自定义文档的更改历史记录Change history for customization docs

下表记录了自 Windows 10 版本1607发行以来,Windows 10 合作伙伴文档的 " 自定义 " 部分中所做的重大更改。The following tables record the major changes that were made in the Customize section of the Windows 10 partner documentation since Windows 10, version 1607 was released.

2018年4月30日April 30, 2018

本部分中的更改与 Windows 10 版本1803的版本相关。Changes in this section relate to the release of Windows 10, version 1803.

主题Topic 说明Description
自定义 OOBECustomize OOBE 已更新为 Windows 10 版本1803的新 OOBE 流。Updated with the new OOBE flow for Windows 10, version 1803. 添加了有关云服务 OOBE 页面的信息。Added information about cloud service OOBE pages.
OOBE 屏幕详细信息OOBE screen details 已在 Windows 10 版本1803:在 Windows 10 版本中引入的两个新的 OOBE 屏幕上进行了详细说明: OOBE 的 Office 设置 部分中的 "新的付款信息" 屏幕和 Oobe 的 帐户设置 部分中的 "本地帐户安全问题" 屏幕。Updated with details on two new OOBE screens that introduced in Windows 10, version 1803: the new payment information screen in the Office Setup portion of OOBE, and the local account security questions screen in the Account setup portion of OOBE.
自定义“开始”屏幕布局Customize the Start layout 已更新为反映开始布局中的 Microsoft 磁贴套件的新自定义选项,在 Windows 10 版本1803中引入。Updated to reflect new customization options for the Microsoft suite of tiles in the Start layout, introduced in Windows 10, version 1803. 经过更新,以反映在 region 预安装应用时使用 DISM 中的参数时,不再需要将应用固定到 "开始" 布局以保持安装在设备上。Updated to reflect that apps no longer need to be pinned to the Start layout to remain installed on the device, as long as the region parameter in DISM is used when preinstalling the apps.
自定义 SIM 卡槽名称Customize SIM card slot names 新建。New. 描述如何自定义设备上 SIM 卡槽的名称,以更轻松地区分它们。Describes how you can customize the names of SIM card slots on the device to more easily differentiate between them.
Shell 启动程序Shell Launcher 经过更新以反映在 Windows 10 版本1803中,你可以使用分配的访问 CSP 配置 Shell 启动器。Updated to reflect that in Windows 10, version 1803, you can configure Shell Launcher using the Assigned Access CSP.
电源控制Power controls 电源控制包括用于控制系统电源和行为的设置。Power controls include settings that control the system's power and behavior. 在 Windows 10 版本1803中,已将新的设置添加到电源控制: EnableInputSuppressionIn Windows 10, version 1803, a new setting has been added to Power controls: EnableInputSuppression.
更改了 Windows 10 版本1803的答案文件设置Changed answer file settings for Windows 10, version 1803 了解最新版本的 Windows 中添加、弃用和删除的无人参与设置。Learn about the Unattend settings that have been added, deprecated, and removed in the most recent version of Windows.

2018 年 1 月January 2018

主题Topic 说明Description
OEM 注册页OEM registration pages 更新。Updated. 新的屏幕截图和 XML 示例,阐述 Oobe.xml 元素与注册页字段的关系,并说明如何收集加密的客户数据。New screenshots and XML sample, clarifications on how the Oobe.xml elements relate to registration page fields, clarifications on collecting encrypted customer data.

2017 年 12 月December 2017

主题Topic 说明Description
在 OOBE 期间进行 Windows 更新Windows updates during OOBE 新建。New. 描述在用户的全新体验期间,如何下载关键和非关键 Windows 和驱动程序更新。Describes how both critical and non-critical Windows and driver updates are downloaded during a user's Out of Box Experience.
独占应用Exclusive apps 新建。New. 有关 Oem 如何与软件开发人员合作,以基于注册表中设置的 OEM Id 以独占方式显示的应用程序面向 OEM 设备的指导。Guidance on how OEMs can work with software developers to target OEM devices for apps to appear exclusively on, based on the OEM IDs set in the registry.
恢复多个Hibernate Once Resume Many 已进行了更新,请注意, (现在可以在 Windows 10 版本1709中开始使用的 UEFI 设备上使用) 统一写入筛选器的功能。Updated to note that HORM (a feature of Unified Write Filter) can now be used on UEFI devices starting in Windows 10, version 1709.

2017 年 11 月November 2017

主题Topic 说明Description
自定义 OOBECustomize OOBE 已更新为在 OOBE 期间设置默认卷级别的建议。Updated with recommendation for setting the default volume level during OOBE.
在 OOBE 期间将用户连接到网络Connect users to the network during OOBE 更新了有关在 OOBE 期间如何使用手机网络和 Wi-Fi 连接的说明,以及在 OOBE 期间下载的更新类型。Updated with clarifications on how Cellular and Wi-Fi connections are used during OOBE, and the types of updates that download during OOBE.
键盘筛选器Keyboard Filter 已更新,请注意,在远程桌面会话中不支持键盘筛选器。Updated to note that Keyboard Filter is not supported in a remote desktop session.
无人参与设置: FirewallGroupsUnattend Setting: FirewallGroups 更新了有关如何使用 PowerShell 获取正确 FirewallGroup-Group 值的指南。Updated with guidance on how to obtain the correct FirewallGroup-Group value using PowerShell.

2017 年 10 月 17 日October 17, 2017

本部分中的更改与 Windows 10 版本1709的版本相关。Changes in this section relate to the release of Windows 10, version 1709.

主题Topic 说明Description
自定义获取帮助应用Customize the Get Help app 新建。New. 了解如何将您的支持应用程序或网站添加到窗口的自助服务获取帮助应用程序中,以便向客户提供易于寻找的方式。Learn how to add your support app or website to Window's self-service Get Help app, to provide customers with an easy-to-find way to reach out.
自定义 Windows 性能增强滑块Customize the Windows performance power slider 新建。New. "Windows 性能" 功能滑块使客户能够以更长的电池寿命提高系统性能。The Windows performance power slider enables customers to trade performance of their system for longer battery life. 你可以配置默认滑块模式,以及在后台运行的电源设置。You can configure the default slider mode, and the power settings engaged behind the scenes.
自定义 SAR 映射表Customize a SAR mapping table 新建。New. 为注册表中的移动宽带调制解调器配置并存储特定的吸收率 (SAR) 表。Configure and store a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) table for mobile broadband modems in the registry.
自定义“开始”屏幕布局Customize the Start layout 新建。New. 自定义开始布局的大小,并向其添加自己的磁贴。Customize the size of the start layout, and add your own tiles to it.
创建展台体验Create a Kiosk Experience 更新了有关提供多应用展台体验的指导。Updated with guidance on providing a multi-app kiosk experience. 此功能是 Windows 10 版本1709中的新增功能。This functionality is new in Windows 10 version 1709.
自适应休眠Adaptive hibernate 更新。Updated. 在 Windows 10 版本1709中,用户使用预测不再触发休眠。In Windows 10 version 1709, user usage prediction no longer triggers Hibernate. 还更新为包括休眠触发器的默认值。Also updated to include default values of hibernate triggers.
预定义组合键Predefined key combinations 更新了 Windows 10 1709 版中引入的键盘快捷方式更改。Updated with keyboard shortcut changes introduced in Windows 10 version 1709.
OOBE.xmlOOBE.xml 更新。Updated. 在 Windows 10 版本1709中, timezone 现在可在 OOBE.xml 中设置In Windows 10 version 1709, timezone is now available to set in OOBE.xml
更改了 Windows 10 版本1709的答案文件设置Changed answer file settings for Windows 10 version 1709 了解最新版本的 Windows 中添加、弃用和删除的无人参与设置。Learn about the Unattend settings that have been added, deprecated, and removed in the most recent version of Windows.

2017年9月27日September 27, 2017

主题Topic 说明Description
自定义全新体验Customize the Out of Box Experience 新建。New. 有关如何 (OOBE) 自定义全新体验的元素的指导,例如设置默认值、添加注册屏幕以及提供对未配对鼠标和键盘的支持。Guidance on how to customize elements of the Out of Box Experience (OOBE), such as setting default values, adding registration screens, and providing support for unpaired mice and keyboards.

2017 年 3 月 24 日March 24, 2017

新的或更新的主题New or updated topic 说明Description


新建。New. 指定是否在 Windows 安装过程中清除受信任的平台模块 (TPM) 。Specifies whether to clear the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) during Windows setup. 清除 TPM 可防止以前版本中的问题,如果 TPM 设置不当,则会使某些 Windows 功能无法正常工作。Clearing the TPM prevents an issue in earlier versions that kept some Windows features from working if the TPM was incorrectly set.


新建。New. 指定是否在 "笔和 Windows Ink 设置" 页中隐藏指向高级设置应用程序的链接。Specifies whether to hide the link to an advanced settings app in the Pen and Windows Ink Settings page.

适用于 Windows 10 移动版的 Preinstallable 应用Preinstallable apps for Windows 10 Mobile

更新。Updated. 使用 imggen 生成移动映像,因为 ICD 不再包括对映像创建的支持。Uses imggen.cmd to build the mobile image because ICD no longer includes support for image creation.

2017 年 3 月 15 日March 15, 2017

新的或更新的主题New or updated topic 说明Description

自定义国家/地区和操作员设置资产Customize the Country and Operator Settings Asset

新建。New. 在启用了 COSA 的基于 Windows 的设备中插入 SIM 后,预配框架将通过在 COSA 中搜索匹配的配置文件和 APN 来尝试建立手机网络连接。When a SIM is inserted in a COSA-enabled Windows-based device, the provisioning framework attempts to establish a cellular connection by searching for the matching profile and APN in COSA.

2016年10月6日October 6, 2016

新的或更新的主题New or updated topic 说明Description

自定义任务栏Customize the taskbar

新建。New. 从 Windows 10 版本1607开始,你可以通过添加任务栏布局修改文件(例如 TaskbarLayoutModification.xml)将多达三个附加应用固定到任务栏。Starting in Windows 10, version 1607, you can pin up to three additional apps to the taskbar by adding a taskbar layout modification file, for example, TaskbarLayoutModification.xml. 可以指定基于 SKU、设备区域设置或区域的不同任务栏配置。You can specify different taskbar configurations based on SKU, device locale, or region.

设置暗色模式Set dark mode

新建。New. Windows 10,build 1607 为最终用户提供了一个新的个性化设置,让他们可以表达首选项,无论是查看支持处于暗色模式还是浅模式下的设置的应用程序。Windows 10, build 1607 exposes a new personalization setting for end users, allowing them to express preference whether to see applications which support the setting in a dark or light mode.