Windows 调试符号(WinDbg、KD、CDB、NTSD)Symbols for Windows debugging (WinDbg, KD, CDB, NTSD)

可以从公共符号服务器获取 Windows 调试符号(WinDbg、KD、CDB、NTSD)。Symbols for the Windows debuggers (WinDbg, KD, CDB, and NTSD) are available from a public symbol server.

本部分包括:This section includes:

符号简介Introduction to Symbols

访问调试符号Accessing Symbols for Debugging

调试器如何识别符号How the Debugger Recognizes Symbols

调试时的符号问题Symbol Problems While Debugging

这些主题说明什么是符号、如何在调试会话期间访问它们、如何控制调试器的符号选项和符号匹配,以及如何在调试期间对各种与符号相关的问题做出响应。These topics explain what symbols are, how to access them during a debugging session, how to control the debugger's symbol options and symbol matching, and how to respond to various symbol-related problems during debugging.

如果你只是想要配置调试器,使其能够为你自己的程序和 Windows 访问符号,你可能会发现,阅读简要介绍的主题符号路径使用符号服务器会更快地实现这一目的。If you simply want to configure your debugger to access symbols for your own programs and for Windows, you may find it quicker to read the less-detailed introductory topics Symbol Path and Using a Symbol Server.