UILanguageFallback (microsoft-UILanguageFallback) UILanguageFallback (microsoft-windows-international-core-uilanguagefallback)

UILanguageFallback 指定 (UI) (") " 的默认系统用户界面未本地化的资源所使用的语言。UILanguageFallback specifies the language that is used for resources that are not localized for the default system user interface (UI) (the UILanguage setting).

此设置由 Windows 安装程序和 Windows 部署服务使用。This setting is used by Windows Setup and Windows Deployment Services.

如果资源未本地化为部分本地化语言,则使用回退语言。A fallback language is used when resources are not localized for a partially localized language. 例如,阿拉伯语是部分本地化的 lOFor example, Arabic is a partially localized lO

语言.language. 只有80% 的 Windows 资源已本地化为阿拉伯语。Only 80% of the Windows resources are localized into Arabic. 阿拉伯语语言包的可能的备用语言为其基本语言(英语和法语)。The possible fallback languages for the Arabic language pack are its base languages, English and French. 有关详细信息,请参阅 可用语言包 中的 "语言包类型" 列。See the “Language pack type” column in Available Language Packs for details.

仅当 UILanguage 指定的语言未完全本地化并且具有多个备用语言时,才需要指定此设置。You only need to specify this setting if the language that UILanguage specifies is not fully localized and has more than one fallback language. 在所有其他情况下,将忽略此设置。In all other cases, this setting will be ignored.



指定尚未本地化为系统首选语言的资源的 UI 语言。Specifies the language of the UI for resources that have not been localized into the system-preferred language.

Language_fallback字符串基于 RFC 3066 的语言标记约定。The Language_fallback string is based on the language-tagging conventions of RFC 3066. 使用模式 语言-区域 ,其中 language 是语言代码,而 区域 是国家或地区标识符 (例如, en-usfres) 。The pattern language-region is used, where language is a language code and region is a country or region identifier (for example, en-US, fr-FR, or es-ES).

此值不区分大小写。This value is not case-sensitive.

有关支持的语言、区域设置和标识符的列表,请参阅 可用的语言包For a list of supported languages, locales, and identifiers, see Available Language Packs.

该字符串类型支持空元素。This string type supports empty elements.

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有关此组件支持的 Windows 版本和体系结构的列表,请参阅 Microsoft-Windows-国际核心For the list of the Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-International-Core.

XML 示例XML Example

下面的示例演示如何将回退语言设置为美国英语 (美国) 。The following example shows how to set the fallback language to US English (United States).