存储空间直通的硬件要求Storage Spaces Direct hardware requirements

适用于: Windows Server 2016、 Windows Server Insider PreviewApplies to: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server Insider Preview

本主题介绍存储空间直通的最低硬件要求。This topic describes minimum hardware requirements for Storage Spaces Direct.

用于生产,Microsoft 建议我们的合作伙伴,包括部署工具和过程从这些Windows Server 软件定义硬件/软件产品/服务。For production, Microsoft recommends these Windows Server Software-Defined hardware/software offers from our partners, which include deployment tools and procedures. 它们设计、 组装和验证对我们的参考体系结构,以确保兼容性和可靠性,以便获取和快速运行。They are designed, assembled, and validated against our reference architecture to ensure compatibility and reliability, so you get up and running quickly. 了解更多信息,请访问https://microsoft.com/wssdLearn more at https://microsoft.com/wssd.

Windows Server 软件定义合作伙伴的徽标


想要评估存储空间直通,但不具有硬件?Want to evaluate Storage Spaces Direct but don't have hardware? 使用 HYPER-V 或 Azure 虚拟机中使用存储空间直通来宾虚拟机群集中所述。Use Hyper-V or Azure virtual machines as described in Using Storage Spaces Direct in guest virtual machine clusters.

基本要求Base requirements

系统、 组件、 设备和驱动程序必须为每个Windows Server 目录Windows Server 2016 认证Systems, components, devices, and drivers must be Windows Server 2016 Certified per the Windows Server Catalog. 此外,我们建议服务器、 驱动器、 主机总线适配器和网络适配器有Software-Defined 数据中心 (SDDC) 标准和/或Software-Defined 数据中心 (SDDC) 高级版的其他资格 (AQs),如下图所示下面。In addition, we recommend that servers, drives, host bus adapters, and network adapters have the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Standard and/or Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Premium additional qualifications (AQs), as pictured below. 有超过 1000 个组件,并且 SDDC AQs。There are over 1,000 components with the SDDC AQs.

显示 SDDC AQs 在 Windows Server 目录的屏幕截图

完全配置的群集 (服务器、 网络和存储) 必须通过根据向导的所有群集验证测试故障转移群集管理器中或使用Test-Clusterpowershell cmdletThe fully configured cluster (servers, networking, and storage) must pass all cluster validation tests per the wizard in Failover Cluster Manager or with the Test-Cluster cmdlet in PowerShell.

此外,满足以下要求:In addition, the following requirements apply:


  • 最少 2 台服务器,最多 16 台服务器Minimum of 2 servers, maximum of 16 servers
  • 建议所有服务器都具有相同的制造商和型号Recommended that all servers be the same manufacturer and model


  • Intel Nehalem 或更高版本的兼容处理器;或Intel Nehalem or later compatible processor; or
  • AMD EPYC 或更高版本的兼容处理器AMD EPYC or later compatible processor


  • Windows Server、 Vm,并且其他应用或工作负荷; 内存plusMemory for Windows Server, VMs, and other apps or workloads; plus
  • 4 GB RAM 每 tb 缓存驱动器容量的每个服务器,存储空间直通元数据4 GB of RAM per terabyte (TB) of cache drive capacity on each server, for Storage Spaces Direct metadata


  • 支持的 Windows Server,现在包含 SATADOM的任何启动设备Any boot device supported by Windows Server, which now includes SATADOM
  • RAID 1 镜像是是必需的但启动支持RAID 1 mirror is not required, but is supported for boot
  • 建议: 200 GB 最小大小Recommended: 200 GB minimum size


最小值 (小范围 2-3 节点)Minimum (for small scale 2-3 node)

  • 10 Gbps 的网络接口10 Gbps network interface
  • 2 节点直接连接的 (无交换机) 支持Direct-connect (switchless) is supported with 2-nodes

建议 (对于高性能、 比例或部署的 4 个以上节点)Recommended (for high performance, at scale, or deployments of 4+ nodes)

  • NICs that are remote-direct memory access (RDMA) capable, iWARP (recommended) or RoCENICs that are remote-direct memory access (RDMA) capable, iWARP (recommended) or RoCE
  • 两个或多个 Nic 用于冗余和提升性能Two or more NICs for redundancy and performance
  • 25 Gbps 的网络接口或更高版本25 Gbps network interface or higher


存储空间直通配合使用直接连接 SATA、 SAS 或 NVMe 驱动器以物理方式附加到只有一个服务器。Storage Spaces Direct works with direct-attached SATA, SAS, or NVMe drives that are physically attached to just one server each. 有关选择驱动器的更多帮助,请参阅选择驱动器主题。For more help choosing drives, see the Choosing drives topic.

下面是可以连接存储空间直通的驱动器的方式:Here's how drives can be connected for Storage Spaces Direct:

  1. 直接连接 SATA 驱动器Direct-attached SATA drives
  2. 直接附加 NVMe 驱动器Direct-attached NVMe drives
  3. 具有 SAS 驱动器的 SAS 主机总线适配器 (HBA)SAS host-bus adapter (HBA) with SAS drives
  4. SATA 驱动器的 SAS 主机总线适配器 (HBA)SAS host-bus adapter (HBA) with SATA drives
  5. 不受支持: RAID 控制器卡或 SAN (光纤通道、 iSCSI、 FCoE) 存储。NOT SUPPORTED: RAID controller cards or SAN (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCoE) storage. 主机总线适配器 (HBA) 必须实现简单传递模式。Host-bus adapter (HBA) cards must implement simple pass-through mode.


驱动器可以是内部服务器,或在外部机箱连接到只有一个服务器。Drives can be internal to the server, or in an external enclosure that is connected to just one server. 需要为插槽映射和标识 SCSI Enclosure Services (SES)。SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) is required for slot mapping and identification. 每个外部机箱必须存在唯一标识符 (唯一 ID)。Each external enclosure must present a unique identifier (Unique ID).

  1. 内部服务器的驱动器Drives internal to the server
  2. Drives in an external enclosure ("JBOD") connected to one serverDrives in an external enclosure ("JBOD") connected to one server
  3. 不受支持: 共享的 SAS 机箱连接到多个服务器或任何形式的多路径 IO (MPIO) 其中驱动器可通过多个路径。NOT SUPPORTED: Shared SAS enclosures connected to multiple servers or any form of multi-path IO (MPIO) where drives are accessible by multiple paths.


最小驱动器数 (不包括启动驱动器)Minimum number of drives (excludes boot drive)

  • 如果有用作缓存的驱动器,则每个服务器必须至少有 2 个驱动器If there are drives used as cache, there must be at least 2 per server
  • 每个服务器必须至少有 4 个容量(非缓存)驱动器There must be at least 4 capacity (non-cache) drives per server
存在驱动器类型Drive types present 所需的最小数量Minimum number required
所有 NVMe(同一型号)All NVMe (same model) 4 个 NVMe4 NVMe
所有 SSD(同一型号)All SSD (same model) 4 个 SSD4 SSD
NVMe + SSDNVMe + SSD 2 个 NVMe + 4 个 SSD2 NVMe + 4 SSD
NVMe + HDDNVMe + HDD 2 个 NVMe + 4 个 HDD2 NVMe + 4 HDD
SSD + HDDSSD + HDD 2 个 SSD + 4 个 HDD2 SSD + 4 HDD
NVMe + SSD + HDDNVMe + SSD + HDD 2 个 NVMe + 4 个其他2 NVMe + 4 Others


此表提供所需的最低硬件部署。This table provides the minimum for hardware deployments. 如果你正在部署与虚拟机和虚拟存储,如化 Microsoft Azure 中看到使用存储空间直通来宾虚拟机群集中If you're deploying with virtual machines and virtualized storage, such as in Microsoft Azure, see Using Storage Spaces Direct in guest virtual machine clusters.

最大容量Maximum capacity

  • 建议: 每个服务器最多 100 千吉字节 (TB) 原始存储容量Recommended: Maximum 100 terabytes (TB) raw storage capacity per server
  • 最大 1 petabyte (1000 TB) 原始容量存储池中Maximum 1 petabyte (1,000 TB) raw capacity in the storage pool