SAP 徽标

SAP 是一个使企业软件能够管理业务运营和客户关系的软件公司。SAP is a software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP 总部在 Walldorf,德国地区设有180国家/地区。SAP is headquartered in Walldorf, Germany with regional offices in 180 countries.

与许多企业相比,SAP 面临着一项挑战,那就是让用户能够轻松地在 Windows 上安装所需的应用程序,同时将权限限制在用户所需的设备上。若要防止用户安装不受信任的 (,以及潜在有害的) 应用程序(最终将导致所有已知的 Windows "Rot" (认为是注册表 Rot) ),并且会成为企业的更大问题,因为这会将其转换为每个设备不能正常工作的支持票证,甚至可能会要求设备重新进行映像。Like many enterprises SAP faces a challenge to find the middle ground between allowing users to easily install the Apps they need on Windows, while limiting the permissions to what the user needs on the device, to prevent users from installing non-trusted (and potential harmful) applications, which will eventually cause the all known Windows “Rot” (aka Registry Rot), and would become a bigger issues for an Enterprise, as it translates into IT support tickets for each device that’s not behaving properly and at the end might even require the device to be re-imaged.

作为 SAP 的数字转换的一部分,以及解决以前的挑战,SAP 已经开始将其应用程序迁移到新式打包格式: .MSIX; 这是一种 Windows 应用包格式,可向所有 Windows 应用提供新式打包体验。As part of the digital transformation at SAP, and to address the previous challenge SAP has started a journey to move their Applications to a modern packaging format: MSIX; which is a Windows app package format that provides a modern packaging experience to all Windows apps. MSIX 包格式保留了现有应用包和/或安装文件的功能,此外,它还为 Win32、WPF 和 Windows 窗体应用启用了全新的现代打包和部署功能。The MSIX package format preserves the functionality of existing app packages and/or install files in addition to enabling new, modern packaging and deployment features to Win32, WPF, and Windows Forms apps.

通过利用 .MSIX 和 Intune 功能,SAP 可以将 LOB 应用程序部署到 SAP 员工,同时同时删除 Windows 设备上不需要的其他用户权限。By leveraging MSIX and Intune capabilities, SAP will be able to deploy the LOB Applications to SAP employees while removing unneeded additional users’ privileges on Windows devices at the same time. 其中一项目标是提供一致的应用程序部署体验,而无需担心安装应用程序的人员。One of their goals is to provide a consistent App deployment experience without worrying who is installing the app. 删除不需要该权限的用户的管理员特权,同时允许他们安装所需的应用程序,将帮助 SAP 减少在用户安装应用程序后不能正常工作的 Windows 设备 Pc 的 IT 票证。Removing Admin privileges to users that don’t need to have that permission, while allowing them to install the apps they need, will help SAP reduce IT tickets for Windows Devices PCs not working after the user installs applications,

"我们已在我们的 .Msix 试点中取得成功,我们相信它将帮助我们的组织降低 it 支持成本,并改善最终用户的应用交付体验。 感谢团队为试验 " -Eugene Schrempf,在 SAP 美洲,inc. 的全球工作区交付人员提供帮助。“We have been successful in our MSIX Pilot so far and we believe it will help our organization to reduce IT support costs and improve our App delivery experience to end users. Thanks to the team for the help for the pilot” -Eugene Schrempf, Global Head of Workplace Delivery at SAP Americas, Inc.