper,以便访问 InstallCleanup 工具。Once uninstallation is complete, you will need to run the Visual Studio Bootstrapper once more so that you can access the InstallCleanup tool. 此工具移除上一个 Visual Studio 实例的所有痕迹,安装早期版本需要执行此操作。This tool removes all traces of your previous Visual Studio instance, which is necessary for installing the earlier release.
  • 转到,再选择要下载的版本。Go to and select a version to download.
  • 在系统提示选择要安装的工作负载时,关闭窗口(请勿安装任何内容)。When prompted to select a workload to install, close the window (do not install anything).
  • 然后关闭 Visual Studio 安装程序窗口(请勿安装任何内容)。Then close the Visual Studio Installer window (do not install anything).
  • 现在应该可以从 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer\resources\app\layout\ 访问 InstallCleanup.exe。You should now have access to InstallCleanup.exe from C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer\resources\app\layout\.
  • 在管理员模式下,使用命令提示符,转到此目录并运行 InstallCleanup.exe -fUsing Command Prompt in administrator mode, go to this directory and run InstallCleanup.exe -f.

请注意,卸载不会删除独立程序条目,如 .NET、SQL、IIS、VC++ 可再发行组件和其他 SDK。Please note, uninstallation will not remove standalone program entries, such as .NET, SQL, IIS, VC++ Redistributables and other SDKs. 如果需要,可能需要手动从“添加或删除程序”中删除。If required, these may need to be removed manually from Add or Remove Programs.

安装早期版本Installing the earlier release

可创建和使用脱机安装,或直接下载并启动以下安装程序。You can either create and use an offline installation, or you can download and launch the installer below directly.

若要创建脱机安装,请按照创建 Visual Studio 2017 的脱机安装的说明,将文档中引用的启动文件替换为以下版本。To create an offline installation, follow the instructions at Create an offline installation of Visual Studio 2017, replacing the bootstrapper files referenced in the document with the versions below.

产品Product VersionVersion 安装链接Installation link
ProfessionalProfessional 15.8.915.8.9 Professional.exeProfessional.exe
企业Enterprise 15.8.915.8.9 Enterprise.exeEnterprise.exe
生成工具Build Tools 15.8.915.8.9 BuildTools.exeBuildTools.exe
ProfessionalProfessional 15.7.615.7.6 Professional.exeProfessional.exe
企业Enterprise 15.7.615.7.6 Enterprise.exeEnterprise.exe
生成工具Build Tools 15.7.615.7.6 BuildTools.exeBuildTools.exe
ProfessionalProfessional 15.6.715.6.7 Professional.exeProfessional.exe
企业Enterprise 15.6.715.6.7 Enterprise.exeEnterprise.exe
生成工具Build Tools 15.6.715.6.7 BuildTools.exeBuildTools.exe

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