Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3 Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3

发布日期:2016 年 6 月 27 日Release Date: June 27, 2016

今天,我们非常高兴地宣布正式推出 Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3。Today, we are happy to announce the availability of the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3. 这是最新版本的 Team Foundation Server (TFS),它是 Microsoft 应用程序生命周期管理 (ALM) 解决方案的核心协作平台。This is the newest version of Team Foundation Server (TFS), the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft's application lifecycle management (ALM) solution. 如果这些不是你想了解的发行说明,表示你查看了发行说明的最新版本。If these were not the release notes you were expecting, you have reached the release notes for the most current version.

使用 Visual Studio 中的反馈选项将你的反馈发送给我们。Send us your feedback using the Feedback option in Visual Studio. 你还可以在 Visual Studio 2015 UserVoice 网站上提交建议。You may also submit suggestions on the Visual Studio 2015 UserVoice site.

下载:Team Foundation Server Update 3Download: Team Foundation Server Update 3

若要了解有关其他相关下载的详细信息,请参阅下载页。To learn more about other related downloads, see the Downloads page.

新增功能What's New ?

其他更改Other Changes

针对 Git 存储库的 SSH 支持 SSH Support for Git Repos

通过 TFS 2015 Update 3,你现在可以使用 SSH 密钥连接到任何 Team Foundation Server Git 存储库。With TFS 2015 Update 3, you can now connect to any Team Foundation Server Git repo using an SSH key. 这对你在 Linux 或 Mac 上进行开发时十分有用。This is very helpful if you develop on Linux or Mac. 只需上载你的个人 SSH 密钥,一切便准备就绪。Just upload your personal SSH key and you're ready to go.

仪表板小组件 SDK Dashboard Widget SDK

在 Update 3 中,你不仅可以使用现成的仪表板小组件,还可以通过使用 SDK 创建你自己的小组件。In Update 3, not only can you use the out-of-the box dashboard widgets, you can also create your own widgets by using the SDK. 有关详细信息,请参阅 上的添加仪表板小组件页。For more information, see the Add a dashboard widget page on

测试 - 新功能和 bug 修复 Testing - New Features & Bug Fixes

测试 - 新功能 - 支持 Azure、SCVMM 和 VMWareTesting - New Features - Support for Azure, SCVMM and VMWare

你可以使用 Azure 在云中,或使用 SCVMM 或 VMWare 在本地对测试计算机进行动态设置,并使用这些计算机以分布式方式运行测试。You can now dynamically set up test machines in the cloud with Azure, or on-premises using SCVMM or VMWare and use these machines to run tests in a distributed manner. 你可以使用其中一种计算机预配任务 - AzureSCVMMVMWare 后接运行功能测试任务来运行测试。You can use one of the machine provisioning tasks - Azure, SCVMM or VMWare followed by the Run Functional Tests task to run tests. 有关更多信息,请参阅 Install and configure test agents(安装和配置测试代理)页。For more information, please see the Install and configure test agents page.

测试 - Bug 修复Testing - Bug Fixes

通过 Connect 报告的 Bug:Bugs reported through Connect:

  • “并行运行”处于选中状态时将忽略测试设置文件。Test settings file is ignored when "Run in Parallel" is selected.
  • 测试代理部署完成后不会清理临时文件夹。TEMP folder is not cleaned after Test Agent Deployment is completed.
  • 即使将“测试选择”设置为“测试计划”也仍需源筛选器字符串。Source filter string is required even with Test Selection set to Test Plan. 如果字符串为空,则用户收到错误消息“无法将参数绑定到参数“SourceFilter”,因为该参数是空字符串”。User gets error "Cannot bind argument to parameter 'SourceFilter' because it is an empty string" if string is empty.
  • 电子邮件/打印测试项目功能挂起并引发 JavaScript TypeError。Email/print test artifacts feature hangs and throws JavaScript TypeError.
  • Web 测试运行程序窗口不会再使文本换行。Web test runner window no longer wraps text.

其他 Bug 修复:Other bug fixes:

  • 版本中引发“DistributedTests:分析 buildId 时出现异常”。"DistributedTests: Exception occurred while parsing buildId" is thrown in Release.
  • 远程测试执行突然中止,出现错误 - 访问路径被拒绝。Remote Test Execution gets aborted abruptly with error - Access to the path is denied.
  • 测试结果无法从版本中的 Ant、Maven 或 Gradle 任务中上载。Test results cannot be uploaded from Ant, Maven or Gradle tasks in Release.
  • 如果给定的 2 DLL 的完整路径被分号分隔,则 VsTest 任务失败。VsTest task fails if full path of 2 DLLs are given separated by semicolon.
  • 当结果按“测试套件”分组,且所选的环境是“全部”时,测试结果将不在版本中显示。No Test results are shown in Release when results are grouped by 'Test Suite' and Environment selected is 'All.'
  • 如果在 runsettings 文件夹中对结果文件夹进行了配置,则 Visual Studio 测试任务不会上载测试结果。Visual Studio Test task will not upload test results if results folder is configured in runsettings file.
  • 电子邮件请求中的反馈请求超链接不正确。Feedback request hyperlink is incorrect in email request.
  • 当把该测试套件中的所有测试案例分配给多个测试人员进行测试时,基于查询的测试套件未正确反映这些测试。Query based test suites do not properly reflect the tests when assigned all the test cases in this test suite to be run by multiple testers.
  • 异常 Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Server.InvalidStructurePathException:结构路径 CEBIS FWK 无效。Exception Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Server.InvalidStructurePathException: The structure path CEBIS FWK is not valid.
  • TFS 升级到 2015.1 后测试集线器中出错。Error in test hub after upgrading of TFS to 2015.1.
  • MTM 2015 | 2013 - TFS 2015.2 | 分析测试运行结果,计划选项卡对特定用户显示为空。MTM 2015 | 2013 - TFS 2015.2 | Analyze test runs -results , Plan tabs comes up as empty for specific users.
  • “MTM 屏幕捕获文件上载”在出现“未找到文件”的错误后进行重试。MTM Screen capture file upload retries after the failure with file not found error.

敏捷 Bug 修复 Agile Bug Fixes

通过 Connect 报告的 Bug:Bugs reported through Connect:

  • 如果区域设置设置为法语时,冲刺 (sprint) 板卡中的设置样式可能导致出错。Setting styles in the sprint board cards may cause an error if the locale is set to French.
  • 如果区域设置被设置为德语时,冲刺 (sprint) 板卡中的设置样式可能导致出错。Setting styles in the sprint board cards may cause an error if the locale is set to German.
  • 当具有非标准字符区域路径的子句时,无法对其创建查询,如下划线或单引号。Unable to create a query when there is a clause with an Area Path with non-standard characters, such as an underscore or single quote.
  • 链接标签控件在 Web 访问中不显示超链接。The links label control does not show hyperlinks in web access.
  • 新建团队项目导致 TF30177“无法在对象‘dbo.Constants’中插入重复键行”错误。Creating new team projects causes a TF30177 "Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.Constants" error.
  • 相对于“我的配置”中所选的语言,“添加小组件”对话框会优先考虑浏览器语言。The Add Widget dialog respects the browser language over the language selected in "My Profile."
  • 在“生成图表”小组件中,图表中最近的栏显示为绿色(即使生成失败)。In the Build Chart widget, the most recent bar in the chart shows green, even if the build fails.
  • 缺少利益干系人横幅,因此用户并不知道他们是作为利益干系人登录的,而且他们不具有访问所有功能的权限。The Stakeholder banner is missing so users are not aware they are logged in as a stakeholder and do not have access to all features.
  • 自述文件并非始终在团队项目欢迎页面上显示。Readme files are not always displayed on the Team Project welcome page.
  • 设置工作项跟踪中的一部分时间时,可能会对月份和日期值进行切换。When setting a part of a time in work item tracking, the month and day values may get switched.

其他 Bug 修复:Other bug fixes:

  • 当值为空时,工作项跟踪 Web 页的控件引用标识字段作为参数出错。A Work Item Tracking Web Page control referencing an identity field as Param with through an error when the value is empty.
  • 更改“查询结果”小组件的名称时出错。Error when changing the name of the Query Result widget.
  • 卡上输入的剩余小时数不够大。The Remaining Hours input is not big enough on the card.
  • 当用户没有父工作项的权限时,积压工作 (Backlog) 不会进行加载。Backlog doesn't load when the user doesn't have permissions to a parent work item.
  • 更改团队项目后导航到工作中心组导致 TF400483 错误。Navigating to the WORK hub after changing team projects results in a TF400483 error.
  • 仪表板管理器图标没有视觉提示焦点。The Dashboard Manager icon has no visual cue on focus.
  • 仪表板管理器中的添加仪表板图标没有视觉提示焦点。The Add Dashboard icon in Dashboard Manager has no clear visual cue on focus.
  • 仪表板管理器中的添加和删除仪表板按钮在按下 ENTER 时未正常启用。The add and delete Dashboard buttons in Dashboard Manager do not work on pressing ENTER.
  • 在“查询磁贴”和“工作项图表”小组件中,按 Tab 键浏览配置边栏选项卡,输入将停滞在查询选择器上,并出现错误:未选中任何查询。In the Query Tile and Work Item Chart widgets, when tabbing through the configuration blade, the input will get stuck on the Query Selector with an error that no query is selected.
  • 从 Team Foundation 2013 Update 1 或更早版本升级时不会迁移项目主页的内容。When upgrading from Team Foundation 2013 Update 1 or earlier, the contents of the project homepage will not be migrated.
  • 在授权为利益干系人时,不能在仪表板之间进行导航。When licensed as a Stakeholder, you can't navigate between dashboards.
  • 在标记小组件中,如果标记引用源控件的图像,将不会对其显示。In the markdown widget, if the markdown references an image in source control, it won't display.
  • 如果某个第三方小组件处于错误状态,则整个仪表板加载失败。If a third party widget is in an error state, the entire dashboard fails to load.
  • 如果某个第三方小组件处于错误状态,则添加新小组件作为空白添加。If a third party widget is in an error state, adding new widgets get added as blank.
  • 如果第三个部分小组件处于错误状态,然后在仪表中被删除,则不会清除错误横幅。If a third part widget is in an error state and then removed from the dashboard, the error banner is not cleared.
  • 当添加了仪表板但与另一仪表板冲突时(如在同一时间的不同浏览器会话中),将不描述错误。When dashboard widgets are added and conflict with one another, such as in different browser sessions at the same time, the error is not descriptive.
  • 虚拟形象不在“拉取请求”小组件中加载。Avatars don't load in the Pull Request widget.
  • 在“生成图表”小组件中,最后完成的状态图标与生成图表比较时不正确。In the Build Chart widget, the last completed status icon is incorrect when compared to the build chart.
  • 当仪表板处于编辑模式时,错误横幅被仪表板背景所覆盖。When in Edit Mode of a dashboard, the error banner is covered up with the dashboard background.
  • 在 Visual Studio 链接小组件中,“在 Visual Studio 中打开”的图像是纯紫色。In the Visual Studio Links widget, the "Open in Visual Studio" image is plain purple.
  • 在配置小组件边栏选项卡中进行更改的过程中,在取消更改时没有任何有关放弃更改的提示。When making changes in the configure widget blade, there is no prompt about discarding changes when cancelling out.
  • 如果某个小组件出现错误,用户仍可以保存配置更改。If a widget has an error, the user can still save configuration changes.
  • 预览仪表板中的小组件时,它被放大并模糊显示。When previewing a widget in the dashboard, it is zoomed in and blurry.
  • 在仪表板编辑模式选项卡中,按 Tab 键浏览小组件,而不是删除和配置图标。Tabbing in the Dashboard edit mode tabs through the widget instead of the delete and configure icons.
  • 在仪表板编辑模式下,ESC 应退出编辑模式。When in the Dashboard edit mode, ESC should exit out of edit mode.
  • 在 Firefox 中创建新的工作项图表小组件时,图表类型具有不同大小。When creating a new Work Item Chart widget in Firefox, the chart types are of varying sizes.
  • 在工作项图表小组件中,只有在选中某个查询后才会显示图表选项。In the Work Item Chart widget, the chart options aren't displayed until a query is selected.
  • 在冲刺 (Sprint) 概述小组件中,设置迭代日期不会刷新该小组件。In the Sprint Overview widget, setting the iteration dates does not refresh the widget.
  • 在冲刺 (sprint) 燃尽 (burndown) 小组件中,按 Tab 键移到关系图并点击 Enter 不会打开光盒 (lightbox)。In the Sprint Burndown widget, tabbing to the graph and hitting Enter does not open the lightbox.
  • 在条件查询磁贴中,规则的输入字段允许五位数字,但只显示四位数字。In the Conditional Query Tile, the input field for a rule allows a five digit number but only displays four digits.

生成 Bug 修复 Build Bug Fixes

通过 Connect 报告的 Bug:Bugs reported through Connect:

  • 通过 Firefox 上的标记无法筛选生成。Unable to filter builds by tags on Firefox.
  • 对生成上的用户设置权限后,在进行保存时出错。When setting the permissions of a user on a build, there is an error when saving.
  • 如果某个生成是计划在深夜运行的,那么它将在前一天运行。If a build is scheduled to run in the late evening, it runs on the previous day.
  • 生成失败(“TF14044:访问被拒绝:用户项目集合生成服务需要 AdminWorkspaces 全局权限。”)。Build fails with "TF14044: Access Denied: User Project Collection Build Service needs the AdminWorkspaces global permission(s).".
  • 在生成中心不使用来自“我的配置文件”的时间格式。The time formatting from My Profile is not used in the Build hub.
  • 在生成中运行 curl 任务时,生成失败,并显示“在路径中未找到 curl”的错误。Build fails with "curl was not found in the path" error when running a curl task in Build.
  • 封闭生成则会出现“未找到搁置集”的错误。Gated build gives an error of "Shelveset not found."
  • 在 Chrome 中新建生成定义时将产生格式问题。There are formatting problems when creating a new build definition in Chrome.
  • 当 XAML 生成具有大量警告时,则显示错误:“在试图连接服务时,发生了一个未明确的故障。When a XAML Build has a large number of warnings, it shows an error of "An undefined error occurred while attempting to connect to the server. 状态代码 0。”。Status code 0.".
  • 在“生成”页中调整“原因”列中的大小时,将显示整个图标数组。When resizing the Reason column in the Build page, the entire icon array is shown.
  • 生成失败,显示“无效的解决方案配置和平台。”的错误。Build fails with "Invalid solution configuration and platform.".
  • 加入 npm 安装任务时,生成失败,显示“无法找到 npm 安装”的错误。When including an npm install task, builds fail with an error that it cannot find the npm install.
  • 对使用生成号进行标签的 Git 存储库的生成定义进行编辑时,出现“无效的源标签格式”的错误。Error of "Invalid source label format" when editing a build definition that labels a Git repository with a build number.
  • 使用外部 Git 存储库时,持续集成并不能始终触发。Continuous Integration does not always trigger when using an external Git repository.
  • 对升级后的项目集合,封闭签入失败(因为它使用生成帐户,而不是服务帐户)。On upgraded project collections, gated checkins fail due it using the build account instead of service account.

其他 Bug 修复:Other bug fixes:

  • 在未经“所有作用域”授权的情况下使用 PAT 将导致 getBuildBadge vso-node-api 失败。getBuildBadge vso-node-api fails if using a PAT without the "All Scopes" permission.
  • 如果生成定义名称包含方括号,则修订号将不会被正确计算。If a build definition name contains square brackets, the revision number is not calculated correctly.
  • 拆分团队项目集合时具有重复的生成服务标识。When splitting a Team Project Collection, there are duplicate build service identities.
  • 对新的生成进行排队时,当输入搁置集名称时,将收到一条有误导的错误信息“请求或定义存在问题,将阻止生成运行:为 SourceVersion 指定的值不是有效的版本规范。”。When entering a shelveset name when queuing a new build, you get a misleading error of "There are issues with the request or definition that will prevent the build from running: The value specified for SourceVersion is not a valid version spec.".
  • 具有跨平台生成任务的扩展不起作用。Extensions with cross platform build tasks do not work.
  • 使用 SSL 端口 8443 连接到 Subversion 时,生成失败。Build fails to connect to Subversion when using SSL port 8443.
  • 为不具备映射的生成使用 SVN 存储库时,未对源版本进行设置。When using an SVN repository for a build which doesn't have mappings, the Source Version is not set.
  • 无法从源标签对 Team Foundation 版本控制进行排队。Cannot queue a Team Foundation Version Control build from a source label.

版本控制 Bug 修复 Version Control Bug Fixes

注意:这是 Team Foundation Server 中针对版本控制的 Bug 修复。Note: These are bug fixes for Version Control in Team Foundation Server. 有关 Visual Studio 中的版本控制修复,请参阅 Visual Studio 发行说明For Version Control fixes in Visual Studio, see the Visual Studio Release Notes.

通过 Connect 报告的 Bug:Bugs reported through Connect:

  • 使用 Git LFS 时可能出现功能问题,如克隆存储库。When using Git LFS, there may be problems with functions such as cloning the repo.
  • 每小时有 Git 拉取请求事件日志错误“TF53010:在 Team Foundation 组件或扩展中出现了以下错误。”。There are hourly Git pull request event log errors of "TF53010: The following error has occurred in a Team Foundation component or extension.".

其他 Bug 修复:Other bug fixes:

  • 向工作项添加最新版本的链接类型不起作用。Adding a Latest Version link type to a work item does not work.
  • Team Foundation 版本控制仓库适配器在从 Team Foundation Server 2010 升级后无法正常工作。The Team Foundation Version Control warehouse adapter fails after upgrading from Team Foundation Server 2010.
  • 在拉取请求创建的过程中,当链接到工作项时,要求提交的数目限制在 25 个以内。There is a limit of 25 commits when linking to work items during pull request creation.
  • 如果某个存储库配置了多个生成定义,则生成资源管理器可能显示一个定义的名称,但在另一个定义上链接到最后一次生成。If a repository has multiple build definitions configured, the Build Explorer may show one definition's name but link to the last build on another.
  • 在拉取请求中,标识选取器在右侧被截断。In Pull Requests, the identity picker is cut off on the right side.
  • Team Foundation 版本控制文件显示编码更改(即使并没有编码更改)。Team Foundation Version Control files show that there is an encoding change even if there was no change.
  • 在 Git push over SSH 上出现错误“TF401030:Git 包的标题无效。”。On a Git push over SSH, there is an error "TF401030: The Git pack header is invalid.".

管理 Bug 修复 Administration Bug Fixes

通过 Connect 报告的 Bug:Bugs reported through Connect:

  • 拆分团队项目集合时,在第一个集合中克隆集合并删除团队项目后,另一个集合可能不会显示在另一集合中删除的项目。When splitting a team project collection, after cloning the collection and deleting a team project in the first collection, the other collection may not show the project that was deleted in the other collection. 直接 URL 是可用的,但是用户无法浏览到团队项目。The direct URL will work, but the user cannot browse to the team project.

其他 Bug 修复:Other bug fixes:

  • 升级时,准备情况检查可能失败,出现端口 8080 不可用的错误,以及“TF401147:以前针对应用层 Web 服务网站配置的端口当前正在使用。”。When upgrading, the readiness check may fail with errors that Port 8080 is unavailable and "TF401147: The previously configured ports for the Application Tier Web Service site are currently in use.".
  • 在“管理员控制台”中,代理服务器 URL 为空。In the Admin Console, the Proxy Server URL is blank.
  • 配置 TFS 时,端口和 vdir 可能会不正确地退到默认映射。When configuring TFS, the port and vdir may incorrectly fall back to the default mappings.
  • 加载“集合”选项卡可能引起管理员控制台崩溃。The Admin Console may crash when loading the Collections tab.

扩展性 bug 修复 Extensibility Bug Fixes

通过 Connect 报告的 Bug:Bugs reported through Connect:

  • 在使用 TFS SDK 时,当省略 URL 中的集合时,出现“TF400367:由于主机类型不匹配,无法执行请求”的错误。"TF400367: The request could not be performed due to a host type mismatch" error when omitting the collection in the URL when using the TFS SDKs.
  • 使用 Jenkins 服务挂钩时删除某个分支生成。Deleting a branch triggers a build when using Jenkins service hooks.
  • 单击团队聊天室中的“管理事件”时,出现“无效的导航级别”的错误。When clicking Manage Events in a team room, there is an error "Invalid Navigation Level".
  • 使用警报时,字段可能具有意外允许的值。When working with Alerts, fields may have unexpected allowed values.
  • 电子邮件无法始终收到警报。Emails are not always received for alerts.
  • 名称中包含空格的团队项目的警报包含无效的链接。Alerts for team projects with spaces in the name include invalid links.
  • 在警报管理页中没有到所有警报的链接。There is no link to All Alerts in the Alerts administration page.
  • 在 TFS 的中文版中,服务挂钩中没有 Slack 选项。In the Chinese version of TFS, there is no Slack option in service hooks.

发布管理 Release Management

我们解决了 Release Management 基于 Web 的版本中所报告的一些问题。We've fixed some of the reported issues in the web-based version of Release Management. 以下是我们解决的其中一些重要问题:Here are some of the key issues that were fixed:

  • 网络发生异常时,浏览“发布”中心的同时会显示未定义的错误。Undefined error is shown while browsing the Release hub, when network is flaky.
  • 下载服务器放置项目会在“生成”项目目录下创建其他文件。Downloading server drop artifact creates additional file under Build artifacts directory.
  • 从终结点创建对话框中创建重复服务终结点。Duplicate service endpoints are created from endpoint creation dialog.
  • 使用 Release Management,Nuget 安装程序任务会失败。Nuget Installer task fails with Release Management.
  • 自动刷新:开始对某个环境进行部署后,挂起的审批的黄色栏未显示。Auto-refresh: Pending approvals yellow bar is not displayed after starting deployment on an environment.
  • 如果对于一个环境存在多个审批者,则审批中的电子邮件选项不会启用。Email option in approvals is not enabled if there are multiple approvers for an environment.

我们还解决了 Release Management 的 WPF 版中报告的几个 Bug。We've also fixed a few reported bugs in the WPF version of Release Management.

  • 出现 api-version 不匹配时,releasemanagementbuild.exe 应显示正确的错误消息,而不是 403 错误。When there is an api-version mismatch, releasemanagementbuild.exe should show proper error message instead of 403 error.
  • 向 Deployer 复制文件时出现间歇性网络故障。Intermittent network failures when copying files to Deployer.

已知问题 Known Issues

有关此版本中已知问题的完整说明,请参阅下面的 MSDN 文章:Team Foundation Server Update 3 中的已知问题For a complete description of known issues in this release, see the following MSDN article: Known Issues in Team Foundation Server Update 3

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