dfsdiag testdcsdfsdiag testdcs

适用于: Windows Server (半年通道) ,Windows Server 2019,Windows Server 2016,Windows Server 2012 R2,Windows Server 2012Applies to: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

通过在指定域中的每个域控制器上执行以下测试来检查域控制器的配置:Checks the configuration of domain controllers by performing the following tests on each domain controller in the specified domain:

  • 验证分布式文件系统 (DFS) 命名空间服务是否正在运行,并且其启动类型是否已设置为 " 自动"。Verifies that the Distributed File System (DFS) Namespace service is running and that its startup type is set to Automatic.

  • 检查 NETLOGON 和 SYSvol 是否支持站点开销的引用。Checks for the support of site-costed referrals for NETLOGON and SYSvol.

  • 验证站点关联的一致性(按主机名和 IP 地址)。Verifies the consistency of the site association by hostname and IP address.


dfsdiag /testdcs [/domain:<domain_name>]


参数Parameter 说明Description
/domain<domain_name>/domain:<domain_name> 要检查的域的名称。Name of the domain to check. 此参数是可选的。This parameter is optional. 默认值为本地主机所联接到的本地域。The default value is the local domain to which the local host is joined.


若要验证 contoso.com 域中的域控制器的配置,请键入:To verify the configuration of domain controllers in the contoso.com domain, type:

dfsdiag /testdcs /domain:contoso.com

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