Windows 性能工具包Windows Performance Toolkit

Windows 性能工具包位于 Windows 评估和部署工具包中,其中包含各种性能监控工具,这些工具可生成有关 Windows 操作系统和应用程序的详细性能概况。Included in the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit, the Windows Performance Toolkit consists of performance monitoring tools that produce in-depth performance profiles of Windows operating systems and applications. 本文档同时讨论了 Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) 和 Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA)。This documentation discusses both Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) and Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA).

Windows 性能工具包组件Windows Performance Toolkit components

Windows 性能工具包包含两个独立的工具:Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) 和 Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA)The Windows Performance Toolkit consists of two independent tools: Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) and Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA). 此外,还保留了对以前的命令行工具 Xperf 的支持。In addition, support is maintained for the previous command-line tool, Xperf. 但是,不再支持 Xperfview。However, Xperfview is no longer supported. 所有记录都必须使用 WPA 来打开和分析。All recordings must be opened and analyzed by using WPA.

下面是运行 Windows 性能工具包的系统要求:The following are the system requirements for running Windows Performance Toolkit:

  • Windows Performance Recorder (WPR):Windows 8 或更高版本。Windows Performance Recorder (WPR): Windows 8 or later.

  • Windows Performance Recorder (WPR):具有 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 或更高版本的 Windows 8 或更高版本。Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA): Windows 8 or later with the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later.

Windows Performance RecorderWindows Performance Recorder

WPR 是一款用于创建 Windows 事件跟踪 (ETW) 记录的功能强大的记录工具。WPR is a powerful recording tool that creates Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) recordings. 可以通过用户界面 (UI) 或命令行来运行 WPR。You can run WPR from the user interface (UI) or from the command line. WPR 提供了内置配置文件,可以使用它们来选择要记录的事件。WPR provides built-in profiles that you can use to select the events that are to be recorded. 另外,你还可以采用 XML 创作自定义配置文件。Alternatively, you can author custom profiles in XML. 还可以使用 WPRControl 应用程序编程接口 (API) 来调用和控制 WPR。WPR can also be invoked and controlled by using the WPRControl application programming interface (API). 有关 WPRControl API 的详细信息,请参阅 WPRControl API 参考For more information about the WPRControl API, see WPRControl API Reference.

有关基本过程和详细的演练,请参阅 WPR 快速入门For basic procedures and a detailed walkthrough, see the WPR Quick Start. 有关 WPR UI 的完整文档,请参阅 WPR 功能For complete documentation of the WPR UI, see WPR Features. 有关命令行选项的参考,请参阅 WPR 命令行选项For reference of command-line options, see WPR Command-Line Options. 有关分步过程,请参阅 WPR 操作方法主题For step-by-step procedures, see WPR How-to Topics. 有关关键方案的讨论,请参阅 WPR 方案For discussion of key scenarios, see WPR Scenarios. 有关完整参考资料,包括记录配置文件 XML 参考和旧的 Xperf 参考,请参阅 WPR 参考For complete reference material, including a recording profile XML reference and a legacy Xperf reference, see WPR Reference.

Windows 性能分析器Windows Performance Analyzer

WPA 是一款功能强大的分析工具,该工具将非常灵活的 UI 与丰富的图形功能和数据表(可以旋转且具有全文搜索功能)相结合。WPA is a powerful analysis tool that combines a very flexible UI with extensive graphing capabilities and data tables that can be pivoted and that have full text search capabilities. WPA 提供了一个“问题”窗口来探究所查明的任何问题的根本原因。WPA provides an Issues window to explore the root cause of any identified.

有关基本过程和详细的演练,请参阅 WPA 快速入门指南For basic procedures and a detailed walkthrough, see the WPA Quick Start Guide. 有关 WPR UI 的完整文档,请参阅 WPA 功能For complete documentation of the WPR UI, see WPA Features. 有关分步过程,请参阅 WPA 操作方法主题For step-by-step procedures, see WPA How-to topics. 有关关键方案的扩展讨论,请参阅 WPR 方案For extended discussion of key scenarios, see WPA Scenarios.


部分Section 说明Description
Windows Performance Toolkit 中的新增功能What's New in the Windows Performance Toolkit 介绍了此版本中提供的新功能。Describes the new features available in this release.
Windows Performance RecorderWindows Performance Recorder 提供了有关 WPR 的完整文档。Provides complete documentation for WPR. 在 MSDN 上,这包括一个完整的命令行和可扩展标记语言 (XML) 参考。On MSDN, this includes a complete command-line and Extensible Markup Language (XML) reference.
Xperf 命令行参考Xperf Command-Line Reference 提供了有关 Xperf 的完整参考资料。Gives complete reference material for Xperf.
内核跟踪控制 API 参考Kernel Trace Control API Reference 介绍了内核跟踪控制 API,这是为了向后兼容现有脚本和配置文件而支持的一个事件跟踪 API 扩展。Covers the Kernel Trace Control API, an extension of the ETA Event Tracing API that is supported for backward compatibility with existing scripts and profiles.
Windows Performance AnalyzerWindows Performance Analyzer 提供了有关 WPA 的完整文档,使你能够分析使用 WPR 或从评估平台创建的记录。Provides complete documentation for WPA to enable you to analyze recordings created with WPR or from the Assessment Platform.
Windows 性能分步指南Windows Performance Step-by-Step Guides 提供了有关练习解决常见性能问题的说明。Provides instructions for performing labs that address common performance scenarios.