DiagCpl 模块管理 " 疑难解答 " 控制面板中的 " 其他信息 " 页上的 " 联机支持 " 图标的设置。The Microsoft-Windows-DiagCpl module manages settings for the Online Support icon in the Additional Information page located in the Troubleshooting Control Panel.

当用户遇到有关其计算机的问题时,Windows 提供了一个路径以通过 故障排除 控制面板解决问题。When users experience problems with their computers, Windows offers a path to resolve the issues through the Troubleshooting Control Panel. 如果 " 故障排除 " 控制面板没有提供满意的解决方案,则用户可以选择 " 浏览其他选项 "。If the Troubleshooting Control Panel does not offer a satisfactory solution, users can choose Explore additional options. 这将打开 "控制面板 疑难解答 " 的 " 其他信息 " 页。This opens the Additional Information page of Troubleshooting Control Panel. 此页提供了许多选项。This page offers a number of options. 其中一项是 在线支持One of these is Online Support. 默认情况下,此链接将打开 "帮助和支持" 中的 " 升级 " 页面。By default, this link opens the Escalation page in Help and Support.

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设置Setting 说明Description
说明Description 指定 联机支持 图标在图标标题下显示的自定义文本。Specifies customized text to display under the icon title by the Online Support icon.
图标Icon 指定 联机支持 图标的图标的路径和文件名。Specifies the path and file name of the icon for the Online Support icon.
链接Link 指定 联机支持 图标的 GUID。Specifies a GUID of the Online Support icon.
标题Title 指定在 联机支持 图标旁边显示的标题。Specifies the title to display next to the Online Support icon.

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若要确定某个组件是否适用于你在构建的映像,请将你的映像加载到 Windows SIM 中并搜索组件或设置名称。To determine whether a component applies to the image you’re building, load your image into Windows SIM and search for the component or setting name. 有关如何查看组件和设置的信息,请参阅 在答案文件中配置组件和设置For information on how to view components and settings, see Configure Components and Settings in an Answer File.