使用 具有 w4 的 APPID 的应用程序配置服务提供商配置 Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) 。Use an APPLICATION configuration service provider that has an APPID of w4 to configure Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

默认安全角色以根特征定义,并映射到每个子节点,除非将特定权限授予子节点。The default security roles are defined in the root characteristic, and map to each subnode unless specific permission is granted to the subnode. 默认的安全角色包括管理器、运算符和运算符 - TPS。The default security roles are Manager, Operator, and Operator – TPS.

注意 此配置服务提供商需要通过网络配置应用程序访问 ID_CAP_CSP_FOUNDATION 和 ID_CAP_CSP_APPLICATION _W4\c 功能。Note This configuration service provider requires the ID_CAP_CSP_FOUNDATION and ID_CAP_CSP_W4_APPLICATION capabilities to be accessed from a network configuration application.


下图显示了 OMA 客户端设置所使用的的配置服务提供商的对应格式。The following diagram shows the configuration service provider in tree format as used by OMA Client Provisioning.

w4 应用程序 csp (cp)

APPID 必填。APPID Required. 此参数采用字符串值。This parameter takes a string value. 用于配置 MMS 的值的值是"w4"。The only supported value for configuring MMS is "w4".

NAME 可选。NAME Optional. 指定用户可读的应用程序标识。Specifies a user–readable application identity. 此参数还用于定义 APPLICATION 参数的注册表路径的一部分。This parameter is also used to define part of the registry path for the APPLICATION parameters.

此参数采用字符串值。This parameter takes a string value. 用于配置 NAME 参数的可能值包括:The possible values to configure the NAME parameter are:

  • 包含名称的字符字符串。Character string containing the name.

  • 未指定任何值no value specified

注意 MDM 服务器应该在升级之后重新发送应用程序/NAME 重新发送到 DMAcc,因为此值显示在 UI 中,但不会保存在 Windows Phone 8.1 中,而且不能迁移到 Windows10。NoteMDM servers should resend APPLICATION/NAME to DMAcc after an upgrade because this value is displayed in the UI but not saved in Windows Phone 8.1 and cannot be migrated to Windows10.


如果不指定任何值,则注册表位置将默认为未命 < 名 > 。If no value is specified, the registry location will default to <unnamed>.

如果 Name 大于 40 个字符,将被截尾取整到 40 个字符。If Name is greater than 40 characters, it will be truncated to 40 characters.

TO-代理 必填。TO-PROXY Required. 使用 PROXY-ID 指定一个逻辑代理。Specifies one logical proxy with a matching PROXY-ID. 只能引用在同一配置文件中定义的代理。It is only possible to refer to proxies defined within the same provisioning file. 只能列出一个代理。Only one proxy can be listed.

必须将 TO-PROXY 值设置为用于定义彩信特定代理的 PXLOGICAL 中的 PROXY ID 值。The TO-PROXY value must be set to the value of the PROXY ID in PXLOGICAL that defines the MMS specific-proxy.

TO-NAPID 必填。TO-NAPID Required. 指定在设置文件中 (定义 NAPID) 网络访问点标识名称。Specifies the network access point identification name (NAPID) defined in the provisioning file. 此参数采用字符串值。This parameter takes a string value. 只能引用在同一配置文件中定义的网络访问点(除非在 NAPDEF 特性中设置了 INTERNET 属性)。It is only possible to refer to network access points defined within the same provisioning file (except if the INTERNET attribute is set in the NAPDEF characteristic). 有关 NAPDEF 特性的详细信息,请参阅 NAPDEF 配置服务提供程序For more information about the NAPDEF characteristic, see NAPDEF configuration service provider.

ADDR 必填。ADDR Required. 将 MMS 应用程序服务器的地址指定为字符串。Specifies the address of the MMS application server, as a string. 用于配置 ADDR 参数的可能值包括:The possible values to configure the ADDR parameter are:

  • 一个统一资源标识符 (URI) A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)

  • 以小数点格式表示的 IPv4 地址,将点用分隔符表示An IPv4 address represented in decimal format with dots as delimiters

  • 完全限定的 Internet 域名A fully qualified Internet domain name

MS 可选。MS Optional. 多媒体内容的授权大小(以 KB 为单位)。The maximum authorized size, in KB, for multimedia content. 此参数采用字符串格式的数值。This parameter takes a numeric value in string format. 如果该值不是数字或小于等于 10,将忽略该值并且不调整传出彩信的大小。If the value is not a number, or is less than or equal to 10, it will be ignored and outgoing MMS will not be resized.


Windows Phone MMS 不支持用户可选择的配置文件。Windows Phone MMS does not support user–selectable profiles. 尽管可以同时设置和保存多个 MMS 配置文件,但只有最后收到的配置文件处于活动状态。While multiple MMS profiles can be provisioned and saved simultaneously, only the last received profile is active.

如果接收了具有现有名称的配置文件的 XML,则会用新的值覆盖该配置文件中的值。If provisioning XML is received for a profile with an existing name, the values in that profile will be overwritten with the new values.

有关 w4 应用程序配置服务提供商所使用的参数以及它们的使用方式的详细信息,请参阅 OMA-T (S-MMS-CONF-V1_3-20051027-C) 链接从 OMA网站获取的 OMA MMS 一性文档。For more information about the parameters used by the w4 APPLICATION configuration service provider and how they are used, see the OMA MMS Conformance Document (OMA-TS-MMS-CONF-V1_3-20051027-C) available from the OMA website.

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