允许程序在指定的目录中打开数据文件,就好像这些文件位于当前目录中一样。Allows programs to open data files in specified directories as if they were in the current directory. 如果在没有参数的情况下使用,则 append 将显示附加的目录列表。If used without parameters, append displays the appended directory list.


Windows 10 不支持此命令。This command not supported in Windows 10.


append [[<drive>:]<path>[;...]] [/x[:on|:off]] [/path:[:on|:off] [/e]
append ;


参数Parameter 说明Description
[\<drive>:]<path> 指定要追加的驱动器和目录。Specifies a drive and directory to append.
/x:开启/x:on 将附加的目录应用于文件搜索和启动应用程序。Applies appended directories to file searches and launching applications.
/x: off/x:off 仅将附加的目录应用于打开文件的请求。Applies appended directories only to requests to open files. /X: off选项是默认设置。The /x:off option is the default setting.
/path: on/path:on 将附加的目录应用到已指定路径的文件请求。Applies appended directories to file requests that already specify a path. /path: on 是默认设置。/path:on is the default setting.
/path: off/path:off 关闭 /path: on的效果。Turns off the effect of /path:on.
/e/e 将附加目录列表的副本存储在名为 APPEND 的环境变量中。Stores a copy of the appended directory list in an environment variable named APPEND. /e 只能在启动系统后首次使用 append 时使用。/e may be used only the first time you use append after starting your system.
;; 清除追加的目录列表。Clears the appended directory list.
/?/? 在命令提示符下显示帮助。Displays help at the command prompt.


若要清除附加目录列表,请键入:To clear the appended directory list, type:

append ;

若要将追加目录的副本存储到名为 append的环境变量中,请键入:To store a copy of the appended directory to an environment variable named append, type:

append /e

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