包含可用于将映射到 shell 退出操作从自定义外壳程序退出代码的设置。Contains the settings you can use to map an exit code from a custom shell to a shell exit action.

子元素Child elements

设置Setting 描述Description
操作Action 指定是否添加、 修改或从列表中删除自定义返回代码配置。Specifies whether to add, modify, or remove the custom return code configuration from the list.
ReturnCodeReturnCode 指定自定义的返回代码以将映射到所指示的命令行程序存在代码Specifies the custom return code to map to the indicated shell exist code

父层次结构Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-Embedded-ShellLauncher | UserSettings | User | CustomReturnCodeAction | CodeActionMicrosoft-Windows-Embedded-ShellLauncher | UserSettings | User | CustomReturnCodeAction | CodeAction

有效配置阶段Valid Configuration Passes


适用于Applies To

Windows 版本和体系结构,该组件支持的列表,请参阅Microsoft-Windows-嵌入-ShellLauncherFor a list of the Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-Embedded-ShellLauncher.