从服务器上的驱动程序组中删除驱动程序包。Removes a driver package from a driver group on a server.


wdsutil /Remove-DriverGroupPackage /DriverGroup:<Group Name> [/Server:<Server Name>] {/DriverPackage:<Name> | /PackageId:<ID>}


参数Parameter 描述Description
[/Server: <Server name> ][/Server:<Server name>] 指定服务器的名称。Specifies the name of the server. 此名称可以是 NetBIOS 名称或 FQDN。This can be the NetBIOS name or the FQDN. 如果未指定服务器名称,则使用本地服务器。If a server name is not specified, the local server is used.
[/DriverPackage: <Name> ][/DriverPackage:<Name>] 指定要删除的驱动程序包的名称。Specifies the name of the driver package to remove.
[/PackageId: <ID> ][/PackageId:<ID>] 指定要删除的驱动程序包的 Windows 部署服务 ID。Specifies the Windows Deployment Services ID of the driver package to remove. 如果无法按名称唯一地标识驱动程序包,则必须指定此选项。You must specify this option if the driver package cannot be uniquely identified by name.


wdsutil /Remove-DriverGroupPackage /DriverGroup:PrinterDrivers /PackageId:{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
wdsutil /Remove-DriverGroupPackage /DriverGroup:PrinterDrivers /DriverPackage:XYZ

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