BOOTSTRAP 配置服务提供程序为设备 (TPS) 受信任的预配服务器。The BOOTSTRAP configuration service provider sets the Trusted Provisioning Server (TPS) for the device.

注意 BOOTSTRAP CSP 仅在 Windows 10 移动版中受支持。Note BOOTSTRAP CSP is only supported in Windows 10 Mobile.

注意 此配置服务提供程序要求从网络配置应用程序访问 ID_CAP_CSP_FOUNDATION 和 ID_CAP_DEVICE_MANAGEMENT_ADMIN 功能。Note This configuration service provider requires the ID_CAP_CSP_FOUNDATION and ID_CAP_DEVICE_MANAGEMENT_ADMIN capabilities to be accessed from a network configuration application.

下图以树格式显示了开放移动联盟与 OMA (客户端预配) BOOTSTRAP 配置服务提供商。The following image shows the BOOTSTRAP configuration service provider in tree format as used by Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Client Provisioning. 此配置服务提供商不支持 OMA 设备管理协议。The OMA Device Management protocol is not supported with this configuration service provider.

bootstrap csp (cp)

可选。Optional. 指定 TPS 的上下文。Specifies a context for the TPS. 仅支持一个上下文,因此将忽略此参数,并假定其值为"0"。Only one context is supported, so this parameter is ignored and "0" is assumed for its value.

必需。Required. 指定受信任预配服务器和 TPS () 。Specifies the location of a Trusted Provisioning Server (TPS). PROVURL 值必须是最大长度为 256 个字符的完整 URL 字符串。The PROVURL value must be a complete URL string with a maximum length of 256 characters.

配置服务提供程序参考Configuration service provider reference