ksetup listrealmflagsksetup listrealmflags

列出 ksetup可以报告的可用领域标志。Lists the available realm flags that can be reported by ksetup.


ksetup /listrealmflags


  • 领域标志指定了不基于 Windows Server 操作系统的 Kerberos 领域的其他功能。The realm flags specify additional features of a Kerberos realm that aren't based on the Windows Server operating system. 运行 Windows Server 的计算机可以使用 Kerberos 服务器来管理 Kerberos 领域中的身份验证,而不是使用运行 Windows Server 操作系统的域。Computers that are running Windows Server, can use a Kerberos server to administer authentication in the Kerberos realm, instead of using a domain running a Windows Server operating system. 此条目将建立领域的功能,如下所示:This entry establishes the features of the realm, and are as follows:
“值”Value 领域标志Realm flag 说明Description
0xF0xF AllAll 设置所有领域标志。All realm flags are set.
0x000x00 None 未设置领域标志,并且未启用任何其他功能。No realm flags are set, and no additional features are enabled.
0x010x01 sendaddresssendaddress 此 IP 地址将包含在票证授予票证中。The IP address will be included within the ticket-granting tickets.
0x020x02 tcpsupportedtcpsupported 传输控制协议 (TCP) 和用户数据报协议 (UDP) 在此领域中受支持。Both the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) are supported in this realm.
0x040x04 delegatedelegate 此领域中的每个人都受信任,可用于委派。Everyone in this realm is trusted for delegation.
0x080x08 ncsupportedncsupported 此领域支持名称规范化,这允许 DNS 和领域的命名标准。This realm supports name canonicalization, which allows for DNS and Realm naming standards.
0x800x80 rc4rc4 此领域支持 RC4 加密以启用跨领域信任,这允许使用 TLS。This realm supports RC4 encryption to enable cross-realm trust, which allows for the use of TLS.
  • 领域标志存储在下的注册表中 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\Kerberos\Domains\<realmname>Realm flags are stored in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\Kerberos\Domains\<realmname>. 默认情况下,注册表中不存在此项。This entry doesn't exist in the registry by default. 可以使用 ksetup addrealmflags 命令 填充注册表。You can use the ksetup addrealmflags command to populate the registry.


若要列出此计算机上的已知领域标志,请键入:To list the known realm flags on this computer, type:

ksetup /listrealmflags

若要设置 ksetup 不知道的可用领域标志,请键入:To set the available realm flags that ksetup doesn't know, type:

ksetup /setrealmflags CORP.CONTOSO.COM sendaddress tcpsupported delete ncsupported


ksetup /setrealmflags CORP.CONTOSO.COM 0xF

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