Unity 中的共享体验Shared experiences in Unity

共享体验允许多个用户,每个用户都有自己的 HoloLens、iOS 或 Android 设备,共同查看同一个全息影像,并与之交互。A shared experience lets multiple users, each with their own HoloLens, iOS or Android device, collectively view and interact with the same hologram. 全息影像通过空间锚点共享定位在空间的固定点上。Holograms are positioned at a fixed point in space through spatial anchor sharing.

Azure 空间定位点Azure Spatial Anchors

Azure 空间锚点 创建支持云的持久空间锚,你的应用可以在多个 HoloLens、IOS 和 Android 设备上查找。Azure Spatial Anchors create durable cloud-backed spatial anchors, which your app can then locate across multiple HoloLens, iOS and Android devices. 通过在多个设备之间共享公用空间定位点,每个用户都可以查看相对于同一物理位置中的定位点呈现的内容。By sharing a common spatial anchor across multiple devices, each user can see content rendered relative to that anchor in the same physical location.

你还可以将 Azure 空间锚点 用于每个 HoloLens、IOS 和 Android 设备上的异步全息影像。You can also use Azure Spatial Anchors for asynchronous hologram persistence across HoloLens, iOS, and Android devices. 通过共享持久云空间锚点,多个设备可以在一段时间内观察到相同的持久全息图,即使这些设备同时不存在。By sharing a durable cloud spatial anchor, multiple devices can observe the same persisted hologram over time, even if those devices aren't present together at the same time.

若要开始在 Unity 中构建共享体验,请尝试执行5分钟的 Azure 空间锚点 Unity 快速入门To get started building shared experiences in Unity, try out the 5-minute Azure Spatial Anchors Unity quickstarts.

设置 Azure 空间锚定后,可以 在 Unity 中创建和定位锚Once Azure Spatial Anchors is set up, you can create and locate anchors in Unity.

本地定位点传输Local anchor transfers

在不能使用 Azure 空间锚点的情况下, 本地定位点传输 允许一个 hololens 设备导出一个定位点,以便另一个 hololens 可以导入它。In situations where you can't use Azure Spatial Anchors, local anchor transfers enable one HoloLens device to export an anchor so that a second HoloLens can import it. IOS 和 Android 设备不支持此方法,提供比 Azure 空间定位点更少的定位回调。This approach is not supported on iOS and Android devices, and provides less robust anchor recall than Azure Spatial Anchors.

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