硬件仪表板常见问题Hardware dashboard FAQ

本文提供了有关 Windows 硬件开发人员中心仪表板的常见问题解答。This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard.

是否可以将多个证书与一个仪表板帐户关联在一起?Can I associate multiple certificates with a dashboard account?

一个组织可以将多个证书与其仪表板帐户关联在一起。One organization can associate multiple certificates with its dashboard account. 必须使用这些证书中的任何一个对提交进行签名。Your submissions must be signed with any one of those certificates.

对与组织关联的证书(EV 和标准证书)数量没有限制。There is no restriction on the number of certificates (both EV and Standard) associated with your organization.

需要签署哪些协议?What agreements need to be signed?

注册过程中可能会签署以下协议:The following agreements can be signed as part of the registration process.


所有注册都必须签署 Windows 硬件兼容性计划测试协议。Signing the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program Test Agreement is a requirement for all registrations. 其他所有协议都是可选的,除非你使用其他关联协议中所述的功能或资源。All other agreements are optional unless you are using features or assets in the other associated agreements.

  • Windows 硬件兼容性计划测试协议(2.0 版)Windows Hardware Compatibility Program Test Agreement (ver 2.0)

  • 硬件徽标许可协议(2017 版)Logo License Agreement for Hardware (ver 2017)

  • UEFI 附录UEFI Addendum

  • Windows 错误报告 (WER) 协议(1.3 版)Windows Error Reporting (WER) Agreement (ver 1.3)

如何添加其他用户或对公司中的用户授予其他角色?How do I add additional users or grant additional roles to users in my company?

有关详细信息,请参阅管理用户角色See Managing User Roles for more information.

管理提交Managing submissions

硬件认证提交处理时间为多久?What is the hardware certification submission processing time?

提交到仪表板的硬件将在五个工作日或更少时间内进行处理,具体取决于提交是否需要手动检查。All hardware submissions to the dashboard will be processed within five business days or less, depending on whether the submission requires manual review. 如果提交测试失败、没有应用有效筛选器或由于内部业务策略的原因,可能需要手动检查。Manual review may be required if your submission's tests fail, if it does not have a valid filter applied, or due to internal business policy.

在下载的已签名文件中,为何存在差异?Why do I see a difference in download signed files?

为了使 Windows 10 更加安全并且性能不受影响,所有二进制文件现在均要接收嵌入式签名。In order to make Windows 10 more secure without affecting performance, all binaries are now receiving embedded signatures. 这适用于认证的所有提交,而不仅限于 Windows 10 提交。This applies to all submissions for certification, not only Windows 10 submissions.

如果驱动程序在所有操作系统中均相同,如何获取单个 cat 文件How to get a single cat file if drivers are uniform for all operating systems

请借助程序包选项卡确保最终的程序包具有单个驱动程序文件夹,并且该驱动程序的属性包含你已测试过的所有操作系统。Make sure your final package has a single driver folder on the Package tab and the driver’s properties include all the operating systems you have tested. 有关详细信息,请参阅演练:如何获取由 Microsoft 签名的适用于多个版本的 Windows 的驱动程序For more information, see Walkthrough: How to get a driver signed by Microsoft for multiple versions of Windows.

无法将新的营销名称添加到已批准的提交I'm unable to add new marketing names to the approved submission

检查已设置的发布日期。Check the announcement date that has been set. 如果发布日期已过,将无法添加新的名称。If the announcement date has passed, you won't be able to add a new name.

  • 可共享 URL 包含三个由斜杠分隔的标识号,如下所示:A sharable URL contains three identification numbers separated by slashes as shown below: https://developer.microsoft.com/dashboard/hardware/driver/DownloadCertificationReport/SellerID/PrivateProductID/SubmissionID

  • URL 中使用的标识号及其位置如下所示:The identification numbers used in the URL, and their locations are as follows:

组件Component 描述Description
SellerIDSellerID 你的合作伙伴帐户的标识号。The identification number of your partner account. 可以在帐户管理页面上的帐户设置下,找到该标识号。This can be found on the account management page, under Account settings.
PrivateProductIDPrivateProductID 每次创建产品时生成的标识号。The identification number generated with each product creation. 位于产品的驱动程序详细信息页面。Located on the driver details page for your product. 请参阅仪表板 ID 定义以获取详细信息。See Dashboard ID definitions for more information.
SubmissionIDSubmissionID 指定给每个提交和提交更新的标识号。The idenfication number given to each submission and submission update. 位于产品的驱动程序详细信息页面。Located on the driver details page for your product. 请参阅仪表板 ID 定义以获取详细信息。See Dashboard ID definitions for more information.
  • 若要创建可共享链接,请将以上示例 URL 中的 SellerIDPrivateProductIDSubmissionID 替换为相应的标识号。To create a sharable link, replace SellerID, PrivateProductID, and SubmissionID in the example URL above with the appropriate identification numbers.
  • 无需事先获得授权或 Windows 硬件开发人员中心仪表板的访问权限,便可通过此 URL 访问并下载报告。This URL allows the report to be accessed and downloaded without prior authorization or access to the Windows Hardware Dev Center Dashboard.

解决提交上传错误Troubleshooting submission upload errors

驱动程序签名提交失败,带有错误“在 Cabinet 根处有文件”或者“在驱动程序目录 XYZ 中找到了“#No 个 .inf 文件”。My driver signing submission fails with the error “There are files at the root of the cabinet” or “#No .inf files found in driver directory/directories: XYZ”

失败是由 .cab 文件的结构错误导致。The failure is caused by an incorrect .cab file structure. .cab 结构是使用 .cab 文件的根文件夹中的驱动程序文件创建,而非将它们置于子文件夹中。The .cab structure was created with driver files in the root folder of the .cab file instead of having them in a subfolder. 有关如何为驱动程序签名提交创建正确的 .cab 文件的说明,请参阅对内核驱动程序进行证明签名以便公开发布See Attestation signing a kernel driver for public release for instructions on how to create a proper .cab file for your driver signing submission.

“似乎程序包已损坏或丢失了重要信息。"It looks like your package is corrupt or missing important information. 请确保使用最新版本的工具包,重新生成程序包,然后再试一次。Ensure you are using the latest version of the kit, regenerate your package, and try again. 如果仍遇到问题,请联系支持人员。”If you continue to experience the issue, contact Support."

如果仍遇到程序包提交问题,请与仪表板标头中所列的支持人员联系。If you continue to experience issues with your package submission, contact Support in the dashboard header.

“文件使用的是 Zip64(文件大小超过 4GB)”"File is using Zip64(4gb+file Size)"

当上传的存档文件类型为 .zip64 而不是 .zip 时,会导致发生该错误。This error is caused when the uploaded archive's filetype is .zip64 instead of .zip. 这由文件大小较大导致。This is caused by a large filesize. 若要修复该错误,请按照以下步骤操作重新打包提交。To fix this error, repackage the submission using the below steps.

  1. 将当前的 .hckx/hlkx 文件重命名为 .zip。Rename the current .hckx/hlkx file to .zip.
  2. 解压缩到某个文件夹。Extract to a folder.
  3. 打开该文件夹。Open the folder.
  4. 选择所有项目,然后右键单击并选择发送到压缩 zip 文件夹Select all items, then right-click and select Send to Compressed zip folder.
  5. 将新的 .zip 文件夹重命名为 .hckx/.hlkx。Rename the new .zip folder as .hckx/.hlkx.
  6. 上载新的 .hckx/.hlkx 文件。Upload the new .hckx/.hlkx file.

DUA 程序包错误显示“无法打开程序包”,带有错误“与包含此实例程序包管理器的版本 ( 不兼容”The DUA package error shows "Failed to open package" with the error “Not compatible with a version ( with this instance package manager”

  • 使用 HLK Studio 来打开下载的 DUA shell 程序包,并创建 DUA 提交。Use HLK studio to open the downloaded DUA shell package and to create DUA submission.

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