Unreal 中的流式传输Streaming in Unreal


从电脑流式传输到 HoloLens 提供了两大优势:Streaming from a PC to HoloLens provides two major advantages:

  • 它使混合现实应用可以利用电脑的计算能力。It lets your mixed reality app take advantage of your PCs computational power.
  • 它有助于加快开发迭代的时间。It helps speed up development iteration time.

首先,需要将全息远程处理播放器下载到 HoloLens 设备。To get started, you'll need to download the Holographic Remoting Player to your HoloLens device. 这使你的应用能够从以下来源直接流式传输到 HoloLens 上的远程处理播放器:This allows your app to stream directly to the remoting player on your HoloLens from the following sources:

  • Unreal Engine 编辑器The Unreal Engine editor
  • 打包的 Windows 可执行文件A packaged Windows executable

进行流式传输时,你可以访问几乎所有相同的 HoloLens 功能,就像你在设备上运行应用程序时一样。When streaming, you have access to almost all of the same HoloLens capabilities as you would when running an application on a device. 这包括手关节跟踪(如果使用的是 HoloLens 2)、空间映射空间定位点,但此限制列表上的功能除外。This includes hand joint tracking (if you're on a HoloLens 2), spatial mapping, and spatial anchors, but leaves out the features on this list of limitations.


  • 流式传输的质量严重依赖于 wifi 网络的强度。Streaming quality is highly dependent on the strength of your wifi network.
  • 自动为全息远程处理播放器启用所有功能。All capabilities are automatically enabled for the holographic remoting player. 如果你发现有一项功能需要用户授权(例如眼动跟踪)才能用于流媒体,但在设备上运行时确不需要它,请检查确保已在项目设置下启用适当的功能。If you find a capability that requires user permission (ex: eye tracking) to be working over streaming but not when running on device, check to ensure you've enabled the proper capabilities under your project settings.

设备支持Device support

Source HoloLens 第 1 代HoloLens 1st Gen HoloLens 2HoloLens 2 沉浸式头戴显示设备Immersive Headsets
Unreal 编辑器Unreal editor ✔️✔️ ✔️✔️
Windows 包Windows package ✔️✔️

从 Unreal 编辑器进行流式传输Streaming from the Unreal editor

作为开发人员,你会发现从 Unreal 编辑器流式传输到 HoloLens 设备在测试时会提供很大的好处,也就是说,你无需再等待你的应用生成和部署完成后才尝试更新。As a developer, you'll find that streaming from the Unreal editor to your HoloLens device provides big benefits when testing, namely that you no longer have to wait for your app to build and deploy before trying out your updates.

可以在“Unreal 入门”教程系列的最后一部分中找到有关从 Unreal 编辑器进行流式传输的详细说明。You can find detailed instructions on streaming from the Unreal editor in the last section of the Getting Started with Unreal tutorial series.

从打包的 Windows 可执行文件进行流式传输Streaming from a packaged Windows executable

从 Unreal 4.25.1 开始,可以通过执行以下步骤将应用从打包的 Windows 可执行文件流式传输到 HoloLens 2 设备:As of Unreal 4.25.1, you can stream your app to a HoloLens 2 device from a packaged Windows executable by following the steps below:

  1. 转到编辑器菜单中的“文件”>“包项目”>“Windows”。Go to File > Package Project > Windows in the editor menu.

    • 选择要保存包的位置,然后单击“选择文件夹”。Choose a location to save your package and click Select Folder.
  2. 包生成完成后,请打开 HoloLens 2 上的“全息远程处理播放器”,并记下 IP 地址。Once the package has finished building, open the Holographic Remoting Player on your HoloLens 2 and make note of the IP Address.

  3. 使“全息远程处理播放器”保持打开状态,然后使用命令行提示符执行以下操作:Leave the Holographic Remoting Player open and use the command line prompt to:

    • 将 cd 插入到保存包的本地目录。cd into the local directory where you saved your package.
    • 输入以下命令:<App Name>.exe -vr -HoloLensRemoting=<IP Address>Enter the following command: <App Name>.exe -vr -HoloLensRemoting=<IP Address>


项目设置中的应用程序名称应自动用于创建 Windows 包。The application name in your project settings should be automatically used to create the Windows package. 如果名称因某些原因而有所不同,请在命令提示符下使用 Windows 可执行文件名称。If these are different for some reason, use the Windows executable name in the command prompt.

按 Enter 键,随即将看到应用程序开始进行流式传输了!Hit enter and watch your application start streaming!

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