Microsoft 公共符号服务器Microsoft public symbol server

服务器状态: MSDL 服务中断Server Status: MSDL Service Disruption
我们在所有区域收到了错误报告。We have received reports of errors in all regions. 客户可能无法解析公共符号。Customers may be unable to resolve public symbols. 团队正在积极调查此问题并努力提供解决方法。The team is actively investigating and working on a resolution.
请将任何已知问题报告给 windbgfb@microsoft.comPlease report any known issues to

Microsoft 符号服务器使 Windows 调试程序符号公开可用。The Microsoft symbol server makes Windows debugger symbols publicly available.

可通过以下方式直接引用符号路径中的公共符号服务器:You can refer directly to the public symbol server in your symbol path in the following manner:

set _NT_SYMBOL_PATH=srv*DownstreamStore*

DownstreamStore 必须在本地计算机或网络上指定一个将要用于缓存符号的目录。DownstreamStore must specify a directory on your local computer or network that will be used to cache symbols. 此下游存储保存调试程序已访问的符号;大多数从未访问过的符号保留在 Microsoft 的符号存储中。This downstream store holds symbols that the debugger has accessed; the vast majority of symbols that have never been accessed remain on the symbol store at Microsoft. 这样可以让下游存储保持相对较小的大小,使符号服务器可以快速运行,仅下载每个文件一次。This keeps your downstream store relatively small and allows the symbol server to work quickly, only downloading each file once.

为了避免键入这个长的符号路径,请使用 .symfix(设置符号存储路径) 命令。To avoid typing this long symbol path, use the .symfix (Set Symbol Store Path) command. 以下命令将公共符号存储追加到现有的符号路径:The following command appends the public symbol store to your existing symbol path:

.symfix+ C:\MySymbols

如果省略本地符号缓存位置,则会使用调试程序安装目录的 sym 子目录。If local symbol cache location is omitted, the sym subdirectory of the debugger installation directory will be used.

请使用 .sympath(设置符号存储路径) 命令显示完整的符号路径。Use the .sympath (Set Symbol Store Path) command to display the full symbol path. 以下示例显示了如何使用 symfix 来创建本地符号缓存,以及如何使用 Microsoft http 符号服务器。This example shows how to use symfix to create a local symbol cache and use the Microsoft http symbol server.

0: kd> .symfix c:\MyCache
0: kd> .sympath
Symbol search path is: srv*
Expanded Symbol search path is: cache*c:\MyCache;SRV*

若要详细了解如何处理符号,请参阅 Windows 调试程序的符号路径For more information about working with symbols, see the Symbol path for Windows debuggers.

符号文件压缩Symbol File Compression

Microsoft 符号服务器提供压缩版符号文件。The Microsoft Symbol Server provides compressed versions of the symbol files. 这些文件在文件扩展名的末尾有一条下划线,表示它们是压缩的。The files have an underscore at the end of the filename’s extension to indicate that they are compressed. 例如,ntdll.dll 的 PDB 以 ntdll.pd_ 形式提供。For example, the PDB for ntdll.dll is available as ntdll.pd_. SymProxy 在下载压缩文件时,会将其存储在本地文件系统中。When SymProxy downloads a compressed file, it will store the file decompressed in the local file system. 可以通过设置 DontUncompress 注册表项在 SymProxy 中禁用此行为。The DontUncompress registry key can be set to disable this behavior in SymProxy.

请参阅调试程序主题 SymStore,了解如何使用 SymStore.exe /compress 在符号服务器上存储自己的已压缩符号。Refer to the Debugger topic SymStore for information on using SymStore.exe /compress to store your own symbols compressed on your symbol server.