使 Windows 操作系统能够在图形模式下显示扩展字符集。Enables Windows operating systems to display an extended character set in graphics mode. 如果在没有参数的情况下使用,则 graftabl 将显示前一个和当前代码页。If used without parameters, graftabl displays the previous and the current code page.


Graftabl命令是旧命令,因此已过时。The graftabl command is a legacy command, and therefore outdated. 通常不会在新式 Windows 版本中安装。It is normally not installed in modern Windows versions. 请参阅 chcp 页面进行代码页处理。Please see the chcp page for codepage handling.


graftabl <codepage>
graftabl /status


参数Parameter 说明Description
<codepage> 指定一个代码页,用于定义图形模式下扩展字符的外观。Specifies a code page to define the appearance of extended characters in graphics mode. 有效的代码页标识号为:Valid code page identification numbers are:
  • 437 -美国437 - United States
  • 850 -多语言 (拉丁语 I) 850 - Multilingual (Latin I)
  • 852 -斯拉夫 (拉丁语 II) 852 - Slavic (Latin II)
  • 855 -西里尔文 (俄语) 855 - Cyrillic (Russian)
  • 857 -土耳其语857 - Turkish
  • 860 -葡萄牙语860 - Portuguese
  • 861 -冰岛语861 - Icelandic
  • 863 -加拿大-法语863 - Canadian-French
  • 865 -北欧865 - Nordic
  • 866 -俄语866 - Russian
  • 869 -现代希腊语869 - Modern Greek
/status/status 显示此命令所使用的当前代码页。Displays the current code page being used by this command.
/?/? 在命令提示符下显示帮助。Displays help at the command prompt.


  • Graftabl命令仅影响指定的代码页的扩展字符的监视器显示。The graftabl command affects only the monitor display of extended characters of the code page that you specify. 它不会更改实际的控制台输入代码页。It doesn't change the actual console input code page. 若要更改控制台输入代码页,请使用 模式chcp 命令。To change the console input code page, use the mode or chcp command.

  • 每个退出代码及其简要说明:Each exit code and a brief description of it:

    退出代码Exit code 说明Description
    00 已成功加载字符集。Character set was loaded successfully. 未加载上一个代码页。No previous code page was loaded.
    11 指定的参数不正确。An incorrect parameter was specified. 未采取任何操作。No action was taken.
    22 出现文件错误。A file error occurred.
  • 可以在批处理程序中使用 ERRORLEVEL 环境变量来处理 graftabl返回的退出代码。You can use the ERRORLEVEL environment variable in a batch program to process exit codes that are returned by graftabl.


若要查看 graftabl使用的当前代码页,请键入:To view the current code page used by graftabl, type:

graftabl /status

若要将代码页437的图形字符集加载 (美国) 到内存中,请键入:To load the graphics character set for code page 437 (United States) into memory, type:

graftabl 437

若要将代码页850的图形字符集加载 (多语言) 到内存中,请键入:To load the graphics character set for code page 850 (multilingual) into memory, type:

graftabl 850

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