manage-bde ms-fve-keypackagemanage-bde keypackage

为驱动器生成密钥包。Generates a key package for a drive. 此密钥包可以与修复工具结合使用来修复损坏的驱动器。The key package can be used in conjunction with the repair tool to repair corrupted drives.


manage-bde -keypackage [<drive>] [-ID <keyprotectoryID>] [-path <pathtoexternalkeydirectory>] [-computername <name>] [{-?|/?}] [{-help|-h}]


参数Parameter 说明Description
<drive> 表示驱动器号后跟一个冒号。Represents a drive letter followed by a colon.
-ID-ID 使用带有此 ID 值指定的标识符的密钥保护程序创建密钥包。Creates a key package using the key protector with the identifier specified by this ID value. 提示: 使用 manage-bde –保护程序– get 命令,以及要为其创建密钥包的驱动器号,以获取用作 ID 值的可用 guid 列表。Tip: Use the manage-bde –protectors –get command, along with the drive letter that you want to create a key package for, to get a list of available GUIDs to use as the ID value.
-路径-path 指定用于保存创建的密钥包的位置。Specifies the location to save the created key package.
-computername-computername 指定 manage-bde.exe 将用于修改其他计算机上的 BitLocker 保护。Specifies that manage-bde.exe will be used to modify BitLocker protection on a different computer. 你还可以使用 -cn 作为此命令的缩写形式。You can also use -cn as an abbreviated version of this command.
<name> 表示要修改 BitLocker 保护的计算机的名称。Represents the name of the computer on which to modify BitLocker protection. 接受的值包括计算机的 NetBIOS 名称和计算机的 IP 地址。Accepted values include the computer's NetBIOS name and the computer's IP address.
-?-? 或 /?or /? 在命令提示符下显示 brief Help。Displays brief Help at the command prompt.
-help 或-h-help or -h 在命令提示符下显示完整的帮助。Displays complete Help at the command prompt.


若要基于 GUID 标识的密钥保护程序为驱动器 C 创建密钥包,并将密钥包保存到 F:\Folder,请键入:To create a key package for drive C, based on the key protector identified by the GUID, and to save the key package to F:\Folder, type:

manage-bde -keypackage C: -id {84E151C1...7A62067A512} -path f:\Folder

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