利用按钮,用户可以在混合现实体验中触发即时操作。A button lets your users trigger immediate actions in a mixed reality experience. HoloLens 2 中的按钮具有视觉提示和实用,可帮助用户提高交互置信度。In HoloLens 2, buttons have visual cues and affordances that help increase interaction confidence with users.

显示了接近光效果的按钮Button with proximity light effect shown
邻近感应Proximity light

所选的具有焦点突出显示效果的按钮Button selected with focus highlight effect shown
焦点突出显示Focus highlight

所显示的压缩箱效果按下的按钮Button being pressed with compression cage effect shown
压缩箱Compressing cage

所示的触发脉冲效果按下的按钮Button being pressed with trigger pulse effect shown
触发暂停Pulse on trigger

MRTK (混合现实工具包) 适用于 UnityButton in MRTK(Mixed Reality Toolkit) for Unity

MRTK 提供各种类型的按钮 prototyping,包括 hololens 2 和 hololens (第一代) 的 shell 样式按钮。MRTK provides various types of button prefabs, including shell-style buttons for HoloLens 2 and HoloLens (1st gen). HoloLens 2 按钮 prefab 包含多个详细实用,有助于提高用户置信度:The HoloLens 2 button prefab contains several detailed affordances that help improve user confidence:

  • 基于邻近性的突出显示Proximity-based highlight

  • 压缩前端固定架Compressing front cage

  • 对触发器的脉冲效果。Pulse effect on trigger.

  • 有关更多说明和自定义示例,请查看 MRTK-按钮Check out the MRTK - Button for more instructions and customized examples.

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