管理设备元数据体验Manage Device Metadata Experiences

在创建和提交设备元数据体验后,你可以通过仪表板查看或编辑这些体验。After you've created and submitted your device metadata experiences, you can review or edit them through the dashboard.

管理设备元数据体验Managing your device metadata experiences

管理体验页上,你可以添加、删除或提升(从预览到发布)选定体验中的设备元数据包。On the Manage experiences page, you can add, remove, or promote (from preview to release) a device metadata package in a selected experience. 你也可以将相同硬件 ID 或型号 ID 的包添加到同一体验(如果这些 ID 针对不同的区域设置)。You can also add packages for the same hardware IDs or model IDs into the same experience if the IDs are for different locales.

筛选设备元数据体验To filter your device metadata experiences

  1. 从硬件开发人员中心或 Windows 开发人员中心,使用 Microsoft 帐户登录到仪表板Sign in to the Dashboard from either the Hardware Dev Center or the Windows Dev Center by using a Microsoft account.

  2. 在窗口左侧,单击设备元数据,然后单击管理体验On the left side of the window, click Device metadata, and then click Manage experiences.

  3. 此时将显示你或你的公司创建的所有体验。All the experiences that you or your company created appear. 单击列标题可更改列表的顺序。Click the column headings to change the order of the list.

  4. 使用列表顶部的筛选器以仅显示你希望看到的体验。Use the filter at the top of the list to display only the experiences that you want to see. 输入以下一个或多个参数:Enter one or more of the following parameters:

    参数Parameter 描述Description

    体验名称Experience name

    从列表中,选择你要查看或更新的体验名称。From the list, select the name of the experience that you want to review or update.

    硬件 IDHardware ID(s)

    输入你要查看的硬件 ID,在输入每个 ID 后插入分号。Enter the hardware ID(s) that you want to review, inserting a semicolon after each entry. 这将显示包含所选硬件 ID 的体验。This displays the experiences that contain the selected hardware ID(s).

    设备类别Device category

    从列表中,选择你要查看的设备类别。From the list, select the device category that you want to review.

    型号 IDModel ID(s)

    输入你要查看的型号 ID,在输入每个 ID 后插入分号。Enter the model ID(s) that you want to review, inserting a semicolon after each entry. 这将显示包含所选型号 ID 的体验。This displays the experiences that contain the selected model ID(s).

打开并查看设备元数据体验的步骤To open and view your device metadata experience

  1. 单击体验以查看详细信息。Click an experience to view the details.

  2. 体验信息下查看信息,其中包括:Under Experience information, review the information, which includes:

    元素Element 描述Description

    体验类型Experience type

    体验中的包类型,包括以下各项的元数据:The type of packages in an experience, including metadata for:

    • 设备和打印机Devices and printers

    • Device stageDevice stage

    设备类别Device category

    体验中包的设备类别。The device category of the packages in the experience.

    型号 IDModel ID(s)

    体验的包中定义的型号 ID。The model IDs defined in the packages in the experience.

    硬件 IDHardware ID(s)

    体验的包中定义的硬件 ID。The hardware IDs defined in the packages in the experience.

    徽标提交 IDLogo submission ID(s)

    绑定到体验的提交 ID。The submission IDs bound to the experience.

  3. 元数据包下,展开各个程序包以查看详细信息。Under Metadata packages, expand an individual package to view more details. 还可以下载实时包或准备发布的包。You can also download a package that is live or ready to be published.

    如果元数据包有错误,它将显示在此处。If a metadata package has an error, it will be displayed here.

  4. 可通过单击以下列标题之一对列表进行排序:You can sort the list by clicking one of the following column headers:

    列标题Column header 描述Description


    体验中的包将根据它们的友好名称(如果已提供)或按照它们的文件名列出。The packages in the experience are listed according to their friendly name, if they have one, or by their file name.

    提交日期Submission date

    这将显示你提交每个包的日期。This shows the date when you submitted each individual package.


    如果包处于预览状态,尚未发布,则选中此复选框。This check box is selected if the package is in preview and hasn't been released.


    这将列出设计包所针对的国家/地区。This lists the country/region for which the package has been designed.


    “是”指示你已经指定为默认程序包的程序包。Yes indicates the package that you have designated as the default package.


    此值指示选定包的当前状态,它可以是以下值之一:This value indicates the current state of the selected package, and can be one of the following:

    • 挂起:已上载包,正在进行验证。Pending: The package has been uploaded and is being validated.

    • 待发布:包已被验证,正在等待发送到元数据服务器。To Be Published: The package has been validated and is waiting to be sent to the metadata servers. 你可以下载经过验证的包副本,它将在 24 小时后处于实时状态并提供给你的用户。You can download a validated copy of your package, and it will be live and available to your users within 24 hours.

    • 实时:包现在已可供你的用户下载。Live: The package is now available for your users to download.

    • 错误:在验证期间发现一个或多个错误。Error: One or more errors were discovered during validation. 展开该部分可获得详细信息。Expand the section for more details.

修改设备元数据体验的步骤To modify your device metadata experience

  1. 若要发布预览程序包,请选择该程序包,然后单击发布To release a preview package, select the package, and then click Release.

    用户最长可能需要等待 48 小时后才能下载发布的文件。It can take up to 48 hours for a released file to be available for users to download.

  2. 若要从体验中删除某个程序包,请选择该程序包,然后单击删除To remove a package from the experience, select the package, and then click Delete.

    你只能删除处于实时错误状态的程序包。You can only remove a package that is in the Live or Error state.

  3. 若要更新现有程序包,请选择该程序包、单击删除,然后创建并上载新程序包。To update an existing package, select the package, click Delete, and then create and upload a new package.

    有关创建新程序包的详细信息,请参阅设备元数据创作向导,此向导位于 Windows 驱动程序工具包中。For more information about creating a new package, see the Device Metadata Authoring Wizard, available in the Windows Driver Kit.

  4. 若要添加新程序包,请在添加更多元数据下,浏览要添加的一个或多个文件、创建友好名称(如果需要),然后单击提交To add a new package, under Add more metadata, browse for the file or files that you want to add, create a friendly name if you want, and then click Submit.

    你一共可以向体验中添加 50 个程序包。You can add a total of 50 packages to an experience.

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