UWF _ 覆盖。 GetOverlayFilesUWF_Overlay.GetOverlayFiles

返回在 (UWF) 覆盖的统一写入筛选器中缓存的卷的文件列表。Returns a list of files of a volume that were cached in the Unified Write Filter (UWF) overlay.


UInt32 GetOverlayFiles(
    [in] string Volume,
    [out, EmbeddedInstance("UWF_OverlayFile")] string OverlayFiles[]


指定驱动器号或卷名的字符串。Volume A string that specifies the drive letter or volume name.

OverlayFiles 作为字符串嵌入的 UWF _ OverlayFiles 对象数组。OverlayFiles An array of UWF_OverlayFiles objects embedded as strings.

返回值Return Value

返回一个 HRESULT 值,该值指示 wmi 状态wmi 错误Returns an HRESULT value that indicates WMI status or a WMI error.


必须使用管理员帐户才能访问此方法。You must use an administrator account to access this method.

GetOverlayFiles 方法旨在用作诊断工具。The GetOverlayFiles method is intended to be used as a diagnostic tool.

请不要根据此方法的输出来决定要提交的内容。Do not base decisions about what to commit based on this method’s output.

应注意以下限制:You should be aware of the following limitations:

  • 只有 NTFS 文件系统支持此方法。This method is only supported on the NTFS file system.
  • 此方法需要大量的可用系统内存,才能成功地 (线性关系,以覆盖使用情况) 。This method requires a significant amount of free system memory to succeed (in a linear relationship to overlay usage). 如果没有足够的可用内存来完成调用,则方法调用将失败。The method call fails when there is insufficient memory available to complete the call.
  • 此方法需要很长时间才能完成指数关系中的 (以覆盖使用情况) 。This method requires significant time to complete (in an exponential relationship to overlay usage).
  • 此方法可能会显示受看似无关的操作对注册表和文件排除项和提交的影响的文件。This method may show files that are affected by seemingly unrelated operations to both registry and file exclusions and commits.

使用 GetOverlayFiles 方法时,还应注意以下事项:You should also be aware of the following items when you use the GetOverlayFiles method:

  • 用命令提交的文件 uwfmgr.exe file commit 也包含在覆盖文件列表中。Files that were committed with the uwfmgr.exe file commit command are also contained in the overlay files list.
  • 已排除的文件可能包含在覆盖文件列表中。Excluded files may be contained in the overlay files list.
  • 如果文件小于群集大小 (例如,在大多数情况下,4 KB) 将不会列出,即使它们缓存在覆盖区中也是如此。Files that are smaller than the cluster size (for example, 4 KB in most cases) will not be listed even if they are cached in overlay.
  • 排除的目录、排除的文件或排除的注册表项的更改和删除项会添加到覆盖使用。Changes and deletions in excluded directories, excluded files, or excluded registry items add to overlay usage.
  • 文件和注册表提交添加到覆盖使用量。File and registry commits add to overlay usage.


Windows 版本Windows Edition 支持Supported
Windows 10 家庭版Windows 10 Home No
Windows 10 专业版Windows 10 Pro No
Windows 10 企业版Windows 10 Enterprise Yes
Windows 10 教育版Windows 10 Education Yes

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