Windows Server 2019 中 SDN 的新增功能What's New in SDN for Windows Server 2019

适用于:Windows Server(半年频道)Applies to: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel)

功能Feature 说明Description 新功能/更新功能New/updated
加密网络Encrypted networks 虚拟网络加密允许加密虚拟机之间的虚拟网络流量,这些虚拟机在标记为 "已启用加密" 的子网中相互通信。Virtual network encryption allows encryption of virtual network traffic between virtual machines that communicate with each other within subnets marked as ‘Encryption Enabled.' 它还利用虚拟子网上的数据报传输层安全性 (DTLS) 来加密数据包。It also utilizes Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) on the virtual subnet to encrypt packets. DTLS 可以防止能够访问物理网络的任何人进行窃听、篡改和伪造。DTLS protects against eavesdropping, tampering, and forgery by anyone with access to the physical network. 新建New
防火墙审核Firewall auditing 防火墙审核是 Windows Server 2019 中 SDN 防火墙的新功能。Firewall auditing is a new capability for the SDN firewall in Windows Server 2019. 启用 SDN 防火墙时,由 SDN 防火墙规则处理的任何流 (启用了日志记录的 Acl) 记录。When you enable SDN firewall, any flow processed by SDN firewall rules (ACLs) that have logging enabled gets recorded. 新建New
虚拟网络对等Virtual network peering 利用虚拟网络对等互连,无缝连接两个虚拟网络。Virtual network peering lets you connect two virtual networks seamlessly. 对等互连后,出于连接目的,虚拟网络显示为一。Once peered, for connectivity purposes, the virtual networks appear as one. 新建New
出口计数Egress metering Windows Server 2019 中的这一新功能使 SDN 能够为出站数据传输提供用量计量。This new feature in Windows Server 2019 enables SDN to offer usage meters for outbound data transfers. 添加此功能后,网络控制器会按虚拟网络为 SDN 中使用的所有 IP 范围保留一个白名单,并考虑将未包含在其中一个范围内的目标的任何包绑定到要进行计费的出站数据传输。With this feature added, Network Controller keeps a whitelist per Virtual Network of all IP ranges used within SDN, and consider any packet bound for a destination that is not included in one of these ranges to be billed outbound data transfers. 新建New