Windows 驱动程序入门Getting Started with Windows Drivers

自 Windows 10 版本 2004 发布后的某个时间点起,在 Windows 中运行的驱动程序被归类为 Windows 驱动程序或 Windows 桌面驱动程序。Starting at some point after Windows 10, version 2004, drivers that run on Windows will be classified as either Windows Drivers or Windows Desktop Drivers.

Windows 驱动程序在所有 Window 10 变体中运行,其中包括 Windows 10X 和 Windows 10 桌面版。Windows Drivers will run on all Window 10 variants, including Windows 10X and Windows 10 Desktop editions. Windows 桌面驱动程序只在 Windows 10 桌面版中运行。Windows Desktop Drivers will only run on Windows 10 Desktop editions.

“Windows 驱动程序”分类将扩展并取代当前的“通用驱动程序”分类。The Windows Driver classification will extend and replace the current Universal Driver classification.

此页面提供了即将发布的 Windows 驱动程序要求的预览。This page provides a preview of the upcoming requirements for Windows Drivers.


Windows 驱动程序和 Windows 桌面驱动程序之间的区别并不影响任何要为 Windows 10 版本 2004 提交和认证的驱动程序。The distinction between Windows Drivers and Windows Desktop Drivers does not affect any driver being submitted and certified for Windows 10 Version 2004. 认证和提交方面的变更将在以后进行。Changes in certification and submission will happen at a later date.

Windows 驱动程序要求Windows Drivers Requirements

当 Windows 驱动程序成为认证选项时,需要遵守以下要求:When Windows Drivers become a certification option, the following requirements will apply:

Windows 驱动程序与Windows 桌面驱动程序Windows Drivers vs. Windows Desktop Drivers

下表总结了上述区别:The following table summarizes the distinctions above:

功能Feature Windows 驱动程序Windows Drivers Windows 桌面驱动程序Windows Desktop Drivers
在 Windows 10 桌面版中运行Run on Windows 10 Desktop Yes Yes
在 Windows 10X 中运行Run on Windows 10X Yes No
必须获得 WHCP 认证Must be certified with WHCP Yes No
WDK 和 HLK 是开发和认证驱动程序的主要工具WDK & HLK are primary vehicles for developing and certifying drivers Yes Yes
遵循更严格的可靠性和可维护性要求(如驱动程序包隔离)Adhere to stricter reliability and serviceability requirements (e.g. driver package isolation) Yes No

尽管只在 Windows 10 桌面版中运行的驱动程序不需要符合针对 Windows 驱动程序的附加要求,但这样做将增强驱动程序的可维护性和可靠性,并为将来可能在 Windows 10X 上获得认证做好准备。While it won't be required for a driver running only on Windows 10 Desktop to meet the additional requirements for a Windows Driver, doing so will enhance driver serviceability and reliability, as well as preparing the driver for possible future certification on Windows 10X.