Visual Studio 中 Office 解决方案的体系结构Architecture of Office solutions in Visual Studio

本部分中的主题提供有关使用 Visual Studio 中的 Office 开发人员工具创建的解决方案的工作原理的信息。The topics in this section provide information about how solutions created by using the Office developer tools in Visual Studio work.


有兴趣开发跨多个平台扩展 Office 体验的解决方案?Interested in developing solutions that extend the Office experience across multiple platforms? 查看新的 " Office 外接程序" 模型Check out the new Office Add-ins model. 与 VSTO 外接程序和解决方案相比,Office 外接程序的占用空间较小,可以使用几乎任何 web 编程技术(例如 HTML5、JavaScript、CSS3 和 XML)生成它们。Office Add-ins have a small footprint compared to VSTO Add-ins and solutions, and you can build them by using almost any web programming technology, such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and XML.

本节内容In this section

文档级自定义项的体系结构Architecture of document-level customizations

介绍文档级自定义项如何工作,以及开发人员和最终用户如何以不同的方式看待它们。Describes how document-level customizations work, and how they are perceived differently by the developer and the end user.

VSTO 外接程序的体系结构Architecture of VSTO Add-ins

描述 VSTO 外接程序的组件以及应用程序加载这些组件的方式。Describes the components of VSTO Add-ins, and how they are loaded by applications.

Visual Studio Tools for Office 运行时概述Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime overview

介绍用于 Office 解决方案的运行时的不同版本。Describes the different versions of the runtime that is used for Office solutions.

VSTO 外接程序的注册表项Registry entries for VSTO Add-ins

描述最终用户计算机上发现和加载 VSTO 外接程序所需的注册表项。Describes the registry keys that are required on end-user computers to discover and load VSTO Add-ins.

自定义文档属性概述Custom document properties overview

说明自定义文档属性在文档级自定义项中的工作方式。Explains how the custom document properties work in document-level customizations.

Office 解决方案开发概述(VSTO)Office solutions development overview (VSTO)

介绍将 Microsoft Office 用作开发商业解决方案的平台。Provides an introduction to using Microsoft Office as a platform for developing business solutions.

Visual Studio (中的 Office 开发入门)Get started (Office development in Visual Studio)

提供一些链接,这些链接指向有关配置开发计算机以创建 Office 解决方案、如何开始创建 Office 解决方案以及自 Visual Studio 中的 Office 开发人员工具的早期版本以来的更改内容的信息。Provides links to information about configuring a development computer to create Office solutions, how to begin creating solutions, and what has changed since the earlier versions of the Office developer tools in Visual Studio.

设计和创建 Office 解决方案Design and create Office solutions

提供有关创建 Office 解决方案的信息的链接。Provides links to information about creating Office solutions.

Visual Studio (中的常规参考 Office 开发)General reference (Office development in Visual Studio)

提供有关 Office 项目中用户界面元素、Office 项目的应用程序和部署清单、 Visual Studio Tools for Office RuntimeVisual Studio Tools for Office runtime中的 API 的信息的链接。Provides links to information about user interface elements in Office projects, application and deployment manifests for Office projects, and APIs in the Visual Studio Tools for Office RuntimeVisual Studio Tools for Office runtime.