Azure 混合现实服务Azure mixed reality services

使用 Azure 混合现实服务,解锁每个人都熟悉的世界 - 我们周围的三维物理世界。Unlock what every human is an expert at—the three-dimensional, physical world around us—with Azure mixed reality services. 通过数字信息捕获和呈现更有效地帮助用户创建、学习和协作。Help people create, learn, and collaborate more effectively with digital information capture and surfacing. 将 3D 引入移动设备、头戴显示设备和其他不受限制的设备上。Bring 3D to mobile devices, headsets, and other untethered devices. 使用 Azure 有助于确保最敏感的信息受到保护。Using Azure, help ensure that your most sensitive information is protected.

使用空间锚点的多用户、空间非常感知的应用程序Multi-user, spatially aware applications using Spatial Anchors

 Azure 空间定位点图像Azure Spatial Anchors image

使用空间定位点生成多用户、空间混合现实的应用程序。Build multi-user, spatially aware mixed reality applications using Spatial Anchors. 创建各种混合现实应用,用于映射、指定和撤回在 HoloLens、iOS 和 Android 设备上可访问的确切兴趣点。Create mixed reality apps that map, designate, and recall precise points of interest accessible across HoloLens, iOS, and Android devices. 跨空间启用 wayfinding 可帮助用户更有效地进行协作。Enable wayfinding across spaces to help your users collaborate more efficiently.

试用 Azure 空间锚Try Azure Spatial Anchors

使用远程呈现的交互式优质3D 模型Interactive, high-quality 3D models using Remote Rendering

 远程渲染图像Remote rendering image

在方案中,每个细节都非常重要:工业植物管理、对卡车发动机等资产进行设计审核、合适外科规划等。In scenarios were every detail matters—industrial plant management, design review for assets like truck engines, pre-operative surgery planning, and more—3D visualization brings that detail to life. 这是帮助设计人员、工程师、医生和学生了解复杂信息并做出正确调用的方法。It's what helps designers, engineers, doctors, and students understand complex information and make the right call.

如果在移动设备和混合现实耳机上运行高质量的3D 模型,则需要简化在目标硬件上运行的3D 模型。If you're running high-quality 3D models on mobile devices and mixed reality headsets today, you need to simplify 3D models enough to run on target hardware. 这种简化可能会导致关键的业务和设计决策所需的重要详细信息丢失。This simplification can result in a loss of important detail that's needed in key business and design decisions.

Azure 远程渲染预览将交互式、高质量的3D 模型带入 untethered 设备,每个细节都保持不变,并且不会产生质量损失。Azure Remote Rendering Preview brings interactive, high-quality 3D models to untethered devices with every detail intact and no quality compromises.

了解有关 Azure 远程呈现的详细信息Learn more about Azure Remote Rendering

认知服务Cognitive Services

带有空白灰色背景的语音气泡图标Speech bubble icon with blank grey background


了解语音服务如何支持将语音处理功能集成到任何应用或服务中。Discover how Speech enables the integration of speech processing capabilities into any app or service. 使用标准的(或可自定义的)语音字体将口语转换为文本或基于文本产生自然发音。Convert spoken language into text or produce natural sounding speech from text using standard (or customizable) voice fonts. 免费试用所有服务,并使用以下功能快速生成启用了语音服务的应用和服务。Try any service free—and quickly build speech-enabled apps and services with the following capabilities.

带有空白灰色背景的视觉眼睛图形Vision eye graphic with blank grey background


识别、标识、说明、索引和调整你的图片、视频和数字墨迹内容。了解视觉服务如何使应用和服务能够准确地识别和分析图像、视频和数字墨迹中的内容。Recognize, identify, caption, index, and moderate your pictures, videos, and digital ink content.Learn how Vision makes it possible for apps and services to accurately identify and analyze content within images, videos, and digital ink.

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