Visual Studio for Mac 的维护Servicing for Visual Studio for Mac

Visual Studio for Mac 遵循 Microsoft 现代生命周期策略,从公开发布 (RTW) 主要产品版本的日期开始。Visual Studio for Mac follows the Microsoft Modern Lifecycle Policy, starting with the date the major product version is released to the world (RTW).

通过“更新”执行维护,更新包中有新功能和对产品现有功能的累积修复。Servicing is performed via “Updates” which are packages of new features and cumulative fixes for existing features in the product.

只要满足以下条件,就处于“受支持状态”:You are in a 'supported state' as long as:

  • 你正在使用通过“稳定”通道分发的最新版产品。You are using the latest release of the product distributed via the Stable channel.
  • 你仍拥有使用该产品的许可。You remain licensed to use the product.
  • Microsoft 将继续为此产品提供支持。Microsoft continues to offer support for this product.


Visual Studio for Mac 提供订阅稳定、Beta 和 Alpha 通道的选项。Visual Studio for Mac offers the option to subscribe to Stable, Beta, and Alpha channels. “稳定”通道是唯一受支持的通道。The Stable channel is the only supported channel.

Beta 和 Alpha 被视为预览通道,供客户提供反馈和接收仍处于开发阶段的预发行版功能的提前预览。Beta and Alpha are considered preview channels for customers to provide feedback for and receive early previews of pre-release features that are still under development. Beta 和 Alpha 通道不受支持。Beta and Alpha channels are not supported.

如何获取更新How to Get Updates

可按照产品内提示或者从 下载最新版本获取更新。You can get updates by following in-product prompts or by downloading the latest from or

如果选择将通道切换为预发布 Beta 或 Alpha 通道,则不为该 Visual Studio for Mac 安装提供支持。If you choose to switch channels to either the pre-release Beta or Alpha channel, then no support is provided on that installation of Visual Studio for Mac.

对 Mono 框架的支持Support for the Mono Framework

Visual Studio for Mac 是使用 Mono 创建的,Mono 是由 Microsoft 赞助的基于 .NET Framework 的开源开发平台。Visual Studio for Mac is created using Mono, an open source development platform based on the .NET Framework sponsored by Microsoft. 我们对 Mono 的支持仅扩展到 Visual Studio for Mac 产品,而不扩展到使用 Mono 框架在 Visual Studio for Mac 中创建的任何项目。Our support of Mono extends only to the Visual Studio for Mac product, but not to any projects you might create within Visual Studio for Mac using the Mono Framework.

**示例 1:**如果 Visual Studio for Mac 中存在由于使用 Mono 框架导致的 Bug,我们可能提供修补程序或解决方法,使 Visual Studio for Mac 重新正常运行。Example 1: If there is a bug in Visual Studio for Mac resulting from use of the Mono Framework, we may support you with a fix or workaround to get Visual Studio for Mac working again.

**示例 2:**你正在利用 Mono 框架开发应用程序,但在 Mono 中遇到问题,导致应用程序行为异常。Example 2: You are developing an application utilizing the Mono Framework and encounter an issue in Mono which is causing your application to behave in an unexpected fashion. 这种情况下,Microsoft 不会提供任何修补程序或解决方法,也不会对 Mono 框架进行任何修复。Microsoft will not provide any fixes or workarounds to you or make any fixes to the Mono Framework as a result.

有关 Mono 的更多协助,请访问 Mono 项目社区登录页For more assistance with Mono, please visit the Mono Project community landing page.

Visual Studio 维护未包含的组件Components not Covered by Visual Studio Servicing

Visual Studio for Mac 包含能够在多个平台进行开发的编译器、语言、运行时、环境和其他资源或工具的集合。Visual Studio for Mac includes a collection of compilers, languages, runtimes, environments, and other resources or tools that enable development for many platforms. 这些组件可能已随 Visual Studio for Mac 安装,但受限于其自己的许可、支持和生命周期策略。These components may be installed with Visual Studio for Mac but are subject to their own license and support & lifecycles policies.

除组件外,Visual Studio for Mac 还使用了多个项目和项目项模板。In addition to components, Visual Studio for Mac also uses several projects and project item templates. 这些模板的支持受提供模板的组件管理。The support for these templates is governed by the component that provides those templates.