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打开主题Opening Keynote Alex KipmanAlex Kipman Alex Kipman 开始我们的第一次虚拟混合现实开发日活动。Alex Kipman starts our first ever virtual Mixed Reality Dev Days event.
Azure Mixed Reality 服务简介: Azure 远程渲染Intro to Azure Mixed Reality Services: Azure Remote Rendering Jonathan Lyons、Christopher Manthei 和 Marc AppelsmeierJonathan Lyons, Christopher Manthei, and Marc Appelsmeier Azure 远程渲染刚刚进入公共预览。Azure Remote Rendering just entered public preview. 了解 ARR 如何呈现交互式3D 模型,并将其流式传输到与 HoloLens 2 实时的设备(如 HoloLens 2)。Learn how ARR renders and streams interactive 3D models with hundreds of millions of polygons to devices like HoloLens 2 in real time.
针对 HoloLens 2 的 Unreal + MRTK 简介Intro to Unreal + MRTK for HoloLens 2 夏季 Wu & Luis ValverdeSummer Wu & Luis Valverde 针对 HoloLens 2 的 Unreal 引擎支持已达到生产就绪状态4.25,并且在5月Unreal Engine support for HoloLens 2 reached production-ready status with the release of UE 4.25 in May! 与 UE 4.25 相比,我们一直在向开发人员提供反馈,因为 Unreal 的 HoloLens 支持首先提供预览版,我们的团队发布了用于 Unreal 的混合现实工具包的第一个组件: UX 工具0.8。Alongside UE 4.25, in response to the top ask we've been hearing from developers since Unreal's HoloLens support first shipped in preview, our team released the first component of the Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unreal: UX Tools 0.8. 在本课程中,我们将概述 Unreal Engine 4 和 MRTK for Unreal 中提供的功能,以及如何使用它们来构建 HoloLens 2 的长篇故事体验。In this talk, we'll provide an overview of the features provided in Unreal Engine 4 and MRTK for Unreal, and how to use them to build epic experiences for HoloLens 2.
HoloLens 2 和 Unity 入门Getting started with the HoloLens 2 and Unity Dan 莎莎-UnityDan Miller - Unity 了解为 HoloLens 2 设置 Unity 和生成的基础知识。Learn the basics of setting up Unity and building for the HoloLens 2. 此演示文稿将涵盖最优秀的做法、HoloLens 2 的基本功能,以及如何通过本机 Unity Api 快速添加手动跟踪支持和交互This presentation will cover best practices, basic features of the HoloLens 2 and how to quickly add hand tracking support and interactivity with native Unity APIs
Azure Mixed Reality 服务简介: Azure 空间锚Intro to Azure Mixed Reality Services: Azure Spatial Anchors Archana Iyer & Vicente RiveraArchana Iyer & Vicente Rivera Azure 空间锚 (ASA) 和相关方案概述。An overview of Azure Spatial Anchors (ASA) and relevant scenarios. 本课程将介绍去年开发的新功能,并提供有关如何使用这些功能的代码示例。This talk will go over new capabilities developed in the past year, with code samples on how to use them. 随着 ASA 的构建,我们将通过最佳实践,以及如何开始将其集成到产品中。We'll go over best practices while building with ASA and how you can start integrating it into your products.
MRTK 简介-UnityIntro to MRTK-Unity Catherine DiazCatherine Diaz MRTK 会话简介将是如何从头开始创建 MRTK 应用的教程。The Introduction to MRTK session will be a tutorial on how to create an MRTK app from start to finish. 此对话将经历交互概念,并显示 MRTK 的多平台功能。This talk will go over interaction concepts and show MRTK’s multi-platform capabilities.
从 MR 表面应用知识Learnings from the MR Surfaces App Lars SimkinsLars Simkins 加入适用于 HoloLens 2 的 MRDL surface 应用后面的工程师,因为他们谈论了应用的设计故事和技术要点。Join the engineers behind the MRDL Surfaces app for HoloLens 2 as they talk about the app’s design story and technical highlights.
Azure Kinect 正文跟踪 Unity 集成Azure Kinect Body Tracking Unity Integration Angus AntleyAngus Antley 了解如何使用 Azure Kinect 正文跟踪 SDK 驱动 Unity 中的字符。Learn how to drive characters in Unity using the Azure Kinect Body Tracking SDK.
MRTK 的 UX 构建基块MRTK’s UX Building Blocks Yoon 寄存Yoon Park 深入了解 MRTK 的 UX 组件,这些组件可帮助你构建精美的混合现实体验。Deep dive on the MRTK’s UX components that help you build beautiful mixed reality experiences.
MRTK 性能工具MRTK Performance Tools Kurtis Eveleigh & David KlineKurtis Eveleigh & David Kline MRTK 和外部中的性能工具简介,以及 MRTK 标准着色器的概述。An introduction to performance tools, both in MRTK and external, and an overview of the MRTK Standard Shader.
混合现实的状态--公司查找成功的位置The State of Mixed Reality--Where Companies are finding Success 原 Amiga & Matt FleckensteinOri Amiga & Matt Fleckenstein 超高延迟边缘计算以及 AI 和混合现实是下一代体验的基础。Ultra-low latency edge computing, coupled with AI and mixed reality, is the foundation for the next generation of experiences. 混合现实是通过将数字和物理世界混合到无处不在的计算体验来实现的,因此,我们只能在以前做梦。By blending the digital and the physical worlds into ubiquitous computing experiences, mixed reality is enabling possibilities we could have only dreamed of previously. 在本次研讨会中,原和 Matt 将在目前和将来提供混合现实市场机会的独特见解。In this session, Ori and Matt will provide unique insight into the mixed reality market opportunity today and in the future. 他们将重点介绍 Microsoft 如何帮助在生产中领先企业,卫生保健和零售业利用混合现实的强大功能来提高业务效率并转变客户和员工体验。They'll highlight how Microsoft is helping leading enterprises in manufacturing, health care and retail harness the power of mixed reality to drive business efficiency and transform customer and employee experiences.
Fireside 聊天Fireside Chat Alex Kipman & René SchulteAlex Kipman & René Schulte 打开第二天,我们邀请了 Microsoft MVP、地区总监和社区成员 extraordinaire René Schulte,以解决有关社区感兴趣的主题的解雇和聊天。Opening up day two we have invited Microsoft MVP, Regional Director, and community member extraordinaire René Schulte to stand around a fire and chat about the topics the community is interested in. René已在一周内从社区收集问题,我们预计这是一个非常好的对话。René has been gathering questions from the community for about a week, and we anticipate it's going to be a great conversation.
使用 Microsoft Maquette 设计 AR/VR 体验Designing AR/VR experiences using Microsoft Maquette Ricardo AcostaRicardo Acosta 设计手机应用或网站具有明确定义的工作流。Designing a phone app or a website has a well-defined workflow. 遗憾的是,如果使用相同的2D 工作流或工具集,则新奇设计空间现实体验可能会很棘手。Unfortunately, due to its novelty designing spatial reality experiences can be tricky if you use the same 2D workflow or toolset. 幸运的是,新的 Microsoft Maquette 应用重点介绍如何帮助 UX 设计人员进行设计。Luckily, the new Microsoft Maquette app focuses on helping UX designers to design.
MRTK Unity v2 & 超出-社区反馈如何帮助我们改进 MRTKMRTK Unity v2 & beyond - How community feedback helped us improve MRTK Bernadette ThalhammerBernadette Thalhammer 讨论了如何通过倾听社区的反馈以及开发人员如何利用这些改进,来改进过去一年的开发人员体验。A talk about how we've improved the developer experience over the last year by listening to feedback from the community and how developers can leverage these improvements. 我们将使用 "迁移" 窗口深入探讨文档和单元测试,并探讨开发人员社区中有关我们最常见问题的一些代码片段。We'll dive into the documentation and unit testing, the new object manipulator component, using the migration window and will explore some code snippets around our most frequently asked questions from the dev community.
适用于 Azure Kinect 深色的深色斜度的 Unreal 引擎插件Dark Slope's Unreal Engine plugin for the Azure Kinect DK Ben Unsworth-深色斜度Ben Unsworth - Dark Slope 了解深色斜度如何使用 Azure Kinect 深色及其 Sdk 在 Unreal 引擎中生成实时交互活动。Learn how Dark Slope is using the Azure Kinect DK and its SDKs to build real-time interactive engagements in Unreal Engine.
引入 StereoKit-非常简单!Introducing StereoKit - MR Made Easy! Nick KlingensmithNick Klingensmith StereoKit 是一种易于使用的开源混合现实库,用于使用 c # 和 OpenXR 生成 HoloLens 和 VR 应用程序!StereoKit is an easy-to-use open-source mixed reality library for building HoloLens and VR applications with C# and OpenXR! StereoKit 将混合现实应用程序开发的优先级设置为更高的优先级,允许诸如第一类混合现实输入系统这样的功能,默认情况下,即使在移动设备上、在设备上快速迭代的时间,以及允许用户和开发人员从文件系统加载真实资产的运行时资产管道也是如此。StereoKit prioritizes mixed reality application development above all else, allowing for features such as a first-class mixed reality input system, fast performance by default even on mobile devices, quick iteration time on-device, and a runtime asset pipeline that lets users and developers load real assets from the file-system. 所有这些和更多包都打包在一个简要 API 中,该 API 已进行了很好的说明,易于学习,并且易于编写!All of this and more are packaged in a terse API that’s well documented, easy to learn, and easy to write!
为 Babylon.js 和 WebXR 构建沉浸式 MR 体验Building Immersive MR Experiences with Babylon.js and WebXR Jason Carter & Raanan WeberJason Carter & Raanan Weber 了解如何轻松、强大地在 web 上直接开发 MR 体验。Discover how easy and powerful it can be to develop MR experiences directly on the web. Babylon.js 努力成为世界上最强大、漂亮、简单和开放的 web 呈现平台之一,让你能够轻松地跨平台、设备和生态系统解锁全部 MR 功能。Babylon.js strives to be one of the most powerful, beautiful, simple, and open web rendering platforms in the world, making it easy to unlock full MR capabilities across platforms, devices, and ecosystems. 请查看 Babylon.js 及其对 WebXR 的支持的最新发展。Come check out the latest developments of Babylon.js and its support of WebXR.
将项目噪声与 HoloLens 2 一起使用Using Project Acoustics with HoloLens 2 Mike ChemistruckMike Chemistruck 请参阅如何将项目噪声仅用于 VR 和控制台标题,才能应用到混合现实!See how Project Acoustics, previously only available for VR and Console titles, can be applied to Mixed Reality! 了解系统如何重新创建实际效果,如 diffracted 封闭和在物理两侧和角之间重定向声音,并使用多个连接的空间在复杂几何中进行 reverberation,所有这些都是在 HoloLens 2 的计算预算内。Learn how the system recreates real-world effects such as diffracted occlusion and redirection of sounds around physical doorways and corners, and reverberation in complex geometries with multiple connected spaces, all within the compute budget of a HoloLens 2.
全息远程处理-在 HoloLens 上快速迭代 & 不妨图形Holographic Remoting - Rapid iteration & supercharged graphics on HoloLens Brent JacksonBrent Jackson HoloLens 提供了一个革命性的移动计算平台,而不是其他平台,但它仅限于移动设备的处理能力。HoloLens delivers a revolutionary mobile computing platform like no other, but it’s limited to the processing power of a mobile device. 全息远程处理将支持 VR 的计算机的原始功能带入了 HoloLens,并使用 Unity 内编辑器远程处理,你不再需要构建并部署你的应用程序来在设备上对其进行测试。Holographic remoting brings the raw power of a VR capable computer to HoloLens, and with Unity in-editor remoting you no longer have to build and deploy your apps to test them on a device. 了解全息远程处理如何提高应用程序的性能和开发人员。Learn how Holographic remoting can increase the performance of your applications, and your developers.
HoloLens 2 上的 OpenXR:跨平台本地混合现实OpenXR on HoloLens 2: Cross-platform native mixed reality Alex TurnerAlex Turner OpenXR 1.0 在此处!OpenXR 1.0 is here! 你是从头开始为你自己的引擎或本机应用构建混合现实支持?Are you building mixed reality support into your own engine or native app from the ground up? 如果是这样,请了解 OpenXR 本机 API 图面的关键细节,这是将 HoloLens 2 的完整功能集带入到生活中的扩展,以及从 Firefox 现实到 StereoKit 的合作伙伴已经交付了在 OpenXR 上构建的应用程序和框架!If so, learn about the key details of the OpenXR native API surface, the extensions that bring the full feature set of HoloLens 2 to life, and the partners from Firefox Reality to StereoKit already shipping apps and frameworks built on OpenXR! 借助 OpenXR,你可以构建跨供应商混合现实引擎,以及跨行业中的设备的本机应用!With OpenXR, you can build cross-vendor mixed reality engines and native apps that span the breadth of devices in the industry!
HoloLens 2 年开发技巧Tips from a Year of HoloLens 2 Development Peter RefreshtypePeter Vale 在过去一年中,使用我们的合作伙伴,HoloLens 商品化团队将会分享一些提示和教训。The HoloLens commercialization team will share tips and lessons learned from the past year working with our partners. 深入了解最常见的问题,以及可用于使 HoloLens 2 应用程序准备好与客户共享的最佳实践和技术。Gain insight into the most common issues along with best practices and techniques that you can use to get your HoloLens 2 application ready to share with your customers.