启用中国 CTA 策略。Enables the China CTA policy.

CTA 是规定电信产品包括移动设备的证书和审批过程。CTA is the certification and approval process that regulates telecommunications products including mobile devices. SIM 卡的移动设备必须具有在中国发布的 CTA 证书。Mobile devices with SIM cards must have CTA certificates to ship in China.


指定一个字符串。Specify a string. 对于中国区,设置为"中文"的值。For China, set the value to "zh".

父层次结构Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-DeviceAccess | SetRegionSpecificPrivacyAccessPolicyMicrosoft-Windows-DeviceAccess | SetRegionSpecificPrivacyAccessPolicy

有效配置阶段Valid Configuration Passes


适用于Applies To

Windows 10 桌面版 (主页、 专业版、 企业版和教育版)Windows 10 for desktop editions (Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education)

Windows 版本和体系结构,该组件支持的列表,请参阅Microsoft Windows DeviceAccessFor a list of the Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-DeviceAccess.