WebVR 概述WebVR Overview


WebVR 1.1 api s 已弃用,并已替换为 WebXR 设备 API s。WebVR 1.1 API s are deprecated and replaced by WebXR Device API s.

WebVR 1.1 Api 已弃用,并已从 Chrome 和新的 Microsoft Edge 中删除。WebVR 1.1 APIs are deprecated and removed from Chrome and the new Microsoft Edge. WebVR Api 由 WebXR 设备 Api 取代。WebVR APIs are superseded by WebXR Device APIs. 可以在 caniuse.com上检查当前支持 WebVR api 的浏览器列表。You can check the list of browsers currently supporting WebVR APIs on caniuse.com.

查看 Windows Mixed Reality 沉浸式耳机中的 WebVR 内容Viewing WebVR content in Windows Mixed Reality immersive headsets

有关如何在 WebVR 的 Microsoft Edge (15-18) 中访问沉浸式耳机中的内容的说明,请参阅 发烧指南Instructions for accessing WebVR content in your immersive headsets with older versions of Microsoft Edge(15-18) can be found in the Enthusiast's Guide. 可以通过在 Edge 浏览器搜索栏中键入 "edge://version/" 来检查边缘版本。You can check your edge version by typing "edge://version/" in your Edge browsers search bar.

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