Windows 错误报告:入门Windows Error Reporting: Getting Started

Windows 错误报告 (WER) 是从最终用户处捕获软件损坏和故障数据的一套 Windows 技术。Windows Error Reporting (WER) is a set of Windows technologies that capture software crash and failure data from end users. 分析此数据以创建与公司映射产品相关联的顶级用户模式(软件)和内核模式(操作系统)故障列表。This data is analyzed to create a list of top user-mode (software) and kernel-mode (operating system) failures associated with a company’s mapped products. 通过硬件开发人员中心硬件仪表板网站,软件和硬件供应商可以访问这些报告,并使用它们来分析、解决和应对这些故障。Through the Hardware Dev Center hardware dashboard website, software and hardware vendors can access these reports and use them to analyze, fix and respond to these failures. 此服务适用于所有产品,甚至适用于不符合 Microsoft 认证产品列表(尽管强烈建议将产品提交到 Windows 硬件兼容性计划)的产品。This service is available for all products, even those that do not qualify for the Microsoft Certified Products list—although we strongly recommend that you submit your products to the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program.

随着时间的推移,Microsoft 已找到存在于受影响 Windows 平台上的所有问题和收到的事件数量:Over time, Microsoft has found that across all the issues that exist on the affected Windows platforms and the number of incidents received:

  • 修复 20% 报告次数最多的错误可以解决 80% 的客户问题。Fixing 20 percent of the top-reported bugs can solve 80 percent of customer issues.

  • 解决 1% 的 Bug 可解决 50% 的客户问题。Addressing 1 percent of the bugs would address 50 percent of the customer issues.

若要访问 WER 报告服务以及硬件开发人员中心硬件仪表板,你需要标准代码签名证书。To access WER reporting service, as well as Hardware Dev Center hardware dashboard, you need a standard code signing certificate. 若要了解有关代码签名证书的详细信息,请参阅获取代码签名证书To learn more about code signing certificates, see Get a code signing certificate.

查看报告Viewing reports

具有硬件开发人员中心硬件仪表板帐户之后,可以通过登录来查看与公司映射产品相关联的顶级用户模式和内核模式的故障。Once you have a Hardware Dev Center hardware dashboard account, you can log in to view the top user-mode and kernel-mode failures associated with your company’s mapped products. 有关这些报告中可用选项的详细信息,请参阅浏览报告For more information about the options available in these reports, see Browse Reports.

创建响应Creating responses

在分析了特定用户模式或内核模式的故障并创建了修复或其他解决方案之后,可以创建响应以通过 Windows 操作中心传递给客户。After you’ve analyzed a specific user-mode or kernel-mode failure, and created a fix or other solution, you can then create a response to be delivered through Windows Action Center to your customers. 该响应送达后,遇到此问题的客户(包括过去遇到过此问题的客户)将收到解决方案。After this response is in place, customers who experience this problem (including those who experienced the problem in the past) will receive your solution.

通过利用 WER 反馈循环,可以向客户提供信息以帮助解决问题并降低公司的支持成本。By taking advantage of the WER feedback loop, you can provide information to your customers to help solve their problems and to reduce your company's support costs. 有关如何创建响应的详细信息,请参阅创建响应For more information about how to create responses, see Create Responses.

WER 资源WER resources

错误分类资源Error classification resources

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