Web 客户端入门Get started with the web client

通过远程桌面 Web 客户端可以使用兼容的 Web 浏览器访问管理员向你发布的组织的远程资源(应用和桌面)。无论你身在何处,都可以与远程应用和桌面交互,就像与本地 PC 交互一样,而无需切换到不同的台式电脑。The Remote Desktop web client lets you use a compatible web browser to access your organization's remote resources (apps and desktops) published to you by your admin. You'll be able to interact with the remote apps and desktops like you would with a local PC no matter where you are, without having to switch to a different desktop PC. 管理员设置你的远程资源后,只需管理员向你发送的域、用户名、密码、URL,以及受支持的 Web 浏览器即可继续操作。Once your admin sets up your remote resources, all you need are your domain, user name, password, the URL your admin sent you, and a supported web browser, and you're good to go.


想知道 Web 客户端的新版本吗?Curious about the new releases for the web client? 请查看远程桌面 Web 客户端的新增功能Check out What's new for Remote Desktop web client?

使用 Web 客户端所需的条件What you'll need to use the web client

  • 对于 Web 客户端,你将需要运行 Windows、macOS、ChromeOS 或 Linux 的 PC。For the web client, you'll need a PC running Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, or Linux. 目前不支持移动设备。Mobile devices are not supported at this time.
  • Microsoft Edge、Internet Explorer 11、Google Chrome、Safari 或 Mozilla Firefox(v55.0 及更高版本)等新式浏览器。A modern browser like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox (v55.0 and later).
  • 管理员向你发送的 URL。The URL your admin sent you.


Web 客户端的 Internet Explorer 版本目前没有音频。The Internet Explorer version of the web client does not have audio at this time. 如果浏览器已调整大小或多次进入全屏,则 Safari 可能会显示灰色屏幕。Safari may display a gray screen if the browser is resized or enters fullscreen multiple times.

开始使用远程桌面客户端Start using the Remote Desktop client

若要登录到客户端,请转到管理员向你发送的 URL。To sign in to the client, go to the URL your admin sent you. 在登录页上,采用格式 DOMAIN\username 输入域和用户名,输入密码,然后选择“登录” 。At the sign in page, enter your domain and user name in the format DOMAIN\username, enter your password, and then select Sign in.


登录到 Web 客户端,即表示你同意 PC 符合组织的安全策略。By signing in to the web client, you agree that your PC complies with your organization's security policy.

登录后,客户端将转到“所有资源” 选项卡,一个或多个可折叠组下包含发布给你的所有项,例如“工作资源”组。After you sign in, the client will take you to the All Resources tab, which contains all items published to you under one or more collapsible groups, such as the "Work Resources" group. 你将看到几个表示应用、桌面或包含管理员已向工作组提供的多个应用或桌面的文件夹的图标。You'll see several icons representing the apps, desktops, or folders containing more apps or desktops that the admin has made available to the work group. 可以随时返回到此选项卡来启动其他资源。You can come back to this tab at any time to launch additional resources.

若要开始使用应用或桌面,请选择要使用的项,在出现提示时输入用于登录到 Web 客户端的同一用户名和密码,然后选择“提交” 。To start using an app or desktop, select the item you want to use, enter the same user name and password you used to sign in to the web client if prompted, and then select Submit. 可能还会向你显示用于访问本地资源(如剪贴板和打印机)的同意对话框。You might also be shown a consent dialog to access local resources, like clipboard and printer. 可以选择不重定向任意一项,或选择“允许” 以使用默认设置。You can choose to not redirect either of these, or select Allow to use the default settings. 等待 Web 客户端建立连接,然后按正常方式开始使用资源。Wait for the web client to establish the connection, and then start using the resource as you would normally.

完成后,可以通过选择屏幕顶部的工具栏中的“注销” 按钮或关闭浏览器窗口来结束会话。When you're finished, you can end your session by either selecting the Sign Out button in the toolbar at the top of your screen or closing the browser window.

从远程桌面 Web 客户端打印Printing from the Remote Desktop web client

按照以下步骤从 Web 客户端打印:Follow these steps to print from the web client:

  1. 按正常方式为你想要从中打印的应用启动打印过程。Start the printing process as you would normally for the app you want to print from.
  2. 在提示选择打印机时,选择“远程桌面虚拟打印机” 。When prompted to choose a printer, select Remote Desktop Virtual Printer.
  3. 选择首选项后,选择“打印” 。After choosing your preferences, select Print.
  4. 浏览器将生成打印作业的 PDF 文件。Your browser will generate a PDF file of your print job.
  5. 你可以选择打开 PDF 并将其内容打印到本地打印机,或将其保存到你的 PC 以供将来使用。You can choose to either open the PDF and print its contents to your local printer or save it to your PC for later use.

从远程桌面 Web 客户端复制和粘贴Copy and paste from the Remote Desktop web client

Web 客户端当前仅支持复制和粘贴文本。The web client currently supports copying and pasting text only. 不能将文件复制或粘贴到 Web 客户端,也不能从 Web 客户端复制或粘贴文件。Files can't be copied or pasted to and from the web client. 此外,只能使用 Ctrl+C 和 Ctrl+V 来复制和粘贴文本。Additionally, you can only use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste text.

获取有关 Web 客户端的帮助Get help with the web client

如果本文中的信息无法解决你遇到的问题,则可以通过向 Web 客户端的“关于”页上的地址发送电子邮件来获取有关 Web 客户端的帮助。If you've encountered an issue that can't be solved by the information in this article, you can get help with the web client by emailing the address on the web client's About page.