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使用 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac,通过 Xamarin 和 .NET Core 生成移动应用、Web 应用和云应用,以及通过 Unity 生成游戏。Use Visual Studio 2017 for Mac to build apps for mobile, web, and the cloud with Xamarin and .NET Core, as well as games with Unity.

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若要了解 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 的详细信息,请参阅 Mac 系统要求Mac 平台目标及兼容性To learn more about Visual Studio 2017 for Mac, see Mac System Requirements and Mac Platform Targeting and Compatibility.

若要了解有关其他相关下载的详细信息,请参阅下载页。To learn more about other related downloads, see the Downloads page.


我们期待你的宝贵意见和建议!We’d love to hear from you! 可通过 Visual Studio for Mac IDE 中的报告问题选项来报告问题,并在开发人员社区门户中跟踪反馈。You can report a problem via the Report a Problem option the Visual Studio for Mac IDE and track your feedback in the Developer Community portal. 如有任何建议,请通过 UserVoice 告知我们。For suggestions, let us know through UserVoice.

发布历史记录Release History

2018 年 3 月 5 日 – Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.4.( 5, 2018 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.4 (

对于 Visual Studio for Mac 版本 7.4,我们已花费很多时间来重点修复用户报告给我们的部分严重内存泄漏、性能问题和稳定性问题。For the Visual Studio for Mac 7.4 release, we've taken time to focus on fixing some of the top memory leaks, performance problems, and stability issues that have been reported to us. 此版本还支持 Android Oreo 8.1 开发,并在多个方面提升了 Xamarin 开发人员的工作效率。This release also brings support for Android Oreo 8.1 development and several productivity enhancements for Xamarin developers.

版本主要变化Release Highlights

  • 现正式支持 macOS High Sierra。macOS High Sierra is now officially supported.
  • 支持 Xcode 9.3。Support for Xcode 9.3.
  • 现支持 C# 7.1(请参阅 C# 7.1 新变化)。C# 7.1 is now supported (see what's new in C# 7.1).
  • 支持 Android 8.1 Oreo。Support for Android 8.1 Oreo.
  • 适用于 Xamarin.iOS 的无线部署和调试。Wireless deployment and debugging for Xamarin.iOS.
  • 对 C# 编辑器进行了核心体系结构更改;因此提升了 IntelliSense 性能/可靠性和键入响应能力。Core architectural changes were made to the C# editor; both IntelliSense performance/reliability and typing responsiveness are improved as a result.

此版本中已修复的问题Issues fixed in this release

版本详细信息Release in Detail

  • 新增了“编辑”>“切换到建议模式”菜单,方便用户在 IntelliSense 建议模式和完成模式之间进行切换。Added an Edit > Switch to Suggestion Mode menu, to toggle between IntelliSense suggestion mode and completion mode. 在建议模式下,IntelliSense 自动完成建议不会重写已写入的文本,除非手动从 IntelliSense 建议列表中选择它们。In suggestion mode, IntelliSense auto-complete suggestions will not override the text you've written unless you manually choose them from the IntelliSense suggestion list. 若要切换回完成模式,可以依次选择“编辑”|“切换到完成模式”菜单。To switch back to Completion Mode you can choose the Edit | Switch to Completion Mode menu. 如果使用的是 Visual Studio(混合)或 Visual Studio (Windows) 键绑定方案,可以使用默认键盘快捷键 Ctrl+Alt+Space。A default keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Alt+Space is provided if you're using Visual Studio (Mixed) or Visual Studio (Windows) key binding schemes.

  • 新增了 Cmd+Shift+P 快捷键,用于打开经过筛选的“导航到”搜索框,以便能够根据当前上下文搜索可运行的命令。Added a Cmd+Shift+P shortcut that will open the Navigate To search box, filtered so you can search for available commands based on your current context.

Debug source files option
(图 1)命令筛选(Figure 1) Command Filtering
  • 调试程序源查找。Debugger source lookup.

    • 现已开始支持解决方案选项中的“调试源文件”选项卡(图 2)。Added support for the Debug Source Files tab in solution options (Figure 2). 为了保持 UI 整洁,只在用户添加第一个文件夹后,此菜单才显示。To keep the UI clean, this menu appears only after you add the first folder.

      Debug source files option
      (图 2)“调试源文件”选项(Figure 2) Debug source files option
    • 如果尝试转到堆栈帧或单步执行方法,但调试程序找不到源文件,将会看到新增的“找不到源”文档(图 3)。If you try to navigate to a stack frame or step into a method and the debugger doesn't find source files, a new Source Not Found document (Figure 3) is shown. 此文档有助于提供一些选项来查找源文件(若有)。This document helps to provide some options to locate source files if you have them. 如果调试在 CI 上编译的程序集,且用户有权访问源文件和 .pdb 文件,此文档会非常有用。This is useful when debugging assemblies that were compiled on CI and user has access to source files and .pdb file.

      New 'source not found' dialog
      (图 3)新增的“找不到源”对话框(Figure 3) New "source not found" dialog
  • 用于检测添加到项目中的文件的文件观察程序。File watcher to detect files added to the project.

    现在,Visual Studio for Mac 会检测在 .NET Core 项目中添加或删除的文件,并根据这些更改动态更新“解决方案”窗口。Visual Studio for Mac will now detect files added to or removed from a .NET Core project and update the Solution window with the changes dynamically. 这项改进解决了用户在开发人员社区中报告的 EF 迁移后必须卸载/重载问题。This improvement addressed the unload/reload required after EF migrations issue reported in the Developer Community.

  • 对 .userprefs 使用 .vs 目录Use .vs directory for .userprefs

    • 为了提高与 Windows 上 Visual Studio 的兼容性,Visual Studio for Mac 生成的用户首选项文件不再存储在解决方案目录中,现存储在 .vs/SolutionName/xs/UserPrefs.xml 中。To improve compatibility with Visual Studio on Windows the user preferences file generated by Visual Studio for Mac are no longer stored in the solution directory but are now stored in .vs/SolutionName/xs/UserPrefs.xml.


  • 不再支持 Visual Studio for Mac 中的“上传到 Xamarin Test Cloud”功能(通过右键单击单元测试树进行调用)。We no longer support the “Upload to Xamarin Test Cloud” function in Visual Studio for Mac (invoked by right-clicking the Unit test tree). 前移测试可以通过 Visual Studio App Center CLI 提交。Moving forwards tests can be submitted through the Visual Studio App Center CLI.

  • 已不再支持 IDE 中的组件。We have removed the support for components in IDE. 如果打开已引用组件的项目,将会看到错误消息。If you open a project that has components already referenced, you will be met with an error. 若要修复此错误,必须手动编辑 .csproj 文件,并删除 <XamarinComponentReference/> 标记中的所有信息。The fix this error, you must edit the .csproj file manually and remove all information in the <XamarinComponentReference/> tags. 有关详细信息,请参阅组件迁移指南For more information see the Components migration guide.


  • 现已开始支持对 iOS 或 AppleTV 设备执行无线部署和调试。We've added support for wireless deployment and debugging for iOS or AppleTV devices. 如果设备通过网络连接,且可用于部署,它会立即显示在设备目标列表中,就像通过 USB 连接的设备一样。When a device is connected via a network and ready to be used for deployment, it now shows up in the device target list, as if the device were connected through USB. (图 4):(Figure 4):

    Apple device connected over Wi-Fi selected in device list
    (图 4)通过网络连接的 Apple 设备显示在设备列表中(Figure 4) Apple device connected over a network is displayed in device list

    若要详细了解此功能,请参阅无线部署指南。For more information on this feature, see the Wireless Deployment guide.

  • Visual Studio for Mac 现要求先解锁部署设备,再启动应用(图 5),并且不会中断调试会话:Visual Studio for Mac now asks to unlock the deployment device before launching the app (Figure 5) and does not interrupt the debugging session:

    Alert advising user to unlock iOS device
    (图 5)提示用户解锁 iOS 设备的警报(Figure 5) Alert advising user to unlock iOS device
  • Visual Studio for Mac 现自动生成添加到项目的 CoreML 模型的 C# 绑定,以便轻松快速地使用 CoreML 模型。Visual Studio for Mac now auto-generates C# bindings for CoreML models when they are added to a project allowing for quick and easy usage of CoreML models.

  • 预配改进:Provisioning Improvements:

    • 此版本改进了 fastlane 安装工作流。This release introduces a better fastlane installation workflow. 如果用户未安装 fastlane,系统不会显示错误对话框来提示用户阅读预配文档并安装 fastlane,而是允许在 IDE 中进行安装。If fastlane is not installed, instead of showing an error dialog asking you to read the provisioning documentation and install fastlane, we provide a way to do it within the IDE.
    • 安装最多可能需要两分钟,具体视网速和计算机参数而定。Depending on the internet speed and computer parameters the installation can take up to two minutes. 鉴于此,为方便起见,将在后台下载 fastlane。For this reason, fastlane will be downloaded in the background for your convenience.
    • Info.plist 编辑器中的自动预配小组件进行了大幅 UI 改进。We made a number of UI improvements to the automatic provisioning widget in Info.plist editor. 新小组件明确区分了手动和自动预配模式,并告知用户预配状态。The new widget draws a definite distinction between manual and automatic provisioning modes and communicates provisioning status to the user.


Android 8.1 Oreo 是 Google 发布的最新版 Android。Android 8.1 Oreo is the latest version of Android available from Google. Android 8.1 Oreo 提供了 Xamarin.Android 开发人员感兴趣的许多新功能,如 Android Go、Neural Networks API、Autofill Framework 更新、SharedMemory API 等。Android 8.1 Oreo offers many new features of interest to Xamarin.Android developers such as Android Go, Neural Networks API, Autofill Framework updates, SharedMemory API, and many more. 使用 Xamarin.Android 8.2 及更高版本时,这些 API 适用于 Xamarin.Android 应用。These APIs are available to Xamarin.Android apps when you use Xamarin.Android 8.2 and later.

  • 已为安装了 SDK Tools 26 的用户集成了 Xamarin Android 设备管理器(预览版)。We've added integration for the Xamarin Android Device Manager (preview) for users with SDK Tools 26 installed. 有关详细信息,请参阅文档For more information, refer to the documentation.

  • 现会在 Android Emulator 未使用 HAXM 时看到警告。You'll now be warned if the Android emulator is not using HAXM.

可视化设计器Visual Designers

iOS 设计器iOS Designer
  • 约束模式键绑定Constraints Mode Key Bindings:

    借助新增的键绑定,可以更轻松地使用新约束模式(在 15.5 中引入)。New key bindings make it easier to work with the new constraints mode (introduced in 15.5). 例如:For example:

    • 切换约束模式:⌘ EToggle constraints mode: ⌘ E
    • 暂时启用约束模式:按住 ⌃Temporarily enable constraints mode: Hold ⌃
    • 在约束模式下,更新约束;在其他情况下,更新帧:⇧ ⌘ RIn constraints mode, update constraints; else update frames: ⇧ ⌘ R
  • 现在可以为 tvOS 启用特征变体Trait Variations can now be enabled for tvOS :

    现在可以为 tvOS 情节提要和 XIB 启用特征变体,从而通过浅色样式或深色样式启用变体。Trait variations can now be enabled for tvOS storyboards and XIBs, which enables variation by light style or dark style.

  • 从工具箱中拖动大项时设计图面自动缩小Automatic Zoom Out when dragging large items from the Toolbox:

    从工具箱中拖动大项时,设计图面现在会自动缩小。The design surface now automatically zooms out when you drag a large item from the toolbox. 这样,可以更轻松地将大项置于 XIB 或情节提要中。This makes it easier to place large items on your XIB or storyboard.

  • 缩放指示器和选择器Zoom Indicator and Selector:

    指示当前缩放级别百分比,并允许从弹出列表中选择缩放级别。Indicates current zoom level percentage and enables selecting zoom levels from a pop up list.

Android DesignerAndroid Designer
  • 此版本极大地改进了 Android 资源分析和处理,进而全面提升了性能和准确性。Android resource parsing and processing has been vastly revamped in this release resulting in increased performance and accuracy across the board.
  • 现已开始支持 Android Oreo (API 26) 呈现。Added Android Oreo (API 26) rendering support.
  • 现已开始支持自定义字体和自适应图标等 Oreo 功能。Oreo features like custom fonts and adaptive icons are now supported.
  • 提升了呈现速度。Rendering speed improvements.
  • 改进了 IntelliSense 完成体验。Improved IntelliSense completion experience.


为改进 XAML 编辑,修复了大量 bug:We fixed a number of bugs to improve XAML editing:

  • [已修复] 按“ENTER”向元素添加新属性时,vs/vsmac 之间的 XML/XAML 编辑器行为不一致。[FIXED] Inconsistent behavior in XML/XAML editor between vs/vsmac when hitting "ENTER" in to add a new attribute to an element.
  • [已修复] 完成时缺少下面许多元素:ResourceDictionary、x:Double、x:Key 等。[FIXED] Many elements are missing from completion: ResourceDictionary, x:Double, x:Key etc.
  • [已修复] 在名称中键入句点后 IntelliSense 消失。[FIXED] No IntelliSense after typing period in name.
  • [已修复] IntelliSense 中缺少一个平台。[FIXED] One Platform is missing from IntelliSense.
  • [已修复] 按 Tab 键插入空格,缩进器插入选项卡。[FIXED] Tab key inserts spaces, indenter inserts tabs.
  • [已修复] XAML IntelliSense 列出按名称长度排序的元素属性。[FIXED] XAML IntelliSense lists element properties sorted by length of name.

Xamarin Workbooks 和安装程序Xamarin Workbooks and Installer

已完全分离 Xamarin Inspector 和 Xamarin Workbooks。We have fully split Xamarin Inspector from Xamarin Workbooks. Inspector 扩展不再需要安装 Workbooks 才能运行。The Inspector extension no longer requires a Workbooks installation to function.

所有 Xamarin 产品发行说明All Xamarin Product release notes

2018 年 3 月 26 日 – Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.4.1 ( 26, 2018 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.4.1 (

2018 年 4 月 3 日 – Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.4.2 ( 3, 2018 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.4.2 (

此版本包括对 Xcode 9.3 的支持,并解决以下问题:This release includes support for Xcode 9.3 and addresses the following issues:

2018 年 4 月 18 日 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.4.3 ( 18, 2018 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.4.3 (

此版本解决了以下问题:This release addresses the following issues:

Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 已知问题Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Known Issues

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