Bug 管理Bug Management

使用此功能可提交 Microsoft® 的 Bug,并接收 Microsoft 在开发新版本 Windows® 时对你的设备发布的 Bug。Use this feature to submit bugs against Microsoft®, and receive bugs posted by Microsoft against your devices during the development of new versions of Windows®.

要使用 Bug 管理功能,你和你的公司必须在仪表板注册,并且你必须有权管理这些 Bug。To use the bug management feature, you and your company must be registered with the Dashboard, and you must have permissions to manage bugs. 仅当你的公司已通过 Windows 生态系统上市计划上市时,才能使用此功能。This feature is only available if your company has been on-boarded through the Windows ecosystem on-boarding program.

你可以从 Windows 开发人员中心或硬件开发人员中心登录仪表板。You can sign in to the Dashboard from either the Windows Dev Center or the Hardware Dev Center. 使用与仪表板关联的 Microsoft 帐户。Use the Microsoft account associated with the Dashboard. 仪表板将代替 Winqual(Windows 质量联机服务)。The Dashboard replaces Winqual (Windows Quality Online Services).

有关在仪表板中注册公司、登录和更新权限的详细信息,请参阅以下主题:For more information about registering your company, signing in, and updating your permissions for the Dashboard, see the following topics:

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