什么是全息图?What is a hologram?

HoloLens 使你能够创建 全息影像,这是像像现实对象一样出现在世界各地的光线和声音的对象。HoloLens lets you create holograms, which are objects made of light and sound that appear in the world around you like real objects. 全息影像会响应你的 注视手势语音命令Holograms respond to your gaze, gestures, and voice commands. 它们甚至可以与您周围的 真实表面 交互。They can even interact with real-world surfaces around you. 利用全息影像,可以创建属于你的世界的数字对象。With holograms, you can create digital objects that are part of your world.

设备支持Device support

功能Feature HoloLens(第 1 代)HoloLens (1st gen) HoloLens 2HoloLens 2 沉浸式头戴显示设备Immersive headsets
全息影像Holograms ✔️✔️ ✔️✔️

全息图是由光和声音组成的A hologram is made of light and sound

HoloLens 呈现 的全息影像会直接显示在用户眼睛的前方。The holograms that HoloLens renders appear in the holographic frame directly in front of the user's eyes. 全息影像为你的世界增加了灯光,这意味着你会看到来自显示器的灯光和来自你周围的光线。Holograms add light to your world, which means that you see both the light from the display and the light from your surroundings. HoloLens 不会从眼睛中去除光,因此无法用黑色呈现全息影像。HoloLens doesn't remove light from your eyes, so holograms can't be rendered with the color black. 但黑色内容将显示为透明。Instead, black content appears as transparent.

全息影像可以有许多不同的外观和行为。Holograms can have many different appearances and behaviors. 有些是真实的、坚实的,而有些则是 cartoonish 和 ethereal。Some are realistic and solid, and others are cartoonish and ethereal. 你可以使用全息影像突出显示你的环境中的功能,或将其用作应用用户界面中的元素。You can use holograms to highlight features in your surroundings or use them as elements in your app's user interface.


全息影像还可以发出 声音,这会显示在周围的特定位置。Holograms can also make sounds, which will appear to come from a specific place in your surroundings. 在 HoloLens 上,声音来自两个扬声器,它们直接位于你的耳上方,而不会覆盖它们。On HoloLens, sound comes from two speakers that are located directly above your ears, without covering them. 与显示器类似,扬声器是累加的,引入新声音,而不会阻止环境中的声音。Similar to the displays, the speakers are additive, introducing new sounds without blocking the sounds from your environment.

全息图可以放在世界上,也可以与你一起标记A hologram can be placed in the world or tag along with you

当你有一个特定位置用于全息图时,你可以在世界上准确地 放置 该位置。When you have a particular location for a hologram, you can place it precisely at that point in the world. 在四处浏览时,全息图会根据您的世界来保持稳定。As you walk around, the hologram appears stable based on the world around you. 如果使用 空间锚点 固定对象,则系统甚至可以在以后回来时记住它的位置。If you use a spatial anchor to pin the object, the system can even remember where you left it when you come back later.

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某些全息影像会按照用户的喜好进行操作,而不管用户在何处进行定位。Some holograms follow the user instead, positioning themselves based on the user no matter where they walk. 你甚至可以选择将一段时间带到一段时间,然后将其放在墙上的另一个房间。You may even choose to bring a hologram with you for a while and then place it on the wall once you get to another room.

最佳实践Best practices

  • 在某些情况下,可能需要在整个体验中轻松发现和查看全息影像。Some scenarios may demand that holograms remain easily discoverable or visible throughout the experience. 此类定位有两个高级方法。There are two high-level approaches to this kind of positioning. 让我们将它们称为 "显示-锁定""正文锁定"Let's call them "display-locked" and "body-locked".
    • 显示锁定的内容按位置 "锁定" 到设备显示。Display-locked content is positionally "locked" to the device display. 由于多种原因,这种类型的内容有点棘手,其中包括 "clingyness" 非自然的 "",这使得许多用户感到沮丧并希望 "将其关闭"。This type of content is tricky for several reasons, including an unnatural feeling of "clingyness" that makes many users frustrated and wanting to "shake it off." 通常,许多设计人员发现,更好的做法是避免显示锁定内容。In general, many designers have found it better to avoid display-locking content.
    • 主体锁定的方法远远 forgivable。The body-locked approach is far more forgivable. 当您在三维空间中接入到用户的主体或注视着矢量时,会锁定正文。Body-locking is when you tether a hologram to the user's body or gaze vector in 3d space. 许多经验都采用了一种正文锁定行为,其中全息图 "跟随" 用户看,这使用户可以旋转其身体,而不会丢失全息影像。Many experiences have adopted a body-locking behavior where the hologram "follows" the users gaze, which allows the user to rotate their body and move through space without losing the hologram. 合并延迟有助于使全息图移动更加自然。Incorporating a delay helps the hologram movement feel more natural. 例如,Windows 全息版 OS 的某些核心 UI 使用的是正文锁定,这种情况下,用户将看起来像是一种灵活的、弹性的延迟,同时用户会将其标头。For example, some core UI of the Windows Holographic OS uses a variation on body-locking that follows the user's gaze with a gentle, elastic-like delay while the user turns their head.
  • 将全息图放置在舒适的观看距离上,通常会远离1-2 米。Place the hologram at a comfortable viewing distance typically about 1-2 meters away from the head.
  • 为必须在全息帧中连续的元素提供偏移量,或在用户更改其视图时考虑将内容动态显示在一侧。Provide a drift amount for elements that must be continually in the holographic frame, or consider animating your content to one side of the display when the user changes their point of view.

将全息影像置于最佳区域-介于 1.25 m 和 5 m 之间Place holograms in the optimal zone - between 1.25 m and 5 m

这两个指标最适用,体验会降低从1米开始的距离。Two meters is the most optimal, and the experience will degrade the closer you get from 1 meter. 在接近1米的距离上,定期移动的全息影像比静态全息影像更有可能出现问题。At distances nearer than 1 meter, holograms that regularly move in depth are more likely to be problematic than stationary holograms. 当内容太近时,请考虑适当地剪辑或淡化内容,以便不会使用户成为意外体验。Consider gracefully clipping or fading out your content when it gets too close so you don't jar the user into an unexpected experience.


全息图与您和您的世界交互A hologram interacts with you and your world

全息影像不仅适用于灯光和声音;它们也是您世界的一个活动部分。Holograms aren't only about light and sound; they're also an active part of your world. 用手看一个全息影像和手势,然后就可以开始使用全息图。Gaze at a hologram and gesture with your hand, and a hologram can start to follow you. 向全息影像发出语音命令,然后可以回复。Give a voice command to a hologram, and it can reply.

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全息影像实现了不可能在其他地方使用的个人交互。Holograms enable personal interactions that aren't possible elsewhere. 因为 HoloLens 知道其在世界各地的位置,所以,当您在房间内浏览时,全息字符可以直接显示您的眼睛。Because the HoloLens knows where it is in the world, a holographic character can look you directly in the eyes as you walk around the room.

全息图还可以与你的环境交互。A hologram can also interact with your surroundings. 例如,您可以将一个全息弹跳球置于一个表上方。For example, you can place a holographic bouncing ball above a table. 然后,通过 点击,观看球弹跳,并在到达表时发出声音。Then, with an air tap, watch the ball bounce, and make sound when it hits the table.

全息影像还可以由真实的对象封闭像素。Holograms can also be occluded by real-world objects. 例如,全息人物可能会走出大门的门和背面。For example, a holographic character might walk through a door and behind a wall, out of your sight.

有关集成全息影像和现实世界的技巧Tips for integrating holograms and the real world

  • 与 gravitational 规则相协调,可以更轻松地与和更可信相关。Aligning to gravitational rules makes holograms easier to relate to and more believable. 例如:将一个全息狗置于 & 表上的花瓶,而不是让它们在空间中浮动。for example: Place a holographic dog on the ground & a vase on the table rather than have them floating in space.
  • 许多设计人员发现,他们可以通过在可信的表面上创建 "负阴影" 来集成更多的全息影像。Many designers have found that they can integrate more believable holograms by creating a "negative shadow" on the surface that the hologram is sitting on. 为此,可在两个全息图的地面上创建软光亮,然后从发光中减去 "阴影"。They do this by creating a soft glow on the ground around the hologram and then subtracting the "shadow" from the glow. 软发光与现实世界中的灯光相集成,后者使用阴影来表示环境中的全息影像。The soft glow integrates with the light from the real world, which uses the shadow to ground the hologram in the environment.

全息图A hologram is whatever
你可以梦想you can dream up

作为全息开发人员,您可以将您的创造性从2D 屏幕和世界各地突破起来。As a holographic developer, you have the power to break your creativity out of 2D screens and into the world around you.

将生成什么?What will you build?

客厅的全息虚世界Holographic imaginary world in living room

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