Windows 中的 OpenSSHOpenSSH in Windows

OpenSSH 是安全 Shell (SSH) 工具的开放源代码版本,Linux 及其他非 Windows 系统的管理员使用此类工具跨平台管理远程系统。OpenSSH is the open-source version of the Secure Shell (SSH) tools used by administrators of Linux and other non-Windows for cross-platform management of remote systems. OpenSSH 在 2018 年秋季已添加至 Windows,并包含在 Windows 10 和 Windows Server 2019 中。OpenSSH has been added to Windows as of autumn 2018, and is included in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.

SSH 基于客户端-服务器体系结构,用户在其中工作的系统是客户端,所管理的远程系统是服务器。SSH is based on a client-server architecture where the system the user is working on is the client and the remote system being managed is the server. OpenSSH 包含一系列组件和工具,用于提供一种安全且简单的远程系统管理方法,其中包括:OpenSSH includes a range of components and tools designed to provide a secure and straightforward approach to remote system administration, including:

  • sshd.exe,它是远程所管理的系统上必须运行的 SSH 服务器组件sshd.exe, which is the SSH server component that must be running on the system being managed remotely
  • ssh.exe,它是在用户的本地系统上运行的 SSH 客户端组件ssh.exe, which is the SSH client component that runs on the user's local system
  • ssh-keygen.exe,为 SSH 生成、管理和转换身份验证密钥ssh-keygen.exe generates, manages and converts authentication keys for SSH
  • ssh-agent.exe,存储用于公钥身份验证的私钥ssh-agent.exe stores private keys used for public key authentication
  • ssh-add.exe,将私钥添加到服务器允许的列表中ssh-add.exe adds private keys to the list allowed by the server
  • ssh-keyscan.exe,帮助从许多主机收集公用 SSH 主机密钥ssh-keyscan.exe aids in collecting the public SSH host keys from a number of hosts
  • sftp.exe,这是提供安全文件传输协议的服务,通过 SSH 运行sftp.exe is the service that provides the Secure File Transfer Protocol, and runs over SSH
  • scp.exe 是在 SSH 上运行的文件复制实用工具scp.exe is a file copy utility that runs on SSH

本部分中的文档重点介绍了如何在 Windows 上使用 OpenSSH,包括安装以及特定于 Windows 的配置和用例。Documentation in this section focuses on how OpenSSH is used on Windows, including installation, and Windows-specific configuration and use cases. 主题如下:Here are the topics:

有关常见 OpenSSH 功能的其他详细文档,请参阅 OpenSSH.comAdditional detailed documentation for common OpenSSH features is available online at

OpenSSH 开源项目是由 OpenBSD 项目的开发人员管理的。The master OpenSSH open source project is managed by developers at the OpenBSD Project. 此项目的 Microsoft 分支在 GitHub中。The Microsoft fork of this project is in GitHub. 欢迎提供有关 Windows OpenSSH 的反馈,可以通过在我们的 OpenSSH GitHub 存储库中创建 GitHub 问题来提供反馈。Feedback on Windows OpenSSH is welcomed and can be provided by creating GitHub issues in our OpenSSH GitHub repo.