Visual Studio 2017(版本 15.3)发行说明 Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 Release Notes

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此版本不是最新版本的 Visual Studio 2017。This is not the latest version of Visual Studio 2017. 若要查看最新版 Visual Studio 2017 的相关信息,请访问最新发行说明页。To see information on the latest version of Visual Studio 2017, please visit the current Release Notes page.


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本文介绍 Visual Studio 2017 15.3 版的发行信息。This article contains information about releases for Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3.


我们期待你的宝贵意见和建议!We’d love to hear from you! 可通过安装程序或 Visual Studio IDE 中的报告问题选项报告问题。You can report a problem from the Report a Problem option in either the installer or the Visual Studio IDE itself. 必须向The Feedback Icon 图标位于右上角。icon is located in the upper right hand corner. 可在开发人员社区门户中跟踪自己的反馈。You can track your feedback in the Developer Community portal. 如有任何建议,请通过 UserVoice 网站告知我们。For suggestions, let us know through the UserVoice site.

发布历史记录Release History


可在 Visual Studio 2017 发行节奏文档中详细了解各版本的发布信息。You can learn more about how we ship our releases in the Visual Studio 2017 Release Rhythm document.

下载 Visual Studio 2017 的最新版本Download the Current Release of Visual Studio 2017

单击按钮下载最新版 Visual Studio 2017。Click the button to download the latest version of Visual Studio 2017. 有关说明,请参阅安装 Visual Studio 2017For instructions, see Install Visual Studio 2017.

注意:安装包大小会根据当前 Visual Studio 配置而有所不同。Note: Installation package size will vary depending on your current Visual Studio configuration.

发布日期:2017 年 9 月 19 日 - Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3.5Release Date: September 19, 2017 - Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3.5

2017 年 9 月 19 日发布版本中修复的问题Issues Fixed in September 19, 2017 Release

这些是已在此版本中解决的客户报告的问题:These are the customer-reported issues addressed in this version:

  • 引入对 Apple Xcode 9、iOS 11、tvOS 11 和 watchOS 4 的支持Introduced support for Apple's Xcode 9, iOS 11, tvOS 11 and watchOS 4

发布日期:2017 年 9 月 12 日 - Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3.4Release Date: September 12, 2017 - Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3.4

2017 年 9 月 12 日发布版本中修复的问题Issues Fixed in September 12, 2017 Release

这些是已在此版本中解决的客户报告的问题:These are the customer-reported issues addressed in this version:

发布日期:2017 年 8 月 29 日 - Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3.3Release Date: August 29, 2017 - Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3.3

2017 年 8 月 29 日发布的版本中解决的问题Issues Fixed in August 29, 2017 Release

这些是已在此版本中解决的客户报告的问题:These are the customer-reported issues addressed in this version:

发布日期:2017 年 8 月 22 日 - Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3.2Release Date: August 22, 2017 - Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3.2

2017 年 8 月 22 日发布的版本中解决的问题Issues Fixed in August 22, 2017 Release

这些是已在此版本中解决的客户报告的问题:These are the customer-reported issues addressed in this version:

此版本中包括的附加修补程序:Additional fixes included in this release:

  • Service Fabric 工具更新。Service Fabric tooling update.
  • 在 VSIX 安装/卸载过程中,Visual Studio 升级失败,并出现 AccessDenied 故障。Visual Studio upgrade fails with AccessDenied failure during VSIX install / uninstall.
  • Unity 版本 5.5 或更低版本的项目生成问题。Project generation issue on Unity version <= 5.5.
  • 链接文件的转储捕获。Dump capture for linked files.
  • 由于循环优化,导致生成静态的错误 codegen。Silent bad codegen due to loop optimization.

发布日期:2017 年 8 月 18 日 - Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3.1Release Date: August 18, 2017 - Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3.1

此版本中已修复的问题Issues Fixed in this Release

这些是已在此版本中解决的客户报告的问题:These are the customer-reported issues addressed in this version:

发布日期:2017 年 8 月 14 日 - Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3Release Date: August 14, 2017 - Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3

摘要:此版本中的新增功能Summary: What's New in this Release

  • 可访问性改进,使 Visual Studio 比以往更易于访问。Accessibility Improvements make Visual Studio more accessible than ever.
  • Azure Function 工具已包含在 Azure 开发工作负载中。Azure Function Tools are included in the Azure development workload. 可在本地开发 Azure Function 应用程序并直接发布到 Azure。You can develop Azure Function applications locally and publish directly to Azure.
  • 对于在 Azure Stack 和政府云(如中国区 Azure)上运行的 Visual Studio 2017,现在可直接在其中生成应用程序。You can now build applications in Visual Studio 2017 that run on Azure Stack and government clouds, like Azure in China.
  • 我们改进了 .NET Core 2.0 的 .NET Core 开发 支持和 Windows Nano Server 容器。We improved .NET Core development support for .NET Core 2.0, and Windows Nano Server containers.
  • Visual Studio IDE 中,我们改进了登录和标识、起始页、轻量级解决方案加载,以及安装 CLI。In Visual Studio IDE, we improved Sign In and Identity, the start page, Lightweight Solution Load, and setup CLI. 还改进了重构、代码生成和快速操作。We also improved refactoring, code generation and Quick Actions.
  • 由于新添加了“蓝色(额外对比度)”主题并改进了屏幕读取器支持,Visual Studio 编辑器现在更易于访问。The Visual Studio Editor has better accessibility due to the new ‘Blue (Extra Contrast)’ theme and improved screen reader support.
  • 我们改进了调试器和诊断体验。We improved the Debugger and diagnostics experience. 包括指向并单击“设置下一语句”。This includes Point and Click to Set Next Statement. 此外,我们还更新了变量窗口的所有嵌套值并改进了“打开文件夹”调试。We've also refreshed all nested values in variable window, and made Open Folder debugging improvements.
  • Xamarin 新添加了一个独立编辑器,用于编辑应用的权利。Xamarin has a new standalone editor for editing app entitlements.
  • 更新了打开文件夹和 CMake 工具体验。The Open Folder and CMake Tooling experience is updated. 现可使用 CMake 3.8。You can now use CMake 3.8.
  • 改进了 IntelliSense 引擎以及 C++ 语言服务的项目和代码向导。We made improvements to the IntelliSense engine, and to the project and the code wizards for C++ Language Services.
  • Visual C + + 工具集支持命令提示符初始化目标。Visual C++ Toolset supports command-prompt initialization targeting.
  • 添加了使用 C# 7.1 语言功能的功能。We added the ability to use C# 7.1 Language features.
  • 可安装独立于 Visual Studio 更新的 TypeScript 版本。You can install TypeScript versions independent of Visual Studio updates.
  • 添加了对节点 8 调试的支持。We added support for Node 8 debugging.
  • NuGet添加了对以下内容的支持:新 TFM(netcoreapp2.0、netstandard2.0、Tizen)、语义化版本控制 2.0.0 以及 NuGet 警告和错误的 MSBuild 集成。NuGet has added support for new TFMs (netcoreapp2.0, netstandard2.0, Tizen), Semantic Versioning 2.0.0, and MSBuild integration of NuGet warnings and errors.
  • Visual Studio 现已将 .NET Framework 4.7 开发工具提供给受支持的平台(其中包括 4.7 运行时)。Visual Studio now offers .NET Framework 4.7 development tools to supported platforms with 4.7 runtime included.
  • 已将相关事件的群集添加到 Application Insights 搜索工具的搜索查询结果中。We added clusters of related events to the search query results in the Application Insights Search tool.
  • 改进了对 SQL Server 2016 中 Redgate SQL Search 的语法支持。We improved syntax support for SQL Server 2016 in Redgate SQL Search.
  • 在连接的服务中启用了对 Microsoft Graph API 的支持。We enabled support for Microsoft Graph APIs in Connected Services.

此版本中已修复的主要问题Top Issues Fixed in this Release

我们专心聆听开发人员社区的需求。The Developer Community spoke and we listened. 下表列出了此版本中修复的前 10 个投票最高的问题。This list provides the 10 highest voted issues fixed in this release.

The Developer Community Portal详细了解 Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3 中已解决的客户所报问题。 Learn more about customer-reported issues addressed in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3.

详细信息:此版本中的新增功能Details: What's New in this Release

可访问性 Accessibility

我们解决了此版本中的 1700 多个辅助功能问题,使 Visual Studio 比以往任何时候都更容易访问。We addressed over 1,700 accessibility issues in this release and made Visual Studio more accessible than ever. 可以访问新添加的“蓝色(额外对比度)”主题(图 1)。You have access to the new “Blue (Extra Contrast)” theme (Figure 1). 如果不希望使用或不需要完全高对比度模式,此主题可提供比常规“蓝色”主题更高的对比度。This theme offers you more contrast than the regular "Blue" theme if you don't want or need the full High Contrast mode.

Blue (Extra Contrast) theme
(图 1)“蓝(额外对比度)”主题(Figure 1) Blue (Extra Contrast) theme

借助 Visual Studio 编辑器,可通过新的“显示行注释”命令集发现并在文本修饰之间导航。With Visual Studio Editor, you can discover and navigate between text adornments via the new "Show Line Annotations" command set. 可以在编辑器上下文菜单 *(图 2)*中找到这一新功能。You can find the new feature on the Editor context menu (Figure 2). 有关详细信息,请参阅 Visual Studio 编辑器部分。See the Visual Studio Editor section for more information.

Show Line Annotations
(图 2)显示行注释(Figure 2) Show Line Annotations

有关可访问性的详细信息,请参阅 Accessibility improvements in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3(Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3 中的可访问性功能)博客文章。For more accessibility news, visit the Accessibility improvements in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 blog post.

Azure Stack 和 Azure 政府云 Azure Stack and Azure Government Clouds

使用所有相同的工具(例如 Cloud Explorer、连接的服务和 ASP.NET 发布)连接 Azure Stack 和政府云。Use all the same tools in Visual Studio — like Cloud Explorer, Connected Services and ASP.NET Publish — to connect Azure Stack and government clouds. 选择现有的政府云,如中国区 Azure*(图 3)*,或输入组织的 Azure Stack 的发现终结点。Pick an existing government cloud, like Azure in China (Figure 3), or enter the discovery endpoint for your organization’s Azure Stack.

Azure Stack
(图 3)Azure Stack(Figure 3) Azure Stack

Azure Function 工具Azure Function Tools

  • 用于开发 C# Azure Functions 的工具添加到了“Azure 开发”工作负载中。Tools for developing C# Azure Functions are included as part of the “Azure development” workload.
  • 可开发使用预编译 C# 类库的 Azure Function 以及用于指定触发器的属性。You can develop Azure functions by using pre-compiled C# class libraries, and attributes to specify triggers.
  • 可在本地开发计算机上生成、运行和调试。You can build, run, and debug on your local development machine.
  • 可直接从 Visual Studio 发布到 Azure。You can publish directly to Azure from Visual Studio.

有关详细信息,请参阅 Visual Studio 2017 Tools for Azure Functions(用于 Azure Function 的 Visual Studio 2017 工具)博客文章。For more details, see the Visual Studio 2017 Tools for Azure Functions blog post.

.NET Core 和 ASP.NET Core .NET Core and ASP.NET Core

  • 可通过单独的下载安装 .NET Core 2.0 SDK,以便在 Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3 中启用 .NET Core 2.0 开发。You can install .NET Core 2.0 SDK via a separate download to enable .NET Core 2.0 development in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3. Visual Studio 现提供对多个 .NET Core SDK 的并行支持。Visual Studio now provides side-by-side support of multiple .NET Core SDKs. 可试用 .NET Core SDK 最新的每日内部版本,同时使用 SDK 的最新公开发布版本进行开发。You can experiment with the latest daily build of the .NET Core SDK while you develop with the latest public release of the SDK. 有关详细信息,请查看 .NET 博客See .NET blog for details.
  • 通过 Visual Basic 支持,现可在 Visual Basic 中创建 .NET Core 控制台应用程序,以及 .NET Core 和 .NET Standard 类库。With Visual Basic support, you now have the ability to create .NET Core console applications, and .NET Core, and .NET Standard class libraries in Visual Basic.
  • 通过 .NET Framework 和 .NET Standard/Core 互操作可从 .NET Framework 项目中引用 .NET Core/.NET Standard 库,反之亦然。.NET Framework and .NET Standard/Core interop allows you to refer to .NET Core/.NET Standard libraries from .NET Framework projects and vice versa. 无需手动添加互操作 NuGet 包 - Visual Studio 会自动执行此操作。No need to manually add interop NuGet packages – Visual Studio does this for you automatically.
  • 借助多个目标框架支持增强,可以为多个目标框架 (TFM) 生成项目,并使用“调试/运行”中的 TFM 选取器选取要运行的 TFM。Multiple target framework support enhancement allows you to build your project for multiple target frameworks (TFM), and use the TFM picker in Debug/Run to pick the TFM to run.
  • 我们添加了 Windows Nano Server 映像支持,将 ASP.NET Core 应用容器化为 Windows Nano Server 映像。We added Windows Nano Server image support for containerizing ASP.NET Core apps as Windows Nano Server images. 现可选择 Windows Nano Server 作为容器平台。You can now select Windows Nano Server as the container platform. 对于 ASP.NET Core 项目,可以在“文件”->“新建项目”下执行此操作。You can do this under File->New Project for ASP.NET Core projects. 对于现有项目,可以使用项目上下文菜单进行添加。For your existing projects, it can be added using the Project Context Menu.
  • 本地 IIS 支持:现可使用 Visual Studio 中的 IIS 进行开发和调试。Local IIS support: You can now develop and debug using IIS from Visual Studio.
  • .NET Framework 上的 ASP.NET Core - 若要创建面向完整 .NET Framework(仅 Windows) 的 ASP.NET Core 项目,请使用 One ASP.NET 对话框上的下拉列表。ASP.NET Core on .NET Framework – When you create an ASP.NET Core project targeting the full .NET Framework (Windows only), you will use the dropdown on the One ASP.NET dialog.
  • 可为 .NET Standard、.NET Core 和 ASP.NET Core 项目启用 Live Unit Testing 功能。The Live Unit Testing feature can be enabled for your .NET Standard, .NET Core, and ASP.NET Core projects.

Service Fabric 工具Service Fabric Tools

此版本提供新的有状态 ASP.NET Core 项目模板、对 Service Fabric 2.5 和 2.6 SDK(以及相应运行时)的支持以及若干 bug 修补程序。This release provides a new stateful ASP.NET Core project template, support for both 2.5 and 2.6 SDK's (and corresponding runtimes) of Service Fabric, as well as several bug fixes.

持续交付工具Continuous Delivery Tools

我们已将这些功能从 CD4VS(用于 Visual Studio 的 Microsoft 持续交付工具)扩展移动到了 Visual Studio:We moved these features from the CD4VS (Microsoft Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio) extension into Visual Studio:

  • 为包含面向 Azure 应用服务的 ASP.NET 项目的解决方案,配置持续交付。Configure continuous delivery for solutions that contain ASP.NET projects targeting an Azure App Service.
  • 为包含面向 Azure 应用服务的 ASP.NET Core 项目的解决方案,配置持续交付。Configure continuous delivery for solutions that contain ASP.NET Core projects targeting an Azure App Service.

Visual Studio IDE Visual Studio IDE

  • 我们在“帮助”菜单下添加了“键盘辅助功能”菜单命令。We added the Keyboard Accessibility menu command under the "Help" menu. 这为获得有关辅助功能提示和技巧的联机文档提供了便利。This provides you with a shortcut to online documention about Accessibility Tips and Tricks.
  • 诊断系统通过“信息栏”通知用户 Visual Studio 意外终止可能涉及的扩展*(图 4)*。The diagnostic system informs you via the InfoBar about extensions that might have been involved in an unexpected termination of Visual Studio (Figure 4). “信息栏”提供有关终止的此类信息,并询问是否要禁用可疑扩展。The InfoBar provides this information about the termination and asks if you would like to disable the suspected extension.
InfoBar notification
(图 4)信息栏通知(Figure 4) InfoBar notification
  • 在打开文件夹方案中,可以通过专用 UI 选择所需的调试程序。In open folder scenarios, you can select your desired debugger via dedicated UI.
  • 我们已停止在不同的 Visual Studio 2017 并行安装之间共享特定设置,如工具窗口布局。We’ve stopped sharing certain settings, like tool window layout, between different side-by-side installations of Visual Studio 2017. 有关详细信息,请参阅在 Visual Studio 中同步你的设置文档。For more information, see the Synchronize your settings in Visual Studio documentation.
  • 修复了导致 Visual Studio 在主窗口出现前挂起的“隐藏窗口”bug。We fixed the "hidden window" bug that made Visual Studio appear to hang before its main window appeared.
  • 扩大了可点击目标区域,以便更轻松地消除通知提示。We increased the clickable target area to make it easier to dismiss notification tips.


  • 添加了若干新重构和快速修补程序,例如“解决合并冲突”、“添加 null 检查”、“添加参数”等。We added several new refactorings and quick fixes, like "Resolve merge conflicts", "Add null checks", "Add parameter", and many more. 请查看 Visual Studio 中的重构、代码生成和快速操作页面,查看完整列表。Take a look at our Refactoring, Code Generation and Quick Actions in Visual Studio page to see the full list.
  • 对 IntelliSense 中的变量名称提出了建议,有助于用户快速命名变量,例如 Person personWe suggest variable names in IntelliSense to help you name your variables quickly, for example, Person person.
  • “编辑并继续”支持 C# 7.0 功能(本地函数除外)。Edit and Continue supports C# 7.0 features (except local functions).
  • 针对 .NET Core,增加了对项目文件夹外的文件通配支持。We added support for file globbing outside of your project folder for .NET Core.

登录和标识Sign In and Identity

我们修复了帐户选取器控件,“重新输入凭据”运行更可靠。We fixed the account picker control so "Re-enter credentials" works more reliably. 在某些情况下,帐户选取器会在重新输入凭据时清除帐户。In some cases, the account picker would clear accounts upon re-entering credentials.

起始页Start Page

扩大了起始页 MRU“固定”的可点击目标区域。We increased the clickable target area on Start Page MRU “pins”. 可以更轻松地将关注的项固定到 MRU 顶部。It's easier to pin items you care about to the top of the MRU.

轻量级解决方案加载Lightweight Solution Load

  • 提高了生成速度和稳定性。We increased build speed and stability.
  • 减少了加载的项目数。We reduced the number of loaded projects.
  • 添加了一个新选项*(图 5)*,可使 Visual Studio 确定什么最适合用户的解决方案。We added a new option (Figure 5) that allows Visual Studio to decide what’s best for your solution.
Lightweight Solution Load Options
(图 5)轻量级解决方案加载选项(Figure 5) Lightweight Solution Load Options
  • 添加了文件搜索结果解决方案,搜索延迟项目,而不仅仅是加载项目。We added file search results solutions to search for deferred projects, instead of just loaded projects.
    • 加载项目时,会刷新所有现有的搜索,以添加进度结果。When you load a project, all existing searches are refreshed to add progression results.
    • 对此有一些限制:There are limits to this:
      • 搜索不会扩展到文件中,并且不包括渐进式结果,即,类、方法等。Search does not extend within the file and does not include progressive results, i.e. classes, methods, etc.
      • 属于项目的文件显示为简单列表。Files that belong to a project are shown as a flat list. 如果文件属于一个文件夹,除了文件名,还会显示相对路径。When files belong to a folder, the relative path is shown instead of just the file name.
      • 搜索视图中没有文件项的上下文菜单。There are no context menus for the file items in the search view.
  • “GoTo All”和“GoTo Files”在工作区中显示外部项中的内容。GoTo All and GoTo Files show content from external items in the workspace.
  • 改进了使用轻量级解决方案加载的项目中的批生成。We improved Batch build in projects that use Lightweight Solution Load.


  • 现在,Visual Studio 安装程序支持级别小于 150% 的高 DPI 缩放。Visual Studio Installer now supports high-DPI scaling at levels less than 150%.
  • vswhere.exe 可执行文件已更新为在默认情况下排除预览实例,而当命令行上包含 --prerelease 时,包含预览实例。The vswhere.exe executable file has been updated to exclude preview instances by default, and includes them when --prerelease is included on the command line.
  • CLI 能处理 --verify``--fix--cleanCLI is able to handle --verify, --fix and --clean.
    • --verify 会验证布局并通知用户缺失和无效的负载。--verify verifies layout and informs you of missing and invalid payloads.
    • --fix 会验证布局并重新下载缺失或无效的包。--fix verifies the layout and re-downloads packages that are either missing or invalid.
    • --clean 会删除已过时的包并允许用户将布局剪裁到特定的版本范围。--clean deletes obsolete packages and allows you to trim layout to a specific version range.
  • 添加了详细信息页面,显示安装详细信息页每个驱动器的净大小影响。We added details that show the net size impact per drive to the installation details page. (图 6).(Figure 6).
Drive Sizes listed in the Installer
(图 6)安装程序中列出的驱动器大小(Figure 6) Drive Sizes listed in the Installer

Visual Studio 编辑器 Visual Studio Editor

  • 添加大量错误时,也可手动滚动并进行选择。Manual scroll and selection are no longer difficult when a large numbers of errors are being added.
  • 添加了“蓝色”主题的新变体,满足了希望在 Visual Studio 编辑器中使用更高对比度的用户需要。We added a new variant of the "Blue" theme, which caters specifically to users who need more contrast in the Visual Studio Editor. 如果不希望使用或不需要完全高对比度模式,此主题可提供比常规“蓝色”主题更高的对比度。This theme offers you more contrast than the regular "Blue" theme if you don't want or need the full High Contrast mode. 可以依次单击“工具”->“选项”->“环境”->“常规”,尝试使用此主题。You can try it out via Tools -> Options -> Environment -> General.
  • 如果使用屏幕阅读器,现在可以使用新增的“显示行注释”命令,在修饰之间进行跳转。If you use a screen-reader, you can now navigate between adornments by using the new "Show Line Annotations" command.
    • 若要激活,请选择编辑器上下文菜单中的“显示行注释”(Ctrl+KCtrl+M)。To activate, select "Show Line Annotations" (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+M) on the Editor context menu. 此时编辑器中会出现一个描述行上修饰的弹出窗口。A popup will appear in the editor describing the adornments on that line.
    • 使用 Ctrl+KCtrl+ Right/Left Arrow,在行上的多个注释之间导航。Navigate through multiple annotations on the line using Ctrl+K, Ctrl+ Right/Left Arrow.
    • 还可通过“显示结构”命令 Ctrl+KCtrl+G 在代码中轻松查找上下文。You can also easily find context in code through the "Show Structure" command Ctrl+K, Ctrl+G. 它会在插入点所在的弹出窗口中显示代码行的结构上下文,且可由屏幕阅读器读取。This shows the structural context of the line of code in the popup where the caret is located, and can be read by the screen reader.

调试和诊断 Debugging and Diagnostics

Visual Studio Team Services 符号服务器的调试程序支持Debugger Support for Visual Studio Team Services Symbol Servers

  • 可从 Visual Studio Team Services 符号服务器查询和下载符号*(图 7)*。You can query and download symbols (Figure 7) from Visual Studio Team Services Symbol Servers. 可以依次单击“工具”->“选项”->“调试程序”->“符号”页,选择 Visual Studio Team Services 符号路径,并将路径添加到 Visual Studio 环境中。You can select and add Visual Studio Team Services symbol paths to your Visual Studio environment using the Tools->Options->Debugger->Symbols page. 若要设置 Visual Studio Team Services 符号服务器,请参阅 Use Symbol Server in Team Services(在 Team Services 中使用符号服务器)页。To set up a Visual Studio Team Services Symbol Server, see the Use Symbol Server in Team Services page.
Add VSTS Symbol Server
(图 7)添加 VSTS 符号服务器(Figure 7) Add VSTS Symbol Server
  • 使用“开始调试”(F5) 或“附加到进程”(Ctrl+Alt+P) 调试时,支持 SetThreadDescription APIThe SetThreadDescription API is supported while debugging when you use Start Debugging (F5) or Attach to Process (Ctrl+Alt+P). 通过此 API 设置的线程名称现在出现在“线程窗口”和“调试位置”工具栏的“线程”下拉列表中。The thread names that are set via this API now show up in the Threads window and in the Thread dropdown in the Debug Location toolbar. 尚不支持在转储调试时使用此功能。This is not currently supported while dump debugging.
  • “输出窗口”现在显示调试时“窗口容器”中运行的应用程序的控制台输出。The Output Window now shows you the console output of an application running inside a Windows Container while debugging.
  • 添加了基于 Windows Nano Server 调试在“Windows 容器”中运行的 .NET Core 应用的新支持。We added new support for debugging .NET Core apps you run inside Windows Containers based on Windows Nano Server.

指向并单击“设置下一语句”Point and Click to Set Next Statement

可在调试期间,在断点处停止时按住 Ctrl 键。You can hold down the Ctrl key while stopped at a breakpoint when debugging. 代码行旁的 Run to Click(运行执行到此处)图标更改为“设置下一语句”功能*(图 8)*。The Run to Click (Run execution to here) icon next to your line of code changes to “Set Next Statement” functionality (Figure 8). 单击此按钮将黄色指令指针移动到该行,并设置调试程序要执行的下一语句。Click the icon to move the yellow instruction pointer to that line and set the next statement for the debugger to execute.

Click to set Next Statement
(图 8)单击设置下一语句(Figure 8) Click to set Next Statement

除可移植 PDB 外,Windows PDB 文件格式现在也支持源链接。Source Link is now supported for Windows PDB file format (in addition to Portable PDBs). 支持它的编译器可以将必需信息放在 Windows PDB 文件格式中,调试程序可以基于该信息检索源文件。Compilers that support it can put the necessary information in the Windows PDB file format and the debugger can retrieve source files based on that information.

“打开文件夹”调试Open Folder Debugging

使用“打开文件夹”新模板时的调试体验更加轻松。We have made your debugging experience easier when you use our new templates for Open Folder. 如果已安装核心调试程序,使用新模板可选择要使用的调试程序类型。If you have the core debugger installed, our new templates allow you to choose the type of debugger you want to use. 在解决方案资源管理器的“调试和启动设置”菜单选项中,可以在“选择调试程序”对话框中选择“托管”、“本机”或“混合”。Managed, Native, or Mixed can be chosen from the "Select a Debugger" dialog in the "Debug and Launch Settings" menu option in Solution Explorer. 如果已安装 C++ MDD 体验(Android C++、Linux 调试等),现在可以在相同菜单选项中看到使用 GDB 进行附加和启动的 MinGW 和 Cygwin 支持选项。If you have a C++ MDD experience installed (Android C++, Linux Debugging, etc.), you now see options for MinGW and Cygwin support by using GDB for attach and launch within the same menu option.

“全部刷新”在变量窗口中嵌套值Refresh All Nested Values in Variable Windows

单击“监视”、“自动”和“局部变量”窗口中变量或表达式的父节点的“刷新”按钮时,该节点的所有可见子变量和子表达式也会刷新并重新计算。When you click the refresh button for the parent node of a variable or expression in the Watch, Autos, and Locals windows, all visible variables and expressions that are children of that node also refresh and re-evaluate. 不再需要单击每一个子节点的“刷新”按钮。You no longer need to click on the refresh button for each of the children.

.NET Core 的 Live Unit Testing 支持Live Unit Testing Support for .NET Core

可以为 .NET Standard、.NET Core 和 ASP.NET Core 项目启用 Live Unit Testing 功能。You can enable the Live Unit Testing feature for .NET Standard, .NET Core, and ASP.NET Core projects.

Xamarin Xamarin

  • 属性页和应用清单重新设计 - 我们不断努力提高 iOS 和 Android 项目的属性页的易用性。Property Pages & App Manifest Redesigns - We have continued our work on making property pages for iOS and Android projects easier to use.
  • 新权利编辑器 - 添加了用于编辑应用权利的独立编辑器。New Entitlements Editor - We added a standalone editor for editing app entitlements.

有关这些更改的完整概述,请访问,获取更多详细信息。For a complete overview of changes, be sure to check out for more details.

打开文件夹和 CMake 工具Open Folder and CMake Tools

  • 提高了文件夹和解决方案之间切换的稳定性。We improved stability for toggling between folder and solution.
  • 打开文件夹扩展程序控件可将源控件图标添加到文件夹。Open folder extenders can add a source control icon to your folders. 这样一来,用户可快速查看解决方案资源管理器中文件的源控件状态,该操作目前由 SVN 实现。This allows you to quickly see the source control state of your files in Solution Explorer, which is currently implemented by SVN.
  • Visual Studio 中的 CMake 体验已升级到 CMake 3.8The CMake experience in Visual Studio is upgraded to CMake 3.8.
  • 对于使用 MinGW 或 Cygwin 的 C++ 项目,改进了“打开文件夹”中的编辑、生成和调试支持。We improved editing, building, and debugging support in "Open Folder" for C++ projects that use MinGW or Cygwin.
  • 添加了支持,以定义“CppProperties.json”和“CMakeSettings.json”中的全局和特定于配置的环境变量。We added support to define global and configuration-specific environment variables in "CppProperties.json" and "CMakeSettings.json". “launch.vs.json”中定义的调试配置和“tasks.vs.json”中的任务可以使用这些环境变量。These environment variables can be consumed by debug configurations defined in "launch.vs.json" and tasks in "tasks.vs.json".
  • 增强了 Visual Studio 的 CMake 工具以提供对 CTest 集成的支持。We enhanced CMake tools for Visual Studio to provide you with support for CTest integration.
  • 现可使用 CMake 的 Ninja 生成器,以及通过 IntelliSense 轻松面向 64 位平台、生成、调试和编辑功能。You can now use the CMake's Ninja generator to easily target 64-bit platforms, build, debug, and edit with IntelliSense.

C++ 语言服务 C++ Language Services

实验性选项下的“启用更快的项目加载”选项已重命名为“启用项目缓存”并移至“VC++ 项目设置”下。The “Enable Faster Project Load” option under Experimental options has been renamed “Enable Project Caching” and moved under VC++ Project Settings. 旧属性值不会传播到新选项。The old property value is not propagated to the new option.

IntelliSense 引擎IntelliSense Engine

  • C++ IntelliSense 支持与批编译器版本相匹配的新的 C++17 功能。C++ IntelliSense supports new C++17 features matching the batch compiler release.
  • 已将 C++ 编辑器中的上下文菜单选项添加到 Rescan 文件中,可在 IntelliSense 无法正常工作时使用此选项。Added context menu option in C++ editor to Rescan File, which can be used if IntelliSense is not working correctly.
  • 减少了运行 C++ 代码的“查找所有引用”或“调用层次结构”时的 CPU 使用。Reduced CPU usage when running Find All References or Call Hierarchy for C++ code.
  • 我们改进了 C++ IntelliSense 引擎总体体验。We've improved the overall C++ IntelliSense engine experience.

项目和代码向导Project and Code Wizard

  • 我们按照签名对话框样式重新编写了多个项目和代码向导。We have rewritten several project and code wizards in the signature dialogue style.
  • “添加类”直接启动“添加类向导”。Add Class launches the Add Class wizard directly. 以前此处的其他所有项都位于“添加”>“新建项”。All of the other items that were previously here are available under "Add > New Item".
  • Win32 项目位于“新建项目”对话框中的“Windows 桌面”类别下。Win32 projects are under the Windows Desktop category in the New Project dialog.
  • Windows 控制台和桌面应用程序模板现在可以在不显示向导的情况下创建项目。The Windows Console and Desktop Application templates now create the projects without displaying a wizard. 在相同的类别下有一个新的 Windows 桌面向导,显示和以前相同的选项。There's a new Windows Desktop Wizard under the same category that displays the same options as before.

Visual C++ 工具集和库Visual C++ Toolset and Libraries

  • Visual Studio 开发者命令提示符(和 Visual C++ 命令提示符)已添加对通过 -vcvars_ver=14.0 参数初始化面向 Visual C++ 2015 工具集 (v140) 的命令提示符环境的支持。The Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio (and the Visual C++ Command Prompt) have added support for initializing a command-prompt environment targeting the Visual C++ 2015 Toolset (v140) via the -vcvars_ver=14.0 argument.
  • Visual C++ Redist 文件目录已重命名为 Microsoft.VC141.*,以通过工具集 (14.1x) 匹配版本控制。Visual C++ Redist file directories have been renamed to Microsoft.VC141.* to match versioning with the toolset (14.1x). 在 Visual Studio 2017 RTM 中,这些目录被错误命名为 Microsoft.VC150.*。In Visual Studio 2017 RTM, these directories were incorrectly named Microsoft.VC150.*.
  • Visual C++ 文件版本和目录 (Visual Studio 15.3):Visual C++ File Version and Directories (Visual Studio 2017 15.3) :
    • VC++ 工具集文件版本:14.11.25506.0 或 19.11.25506.0VC++ Toolset File Version : 14.11.25506.0 or 19.11.25506.0
    • VC++ 工具目录:VC\Tools\MSVC\14.11.25503(预览版中锁定目录位置)VC++ Tools Directory : VC\Tools\MSVC\14.11.25503 (directory location was locked in a Preview release)
    • VC++ Redist 目录 [a]:VC\Redist\MSVC\14.11.25325(除 MFC 和 OneCore 之外的所有运行时)VC++ Redist Directory [a] : VC\Redist\MSVC\14.11.25325 (All runtimes except for MFC and OneCore)
    • VC++ Redist 目录 [b]:VC\Redist\MSVC\14.11.25415(MFC 和 OneCore 运行时)VC++ Redist Directory [b] : VC\Redist\MSVC\14.11.25415 (MFC and OneCore runtimes)

C# 7.1 语言支持C# 7.1 Language Support

JavaScript 和 TypeScriptJavaScript & TypeScript

  • 启动 tsserver 时,我们从 64 位节点切换到了 32 位节点,以便将语言服务内存消耗减半。We switched from 64-bit node to 32 bit-node when launching tsserver and cut language service memory consumption in half.
  • 导入语句中的文件路径 IntelliSense 现在更快。File path IntelliSense in import statements is now faster.
  • TypeScript 版本可以独立于 Visual Studio 更新进行安装,并基于每个项目进行选择。TypeScript versions can be installed independent of Visual Studio updates and selected on a per project basis. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Updating TypeScript in Visual Studio 2017(更新 Visual Studio 2017 中的 TypeScript)文档。For more information see the Updating TypeScript in Visual Studio 2017 documentation.


  • 添加了对 Node 8 调试的支持。We added support for Node 8 debugging.
  • 增强了单元测试运行程序的性能。We made unit test runner performance enhancements.
  • 简化了 npm 包安装程序 UI。We simplified the npm package installer UI.

NuGet NuGet

  • 我们对 TFM 添加了以下支持: netcoreapp2.0netstandard2.0TizenWe have added support for the following TFMs - netcoreapp2.0, netstandard2.0, and Tizen.
  • 我们已将 NuGet 警告和错误与 MSBuild 进行集成,因此可以使用现有 MSBuild 属性禁止显示某些警告或将这些警告提升为错误。We have integrated NuGet warnings and errors with MSBuild so you can use existing MSBuild properties to suppress certain warnings or elevate them to errors.
  • 添加了对语义化版本控制 2.0.0 的支持。We have added support for Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.

若要深入了解这些新增功能和 Bug 修补程序完整列表,请参阅 NuGet 发行说明You can find more details about these improvements and the complete list of bug fixes in the NuGet release notes.

.NET Framework 4.7 .NET Framework 4.7

现在,Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3 将 .NET Framework 4.7 开发工具提供给所有受支持的平台(其中包括 4.7 运行时)。Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 now offers the .NET Framework 4.7 development tools to all supported platforms with the 4.7 runtime included. .NET Framework 4.7 提供多个新功能和改进,以及大量可靠性、稳定性、安全性和性能修复。The .NET Framework 4.7 offers several new features and improvements as well as numerous reliability, stability, security, and performance fixes.

可在这些文章中找到有关 .NET 4.7 的更多详细信息:You can find more details about .NET 4.7 in these articles:

容器开发工具Container Development Tools

现在,Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3 支持跨使用 Windows 容器的现有 .NET Framework 应用、使用 Windows 的 .NET Core 和 Linux 支持的容器开发范围。Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 now supports the breadth of container development across existing .NET Framework apps with Windows Containers, to .NET Core with Windows, and Linux Support. 最近的改进包括对运行 Windows Nano Server 的容器中的 .NET Core 应用程序的支持,以及对容器中 .NET Framework 应用程序的调试改进。Recent additions include support for your .NET Core applications in containers running Windows Nano Server, as well as debugging improvements for .NET Framework applications in containers.

已将相关事件的群集添加到 Application Insights 搜索工具的搜索查询结果中。We added clusters of related events to the search query results in the Application Insights Search tool. 这些群集可以帮助用户发现应用程序行为令人意外的模式,例如来自一个国家/地区、版本或用户的大量异常。These clusters can help you discover surprising patterns in your application's behavior, like a large volume of exceptions coming from a single country, version, or user.

SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)

Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3 现在附带了 SQL Server Data Tools,该工具完全支持在 macOS 中的 Windows、Linux 和 Docker 上运行的 SQL Server 2017Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 now ships with SQL Server Data Tools that fully supports SQL Server 2017 running on Windows, Linux and Docker in macOS. SSDT 现在支持 Azure 上所有版本的 SQL Server、SQLDB 和 DW。SSDT now supports all versions of SQL Server, SQLDB and DW on Azure.

客户报告最多的问题的修复:Fixes for top customer reported issues:

  • 我们添加了“忽略列顺序”选项,可以阻止因列顺序变化而发生的不必要的表数据移动。We added Ignore Column Order option to prevent unnecessary table data movement due to a column order change.
  • 修复了 ESENT 生成错误,并提高了 Visual Studio 2017 中数据库项目生成的稳定性和性能。We fixed ESENT build error and increased the database project build stability and performance in Visual Studio 2017.
  • 解决了许多客户报告最多的问题。We addressed many more customer reported issues. 有关已修复问题的详细信息,请参阅 SSDT 更改日志See SSDT changelog for more details of fixed issues.

Redgate 数据工具 Redgate Data Tools

所有 Redgate 数据工具All Redgate Data Tools

删除了首次使用 Redgate Data Tools 时出现的简介对话框。We removed the introduction dialog that appeared upon first use of Redgate Data Tools.

Redgate SQL PromptRedgate SQL Prompt

改进了格式设置。We made formatting improvements.

Redgate ReadyRollRedgate ReadyRoll

  • 对 ReadyRoll 打开项目窗口进行了重新设计。The ReadyRoll open project window has been redesigned.
  • 改进了项目属性的加载时间。We improved the loading time of Project Properties.
  • 将脚本状态小组件替换为了操作栏。We replaced the script status widget with an action bar.
  • 修复了 Azure 的连接问题。We fixed the connectivity problems with Azure.
  • 改进了 SQL Server 2016 的语法支持。We improved the syntax support for SQL Server 2016.


  • 我们改进了屏幕阅读器、键盘导航和高对比度的辅助功能。We improved accessibility in screen readers, keyboard navigation and high contrast.
  • 改进了本地化,非英语用户在 UI 中看到的英文文本更少了。We improved localization so that non-English users will see less English text in the UI.

R 工具R Tools

  • 改进了 IntelliSense 体验。The IntelliSense experience is improved.
  • 对阻止 ping 操作的计算机提供更好的 Azure 连接性You have better Azure connectivity to your machines that are blocking ping.
  • 执行远程服务安装时,不再需要具有服务管理权限。When you perform a remote services install, you are no longer required to have service management rights.
  • 改进了总体可访问性和本地化操作。We improved overall accessibility, and localization.

连接的服务中的 Microsoft Graph 提供程序Microsoft Graph Provider in Connected Services

在连接的服务中启用了对 Microsoft Graph API 的支持。We have enabled support for Microsoft Graph APIs in Connected Services. 简化了安装过程。We've made Installation easier. 打开“连接的服务”对话框即可访问和安装*(图 9)*。Just open the Connected Services dialog to access and install (Figure 9).

Install Microsoft Graph provider
(图 9)安装 Microsoft Graph 提供程序(Figure 9) Install Microsoft Graph provider

已知问题Known Issues

Visual Studio 2017 Known Issues查看 Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.3 中全部现有已知问题和可用解决办法。 See all existing known issues and available workarounds in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3.

我们一直坚持听取用户的反馈。We are fully committed to listening to your feedback. 若要查找最新问题、记录新问题和投票赞成现有问题,请访问开发人员社区站点。Visit the Developer Community site to find the latest issues, log new issues, and upvote existing issues.

Visual Studio 2017 发行说明历史记录Visual Studio 2017 Release Notes History

请参阅 Visual Studio 2017 发行说明历史记录页面。Please see the Visual Studio 2017 Release Notes History page.

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