AuditSystem 配置阶段会在审核模式下处理系统上下文中的无人参与的 Windows®安装程序设置。The auditSystem configuration pass processes unattended Windows® Setup settings in system context in audit mode. AuditSystem 配置阶段在 auditUser配置阶段之前立即运行,用于在用户上下文中应用设置。The auditSystem configuration pass runs immediately before the auditUser configuration pass, which is used to apply settings in user context. 当 Windows 启动到审核模式时,将处理 auditSystem 配置阶段和 auditUser 无人参与 Windows 安装程序设置。When Windows boots to audit mode, the auditSystem configuration pass and the auditUser unattended Windows Setup settings are processed.


无需显式启用内置 Administrator 帐户,也无需使用应答文件指定帐户的自动登录,就能在 auditSystem 和 auditUser 阶段中运行命令。It is not necessary to explicitly enable the built-in Administrator account or specify an autologon of the account using an answer file in order to run commands in the auditSystem and auditUser passes. 这样做可能会阻止图像或设备进入 (OOBE) 的全新体验。Doing so can prevent the image or device from entering the Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE) successfully. 启动到审核模式时,将自动启用内置 Administrator 帐户,默认情况下,该帐户用于在 auditUser 传递过程中运行脚本,并用于自动登录。When booting into Audit Mode, the built-in Administrator account is automatically enabled, is used to run scripts during auditUser pass by default, and is used to sign in automatically.

使用审核模式,Oem 和公司可以将其他设备驱动程序、应用程序和其他更新安装到主 Windows 映像中。Audit mode enables OEMs and corporations to install additional device drivers, applications, and other updates to a master Windows image. 通过使用审核模式,你可以维护更少的映像,因为你可以使用最小的一组驱动程序和应用程序创建一个参考映像。By using audit mode, you can maintain fewer images because you can create a reference image with a minimal set of drivers and applications. 然后,可以在审核模式下用其他驱动程序更新参考映像。The reference image can then be updated with additional drivers during audit mode. 此外,在将计算机寄送到客户之前,您可以测试和解决 Windows 映像上与故障或安装不正确的设备相关的任何问题。Additionally, you can then test and resolve any issues related to malfunctioning or incorrectly installed devices on the Windows image before shipping the computer to a customer. 审核模式是可选项。Audit mode is optional.

下图显示了在审核模式下处理 auditSystem 配置阶段的时间。The following diagram shows when the auditSystem configuration pass is processed in audit mode.

auditmode 配置阶段

仅当你配置 Windows 安装程序以启动到审核模式时,才会运行 auditSystem 配置阶段。The auditSystem configuration pass runs only when you configure Windows Setup to boot into audit mode. 您可以通过使用带有 audit 选项的 sysprep 命令或具有 通用化audit 选项的 sysprep 命令来启动到审核模式,也可以在 Microsoft Windows 部署组件中指定重新 封装 设置。You can boot to audit mode by using the sysprep command with the audit option, or the sysprep command with the generalize and audit options, or you can specify the Reseal setting in the Microsoft-Windows-Deployment component. 有关详细信息,请参阅 审核模式概述启动 Windows 到审核模式或 OOBEFor more information, see Audit Mode Overview and Boot Windows to Audit Mode or OOBE.

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