Windows 硬件开发人员中心仪表板Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard

Windows 硬件开发人员中心仪表板使你可以提交硬件进行认证、进行代码签名以及发布驱动程序到 Windows 更新。The Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard allows you to submit hardware for certification, and code sign and publish your drivers to Windows Update. 现在还可以使用发货标签,轻松地与你的业务合作伙伴协作开发驱动程序。You can also now use shipping labels to easily collaborate on driver development with your business partners.

若要开始使用,请观看我们的入门视频系列 以详细了解新的仪表板。To get started watch our introductory video series to learn more about the new dashboard. 有关注册和使用,请参阅硬件计划入门See Get started with the Hardware Program for registering and using.

Windows 硬件开发人员中心仪表板中的新增功能What's new in the Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard

Windows 硬件开发人员中心仪表板替代硬件开发人员中心 (Sysdev) 完成大多数硬件任务。The Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard replaces the Hardware Dev Center (Sysdev) for most hardware tasks. 该仪表板使你可以既快又轻松地创建和管理提交,并改善了以下方面的体验:The dashboard allows you to create and manage your submissions quickly and easily, with improved experiences for:

  • HCK/HLK 设备认证提交HCK/HLK device certification submissions
  • 发布到 Windows 更新。Publishing to Windows Update. 现在可以直接通过仪表板以推广形式(关键更新和/或动态更新)创建发货标签。You can now create shipping labels with promotions (critical and/or dynamic update) directly from the dashboard.
  • 与其他公司共享驱动程序(转售)Sharing your driver with another company (Resell)
  • 初次认证 (DUA) 后自定义驱动程序Customizing your driver after initial certification (DUA)
  • 管理用户和法律协议Managing your users and legal agreements
  • 系统/硬件认证提交System/Hardware certification submissions

当前不受支持的任务Currently unsupported tasks

若要完成以下任务,必须继续使用硬件开发人员中心 (Sysdev)You must continue to use Hardware Dev Center (Sysdev) to complete the following tasks.


截至 2016 年 11 月 10 日,将不再提供可使用的仪表板提交 REST API。The dashboard submission REST APIs will no longer be available for use as of November 10th, 2016. 正在考虑为将来版本提供适用于驱动程序提交的 API。APIs for driver submissions are under consideration for a future release.

转换时间表Transition timeframes

该转换时间表中包含了这些功能将在 Windows 硬件开发人员中心仪表板中可用的估计时间。This transition timeframe table contains estimates of when features will be available in the Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard. 在该功能转换时,功能特定的法律和管理任务也会转换。Feature specific legal and administration tasks will transition when the feature transitions.

任务Task 转换时间表Transition timeframe
WLK 设备认证提交WLK device certification submissions 2017 年底End of 2017
证明签名Attestation signing 2016 年 1 月January 2016
硬件认证提交Hardware certification submissions 2017 年底End of 2017
UEFI 和 LSAUEFI and LSA 2018 年初Early 2018
设备元数据Device metadata 原定To be scheduled
Bug 管理Bug management 原定To be scheduled
远程调试 (WRD)Remote debugging (WRD) 原定To be scheduled
Win32 应用认证Win32 app certification 原定To be scheduled

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