创建新硬件提交Create a new hardware submission

若要为 Windows 10 的 Windows 硬件兼容性计划(或适用于以前操作系统的单独认证计划)准备硬件,必须创建并提交 .hlkx 文件(适用于 Windows 10)或 .hckx 文件(适用于以前操作系统)。To prepare your hardware for the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program for Windows 10 (or the separate certification program for previous operating systems), you must create and submit an .hlkx file (for Windows 10) or .hckx file (for previous operating systems). 此文件使用 Windows HLK Studio(或适用于以前操作系统的 Windows HCK Studio)进行创建,它包含你的产品的所有测试结果、驱动程序和符号。This file is created using the Windows HLK Studio (or Windows HCK Studio, for previous operating systems) and contains all of the test results, drivers, and symbols for your product. 提交此文件后,将能够通过仪表板查看你的测试结果,评估测试的任何驱动程序并返回 Microsoft 进行数字签名的目录文件。Submitting this file allows the dashboard to review your test results, evaluate any drivers tested, and return Microsoft digitally signed catalog files.

创建提交文件To create a submission file

有关创建 .hlkx 文件并对其进行数字签名的信息,请参阅 Windows HLK 入门指南For information about creating and digitally signing an .hlkx file, see the Windows HLK Getting Started Guide.

有关创建 .hckx 文件并对其进行数字签名的信息,请参阅 Windows HCK 入门指南For information about creating and digitally signing an .hckx file, see the Windows HCK Getting Started Guide.

提交文件To submit a file

  1. 登录到 Windows 硬件开发人员中心仪表板,然后选择“创建新的驱动程序”*Sign in to the Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard, and then select *Create new driver. 这将加载提交创建向导。This loads the submission creation wizard.

  2. 在“程序包和签名属性”*部分,为你的驱动程序提交选择一个名称。In the *Packages and signing properties section, choose a name for your driver submission. 该名称可用于搜索和组织你的驱动程序提交。This name can be used to search for and organize your driver submissions. 注意:如果与其他公司共享你的驱动程序,他们会看到该名称。Note: If you share your driver with another company, they will see this name.

  3. 拖放或浏览到想要提交的 .hlkx/.hckx 文件。Either drag and drop, or browse to the .hlkx/.hckx file that you want to submit. 将开始上传该文件。The file will begin to upload. 显示驱动程序名称字段的屏幕截图

  4. 选择任何适用的其他认证(如果可用)。Select any applicable additional certifications if available. 该选项允许你指定哪些下层操作系统签名应包含在驱动程序中。This option allows you to specify which down-level operating system signatures should be included with your driver. 可用认证会因驱动程序提交程序包而有所不同,因此可能不会列出任何认证。Available certifications vary depending on your driver submission package, so there may not be any certifications listed.

  5. 选择“完成”*Select *Finalize. 除非文件上传完成,否则将无法选择“完成”*按钮。You will not be able to select the *Finalize button until your file upload is complete. 注意,单击完成后,无法更改签名属性和名称。Note: Your signature properties and name cannot be changed after you click Finalize.


  6. 在“认证”*部分,填写以下信息:In the *Certification section, complete the following information:

    字段Field 说明Description

    你的驱动程序是否通用?Is your driver Universal?

    指示你的驱动程序是否满足通用 Windows 平台要求。Indicate whether or not your driver meets the Universal Windows Platform requirements. 有关详细信息,请参阅通用 Windows 驱动程序入门For more information, see Getting Started with Universal Windows drivers.

    设备类型Device type

    指示你的设备是否是:Indicate if your device is:

    • 内部组件,如果你的设备属于系统的一部分并连接到电脑内。An internal component, if your device is part of a system and connects inside the PC.

    • 外部组件,如果你的设备是连接到电脑的外部设备(外设)。An external component, if your device is an external device (peripheral) that connects to a PC.

    • 两者,如果你的设备同时可以内部(在电脑内)和外部(外设)连接。Both, if your device can be connected internally (inside a PC) and externally (peripheral).

    设备元数据类别Device metadata category

    基于设备类别从默认图标列表中为你的设备选择图标。Select an icon for your device from a list of default icons based on your device category. 这确定哪个图标显示在“设备和打印机”中。This determines which icon appears in Devices and Printers. 如果你的设备不应出现,请选择"内部设备"。If your device should not appear, select "Internal device".

    有关使用 Windows Device Stage 提供丰富体验的信息,请参阅设备元数据For information about delivering a rich experience with Windows Device Stage, see Device Metadata.

    设备元数据型号 IDDevice metadata model ID

    这些 GUID 用于向传统 Sysdev 仪表板验证设备元数据提交。These GUIDs are used to validate your Device Metadata submissions to the legacy Sysdev dashboard. 如果提供,它们必须匹配设备元数据包中的型号 ID。If provided, they must match the model IDs in your device metadata package.

    公布日期Announcement date

    输入想要将你的产品包含在 WindowsServer 目录、Windows 认证产品列表和通用驱动程序列表中的日期。Enter the date when you want your product included on the Windows Server Catalog, the Windows Certified Product List, and the Universal Driver List.

    市场营销名称Marketing names

    输入提交的市场营销名称。Enter the marketing name(s) for your submission. 市场营销名称允许你为产品提供别名。Marketing names allow you to provide aliases for your product. 你可以提供多个所需名称。You can provide as many names as you want.


  7. 选择提交Select Submit.

  8. “分发”*部分用于将驱动程序发布到 Windows 更新。The *Distribution section is used to publish your driver to Windows Update. 有关如何使用分发部分的信息,请参阅使用发货标签管理驱动程序分发For information about how to use the Distribution section, see Manage driver distribution with shipping labels.

  9. 可以通过页面顶部的进度跟踪器监视提交的进度。You can monitor the progress of your submission with the progress tracker at the top of the page. 所有步骤都显示绿色打勾标记后,表示提交已完成,你的组织会在仪表板标头中收到通知。Once all steps show a green check, the submission is complete and your organization will receive a notification in the dashboard header.


  10. 查看结果。Review the results. 如果提交失败,请进行任何必要的更改,然后重新提交。If your submission failed, make any necessary changes and resubmit.

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