在 Windows 10 中,此设置和其他HelpAndSupport设置已弃用,因为它们不会影响该帮助组件将停用。In Windows 10, this setting and other HelpAndSupport settings are deprecated because the Help component that they impact is being retired. 仅适用于参考提供了本主题中的现有信息。Existing information in this topic is provided for reference only.

有关如何 Oem 可以包括他们的客户支持联系信息,请与支持应用程序或支持 Web 页中的详细信息,请参阅OEMInformationFor more information on how OEMs can include their customer support contact information in the Contact Support App or Support Web page, see OEMInformation.

SearchContent 指定是否为原始设备制造商 (OEM) 或组织已提供脱机帮助内容的帮助和支持必须在搜索结果中返回。SearchContent specifies whether the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or organization has provided offline Help content that Help and Support must return in search results.

当最终用户可以执行的搜索结果中帮助和支持,OEM 的 Windows 搜索脱机帮助内容。When an end user performs a search in Help and Support, Windows searches for the OEM's offline Help content.



当用户执行的搜索结果中帮助和支持,Windows 搜索匹配的 OEM 提供的脱机帮助文件中的帮助内容。When a user performs a search in Help and Support, Windows searches for matching Help content in offline Help files that the OEM provides.

注意 Note

若要显示结果,则还必须设置这两个 Microsoft-Windows-HelpAndSupport /HelpAndSupport/制造商值设为true和 Microsoft-Windows-命令行程序的安装程序 /OEMInformation / HelpCustomized值设为trueFor the results to appear, you must also set both the Microsoft-Windows-HelpAndSupport/HelpAndSupport/Manufacturer value to true and the Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup/OEMInformation/HelpCustomized value to true.


当用户执行的搜索结果中帮助和支持,仅在数据中的帮助内容的 Windows 搜索存储的 Windows 帮助文件。When a user performs a search in Help and Support, Windows searches for Help content only in the data store for Windows Help files.

这是默认值。This is the default value.

有效配置阶段Valid Configuration Passes



父层次结构Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-HelpAndSupport | HelpAndSupport | SearchContentMicrosoft-Windows-HelpAndSupport | HelpAndSupport | SearchContent

适用于Applies To

Windows 版本和体系结构,该组件支持的列表,请参阅Microsoft Windows HelpAndSupportFor a list of the Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-HelpAndSupport.

XML 示例XML Example

下面的示例演示如何配置 Windows 以执行帮助和支持从 Windows 和 OEM 或组织提供了在计算机处于脱机状态时的脱机帮助文件搜索。The following example shows how to configure Windows to perform Help and Support searches from both Windows and offline Help files that the OEM or organization provides when the computer is offline.